Dreaming of a White Snake – Meaning & Interpretations

White Snake Dream Meaning

Seeing a white snake in your dream could be disturbing. While snakes of any color often have a creepy reputation, white snakes have the potential to put an unusual spin on the basic symbolism of snake dreams.

White Snake Dream Summary

White Snake Dream Symbolism

White Snake Dream Symbolism

A dream of a white snake would share most of the general symbolism of snake dreams, which includes deception, temptation, and poison. However, it adds the twist of the symbolism of the color white, which includes innocence and purity.

This combination could speak to a situation in your life where you are getting a mixed message, especially if the emotional atmosphere of your white snake dream is uncomfortable or scary.

Someone you know may be presenting an image of being pure and holy while they are actually doing something hurtful.

Alternately, snake dreams can symbolize rebirth, sexuality, and healing. A white snake dream that has a positive emotional atmosphere could be interpreted in this direction.

Common White Snake Dreams

  1. Dream of a white snake biting you
  2. Dream of killing a white snake
  3. Dream of a white snake with snakes of other colors

White Snake Dream Symbolism

Moral Ambiguity

Often a snake is seen as negative, while the good guys are depicted with white hats. However, dreaming of a white snake could symbolize that it’s not always easy to tell who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy.

Your white snake dream may show that sometimes it’s necessary to be aggressive in the service of doing something good. However, the greater danger is probably getting so caught up in the idea of your own righteous cause that you use it to justify things that shouldn’t be justified, and a white snake dream could suggest you’ve gone too far in this direction.


The color white can symbolize a sort of goodness that’s really a little too good to be true. A dream of a white snake could therefore show that someone in your life who makes a big show of being humanity’s greatest benefactor is actually causing trouble behind the scenes. You may need to trust your intuition rather than what you’re told about a person of this sort so that you do not wind up betrayed.


Reptile Roommate points out that white snakes are rare in nature, but they’ve been intentionally bred because people like to have them as pets. This reinforces the symbolic association of the color white with purity, and it raises questions about what you’re willing to do to attain the moral purity you seek.

You may feel like you need to maintain control over some situation in order to achieve the outcome you think is necessary, even if you wind up trampling the freedom of others in the process.


On the positive side, a snake dream can symbolize transformation and rebirth, as snakes are known for shedding their skin. The color white may also represent spirituality and getting past the concerns of the physical world.

In this sense, a white snake dream that feels healing could show you’re ready to shed something in your life that’s getting in the way of your capacity for spiritual experience.

Common White Snake Dreams

Dream of a white snake biting you

Dream of a white snake biting you

Most dreams of a snake biting you would focus on the destructive end of snake dream symbolism, which includes lying and betrayal. Dreaming of a white snake biting you could symbolize that the betrayal is coming from someone you might not expect — perhaps from someone who goes to a lot of trouble to tell others what a good person they are!

If you’ve had suspicions of this sort about somebody you know for a while, your dream of a white snake biting you might actually be a relief. A dream of an attack from a snake, or any other animal, can more broadly symbolize that a situation in your life has reached a point of total breakdown. However, when total breakdown happens, it tends to bring out whatever has been hiding behind the scenes.

If your dream of a white snake biting you generally feels good rather than scary, another possibility is that perhaps you need something that the snake has to offer. You may need to become more aggressive, like the snake, in defending something that matters to you.

Dream of killing a white snake

A dream of killing a white snake could symbolize that you’re rooting out a traitorous presence in your life. Perhaps you have correctly identified someone who was subtly causing trouble and managed to put a stop to their influence. A victorious emotional atmosphere would support this interpretation of your dream.

However, if your dream of killing a white snake feels sad, this could symbolize that you don’t feel like there’s room for you to acknowledge the sort of moral ambiguity represented by a white snake in your life. It may seem like you’re being railroaded into a simplistic way of seeing things, where one side is all good and the other side is all bad, even if you don’t think that’s actually true.

Dream of a white snake with snakes of other colors

White is a color that can stand out in some environments. If your dream features a white snake along with snakes of other colors, you may need to think about whether you’re scapegoating someone unfairly as you try to unsnarl a problem in your life.

Keep in mind that it’s important for you to accurately identify who is really causing the trouble instead of just punishing whoever is the easiest for you to catch. White spider dreams can also represent this sort of dynamic.


Your white snake dream can push you to think about complex moral matters as it blends symbolic elements that may seem to contradict each other. A thoughtful analysis could push you to acknowledge that appearances might be deceiving when it comes to determining who or what is in the right.