What Does It Mean to Dream of a White Spider?

White spider dream meaning

White is one of the less common colors spiders come in, so a white spider in your dream could really be noticeable. Your white spider dream meaning may similarly involve how you handle issues of seeing and being seen.

White Spider Dream Summary

White Spider Dream Symbolism

Many people may be primarily accustomed to seeing black and brown spiders, so seeing a white spider, in your dream or otherwise, could be an unusual occurrence. A white spider dream meaning might therefore involve issues of uniqueness versus blending into the crowd.

In some environments, a white spider blends in — and, in others, a white spider really sticks out. A white spider dream may similarly speak to how well you fit into your surroundings and how you feel about your status in that regard.

Beyond that, a white spider dream could have the general symbolism of a spider dream, which includes creativity, feminine energy, and fear. It may combine that with the symbolism of the color white, which includes innocence and purity.

Common White Spider Dreams

  1. Dream of seeing a white spider
  2. Dream of killing a white spider
  3. Dream of a white spider attacking you
  4. Dream of being chased by a white spider

White Spider Dream Symbolism

White spider dream symbolism


Science Trends points out that one common type of white spider, the goldenrod crab spider, uses its color to blend in with white flowers. A positive dream of a white spider could symbolize that you’re able to blend in with your environment in a way that helps you achieve your goals.

However, a difficult dream of a white spider using camouflage could symbolize that something unpleasant is hiding out where you wouldn’t expect it. For example, a trusted member of your community might be getting away with things they shouldn’t be doing.

Standing Out

In some situations, a white spider would really stand out, like against a dark background. This type of white spider dream could symbolize that you’re getting attention and perhaps not entirely comfortable with it. For example, you might be the one who gets caught doing something naughty while everyone gets away with it because it’s somehow easiest for the authorities to make an example out of you.


Some people consider any spider creepy. A white spider in your dream could be especially creepy because it symbolically combines white’s associations with an unachievable level of goodness and a spider’s associations with creepiness. The resulting dissonance might reflect that you feel like someone in your life is trying too hard to tell others that they’re a good person, to the point that you wonder what they have to hide.

Guilt and Innocence

Spiders often have a bad reputation, but the color white is associated with purity and innocence. A dream of a white spider could therefore show that there is something complicated about your attempts to determine who is guilty and who is innocent in a conflict in your life. The party who appears to be good may have more of an aggressive side than you want to admit, but you might also see how doing the right thing requires a little bit of aggression.


A white spider could catch your attention, as you might be accustomed to seeing black and brown spiders. A positive white spider dream may symbolize that you’re able to embrace and feel good about what makes you unique.

Common White Spider Dreams

Dream of seeing a white spider

Seeing a white spider in your dream might imply that the white spider was someplace where it was visible. A white spider standing out against darker surroundings could symbolize that someone in your life is getting noticed for something.

If you suspect your white spider dream refers to a situation where you’re getting noticed, the emotional atmosphere of your dream could show how you feel about this. An uncomfortable feeling might indicate that you think you are being singled out unfairly. However, if you or others in the dream are marveling at how cool the white spider looks, this may show that recognition is a positive experience for you.

Dream of killing a white spider

The dream meaning of killing a white spider could refer to the white spider being particularly noticeable in some environments. It might suggest that you’re trying to solve a problem by focusing your efforts on the components of it that are the most obvious. However, the root of the problem may be deeper than whatever is immediately in your face, so make sure you are not picking an easy scapegoat in place of pursuing lasting change.

If the white spider attacked you first, though, your dream of killing a white spider could be more about self-defense. You may feel like you need to protect yourself against some threat in your life, even if the threat does not appear very big to outsiders.

Dream of a white spider attacking you

A dream of a white spider attacking you could be about white’s associations with goodness. You may feel like someone in your life is out to get you, but you or others might have trouble acknowledging what is really going on because the troublesome person has a positive reputation.

Dream of being chased by a white spider

Dreaming of a white spider chasing you could symbolize that you are trying to get away from someone who seems controlling. Given white’s associations with goodness, the other person may be convinced that they are doing it for your own good, regardless of how you experience their efforts.


White spider dreams add some interesting twists on basic spider dream symbolism. As white can be an attention-getting color, especially when it’s not always expected on spiders, your dream of a white spider may focus your attention on whatever has a creepy, spidery vibe in your life.

You may think someone is hiding behind a positive reputation to get away with things they shouldn’t — or you might be struggling to tell the difference between who’s dumb enough to get caught and who’s really causing the problem. Either way, your white spider dream meaning can touch on these complicated issues of guilt and innocence.