What Does It Mean to Dream of a Window?

Window Dream Meaning

Any dream can be a window into the deeper levels of your emotional life. A dream that specifically involves windows may turn this theme around, showing your emotional reactions to what you have been letting into your world lately.

Window Dream Summary

Window Dream Symbolism

Windows are the metaphorical eyes of a house or building, so a dream of windows can represent how you see things. Damaged or dirty windows in your dream may show that there is something preventing you from getting an accurate view of the world. However, if your window dream feels good, being open to inspiration from others could serve you well at this time.

Windows also serve as boundaries between inside and outside spaces, so a dream where you have control over the opening or closing of a window could show that your ability to decide what you do and don’t want in your life is working well for you now. However, a dream of broken windows may symbolize that you struggle with boundaries or feel like you lack protection.

Common Window Dreams

  1. Dream of a broken window
  2. Dream of cleaning windows
  3. Dream of an open window
  4. Dream of windows falling out
  5. Dream of falling out of a window
  6. Dream about seeing someone looking at you out of a window

Window Dream Symbolism

Window Dream Symbolism


A house or building in a dream can be a metaphor for a human body, with the windows representing the eyes. In some cases, a dream involving windows could refer to a literal problem with your eyes.

More commonly, a dream of windows might refer to eyes metaphorically. Dirty or damaged windows in a dream could symbolize that you may be viewing events in an inaccurate or overly negative way.


A window can give you a view of things you may not be able to directly experience at the moment, like if you are stuck in a boring class at school and staring out the window at the playground outside. Dreaming of a window could similarly symbolize that you need to look outside your immediate surroundings for hope and inspiration.


If you spend too much time staring out the window and dreaming of better possibilities instead of engaging with what is in front of you, you might not make progress on either front. Striking the right balance between pursuing inspiration and getting lost in escapism can be a challenge, but some dreams of windows may suggest that you have drifted too far toward escapism.


A window is often part of a boundary between one space and another, like between indoors and outdoors. Like a door, a window can often be opened and closed. This type of window in your dream would share the symbolism of door dreams, which are usually about boundaries. You may be dealing with a situation where you have to choose whether to let someone into your life or shut them out.


A window between indoors and outdoors can protect you from the elements and from other hazards of the outside world like bugs. This role of windows in protection can be especially relevant in interpreting dreams where something is wrong with the window.


Seeing someone through a window can refer to a situation where there is the distance in your relationship. You may feel like you are on the outside looking in, or like you can’t quite connect to the other person.

See also mirror dream symbolism, as a one-way mirror is a type of mirror that is a window on one side and a mirror on the other; this type of window in a dream would very likely depict a relationship with a substantial lack of balance.


While being separated from someone or something else by a window can have its drawbacks, sometimes you may want to just gather information about a person or situation without engaging directly. A dream of observing someone through a window might reflect that you are doing something like this. Your dream could also comment on whether the way you are going about it is as respectful as it should be toward the other parties involved, so be attentive to any signals of that sort in your dream.


Dreams love puns, so some dreams of windows could potentially be making a pun on the name of the Microsoft Windows operating system that many computers use. For example, after a day of dealing with tech support frustrations, you might dream of broken windows.

Common Window Dreams

Dream of a broken window

Dream of a broken window

If your broken window dream emphasized broken glass, the dream symbolism of broken glass, which usually has to do with fragility, may be important.

Especially if you saw the window break during your dream, this could symbolize that some person or situation in your life is more fragile than you think. Alternately, maybe you already know this person or situation tends to melt down over every little thing, and you are dreading a confrontation you can see coming.

In criminology, the broken windows theory holds that small disruptions to order, like a single broken window, are likely to grow into bigger problems if no one does anything about them. Broken window dreams could similarly show that things in your life are starting to get out of control.

If the window in your dream is broken in a way unrelated to the glass-like if there is a problem with the hinge or opening mechanism that interferes with opening or closing the window, this could symbolize that you have a problem with boundaries. You may tend to live at the extremes of being either totally open or totally closed off to others instead of being able to thoughtfully choose what you do and don’t want in your life.

Dream of cleaning windows

Dreaming of cleaning windows is probably a positive sign that you are choosing to improve your outlook on life. While you can certainly find all of the negative and nasty things in the world if you go and look for them, making an effort to see what is good can help you experience more of it.

Dream of an open window

Dream of an open window

Dreaming of an open window, especially with a pleasant breeze coming through, can symbolize that you are open to outside inspiration. This can make you feel supported, like you don’t have to do everything alone.

However, if bugs or other intruders are getting in through the open window in your dream, this might symbolize that you are too open to input from others. You may be overly responsive to unsolicited advice or to people who just want to complain without making things any better.

Dream of windows falling out

Dreaming of windows falling out could feel threatening. As windows symbolize boundaries and protection, this dream might refer to a situation where you feel like you lack protection from some kind of threat.

However, if the windows that are falling out in your dream are irreparably dirty or damaged, maybe it is a relief to see them go. In this case, a dream of windows falling out could be a mostly positive omen that something that is clouding your view of the truth will be removed. Though you may learn something that isn’t what you want to hear in the short term, you will be able to make better decisions going forward once you know it.

Dream of falling out of a window

Dream of falling out of a window

If you dream of accidentally falling through a window, this could represent a situation where you feel like your environment does not protect you. If you dream of intentionally jumping out a window, this could symbolize that you are in a situation where you feel like you have no good options, similar to a dream of driving off a cliff.

Dream about seeing someone looking at you out of a window

Dream about seeing someone looking at you out of a window

If you dream of someone watching you through a window, this could refer to a situation where you are holding yourself back from doing something you want to do because you are afraid of what others might think. You may need to honestly look at whether the judgment you fear is realistically likely to happen – and, even if it is, isn’t whoever sits by their window to stare at others actually the weird one?

A dream of someone looking at you out of a window could alternately refer to a situation where you feel like someone is not respecting your privacy. There might not be a one-size-fits-all answer to this problem, but you may need to consider whether the level of privacy you want is entirely realistic.

If you are doing something that you don’t want others to know about, but you are doing it in a place that is at least somewhat public, your dream of someone watching you from a window may warn you that your activities are not as secret as you think. In that case, it might be good for you to reflect on whether there is a part of you that secretly wants to get caught.

If the person watching you in your dream acknowledges that you can see them watching you, this could symbolize that maybe it is time to clear the air about an awkward situation in one of your relationships.


If you put in the effort to understand the message of your window dream, it can be as refreshing and informative as a good look out the window in waking life.