What Does A Tiger’s Eye Do?

Tiger’s eye is one of the most beautiful and powerful gemstones, with a beautiful golden-yellow color and brown bands that resemble those of a cat’s eye. For decades, mankind has used it for its physical and spiritual healing properties.

The history of this gemstone dates back to the 17th century when Greek and Roman warriors used this stone for protection against negative energy and evil eyes. This tiger’s eye gemstone also has a great association with the Chinese astrological zodiac sign of the tiger. Many Chinese use this in their homes according to the Feng Shui system.

Tiger’s eye has wonderful healing properties that can do plenty of things for your physical body and spiritually help you evolve into an awakened individual.

Let’s talk in detail about the different powers of this wonderful gemstone.

Tiger’s Eye Boosts Confidence

The tiger’s eye has the ability to balance the solar plexus chakra in your body. The solar plexus chakra is the energy center located in the gut area of your body. This increases your self-esteem and confidence.

When you use a tiger’s eye gemstone and meditate or even wear it in your body, it helps boost your confidence by eliminating negative thoughts and fears in your mind. In addition, it can bring in plenty of positive thoughts to relax your mind.

Tiger’s Eye Helps Attract Wealth and Good Luck

Every human being needs a little bit of luck in their life to achieve bigger things and pursue their goals. The tiger’s eye has unique properties that help attract wealth and luck into your life.

To attract wealth, you can keep this gemstone in your home workspace or office. It can help you overcome obstacles in your life and pursue good financial opportunities.

This gemstone also helps improve business and expand it by attracting many potential customers and clients for improved profits.

Tiger’s Eye Can Help Heal Physical Ailments

Many people suffer from indigestion, weight loss, high blood pressure, chronic disorders, and bone issues. If you are trying to recover from these body ailments, you can regularly use a tiger’s eye gemstone in your life.

The optical illusion of the golden-colored tiger’s eye can absorb the sun’s rays, boosting the vitality and health of your body. You can wear a tiger’s eye necklace or even a ring on your finger to keep yourself physically active and healthy.

Tiger’s Eye Can Relax Your Mind and Keep You Anxiety-Free

Anxiety and stress have become a daily part of everybody’s routine. We are anxious about even minor problems in our lives because we are afraid of failing. However, when you feel optimistic about your life, you can achieve plenty of things and keep your body balanced too. You can use a tiger’s eye gemstone to reduce anxiety and stress in your life.

The golden-hued gemstone can be a great meditative aid for you. Place a tiger’s eye stone in your hands while meditating to relax your mind and get rid of anxious thoughts.

Tiger’s Eye treats Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

When a person lacks self-confidence and self-esteem, they move towards a pessimistic outlook on life, leading to chronic depression and societal thoughts. Depression is one of the important experiences in life that can either make or break a person. A tiger’s eye gemstone can help anyone who is experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts.

Give them a piece of jewelry or home decor made of a tiger’s eye gemstone to bring positive energy into their lives. You can also keep this gemstone in your wallet or pockets every day while attending any interview, job opportunity, or event to feel positive and confident.

Tiger’s Eye protects against Evil Eyes and Negative Energies

Tiger’s eye has plenty of metaphysical properties that give an optical illusion that resembles that of a cat’s eye. It is a quartz crystal belonging to the chalcedony mineral family.

The cat’s eye on the stone plays a key role in protecting yourself from evil eyes and negative influences in your life. Many ancient people used this gemstone to free their homes from negative energies. It has the ability to cleanse the energy and protect your home and family.


Tiger’s eye is an ancient gemstone that has been popular for its spiritual, physical, emotional, and metaphysical benefits. This has plenty of healing properties that can work with your body, mind, heart, and soul to boost your confidence. You can also use this gemstone in your everyday life to protect yourself from harmful energy and attract wealth and good luck.

This beautiful yellow-colored gemstone can do wonders for your physical and emotional well-being. Find a piece of tiger’s eye gemstone jewelry or decor item to enjoy all its goodness.