What Does It Mean If You Dream About Trees?

Dream About Trees

Trees play a significant role in the world that surrounds us. They moderate the climate, reduce erosion, improve air quality, provide shade, fuel, timber, and fruit.

Their main qualities are longevity and usefulness, which is why trees are widely respected and admired in different mythological traditions and cultures across the globe.

Accordingly, the tree dream interpretations are numerous, depending on the context, culture, and overall symbolism. I will try to classify and explain each of them.

Universal and Sacred Symbolism of Trees

Trees have been given many different meanings through ages. Tree worship, which is also known by the term “dendrolatry”, refers to mythologizing and praising trees throughout history.

The mythology of trees continues to grow, as humans are constantly drawn to them, expanding the connection between mankind and trees. It is not surprising they became a strong symbol in human dreams.

To understand them in this context, it is important to gain insight into various deep meanings of trees.

For their longevity, trees are seen as ancient living beings, whispering to us the wisdom of foregone times. Trees are considered to have witnessed the past.

This might be the reason they got a spiritual role in human lives, not only the practical one. Their energy and prudence are among their most common interpretations of tree symbolism.

The Trees as Humanoid Figures

The shape of trees has always been reminiscent of human form, since the trunk with branches reminds people of the human body with arms. Thus, we started to identify ourselves to trees, while trees got anthropomorphic characteristics. Therefore, in some cultures trees became the symbol of fertility.

Several ancient Greek myths tell the story of transforming humans and nymphs into trees to be saved or given eternal life. Furthermore, the tree pose in yoga evokes the shape of a tree, with the intention to lead to the feeling of rootedness and growth.

The main metaphor that underlies beneath these cultural myths is related to the identification of trees as entities capable of accumulating spirits or souls.

The Tree of Life

The tree of life is the most common tree metaphor. It has multiple meanings across religions and cultures. It symbolizes the following:

  • An interconnection and togetherness between everything in the universe
  • Growth and strength
  • Ancestry, family, and fertility
  • Immortality, new birth, and a fresh start
  • The sense of calm and peace
  • Individuality and personal growth

The tree of life originates from the Bible’s Book of Genesis, as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, growing within the Garden of Eden. The tree is a sacred symbol, believed to be the source of eternal life.

There are several meanings of the tree of life in Christianity. It is understood to symbolize sinless humanity, while some believe the tree of life represents love.

In Judaism, the tree of life is the life-nourishing element. In Islam, it is recognized as the symbol of immortality, while in Buddhism it is believed to be the representation of enlightenment.

Celtic religion believes the roots represent the other world, while the branches personalize the heavens. Within this conception, the trunk represents the mortal world, connecting the roots and branches.

Different Tree Species as Different Symbols

It is believed that each type of tree has its symbolism.

Oak is believed to be the most powerful of all trees, thus it is the symbol of power, courage, and strength. The bamboo tree signifies freedom of spirit, renewal and regeneration.

Appletree stands for beauty, youth, and health, while cedar represents healing. Sequoia tree, however, symbolizes long life, due to the biological quality of the species.

Similarly, redwood is the symbol of forever. They both represent ancient wisdom.

Cherry trees, when blooming, are a sign of good fortune. Besides, it also stands for love and romance. The same goes for wisteria trees. Willow is an emblem of inner vision and wishes fulfilled.

It means you should be careful while choosing the tree as a present for a loved one. However, you should also be careful when interpreting your tree dreams, since their meaning also depends on the type of tree you dream about.

Dreams About Trees – Meaning and Interpretation

To interpret correctly dreams about trees means to understand the type and element of the tree featured in dreams, as well as to understand the context they show up in. However, if you want to answer the question why do we dream about trees in the first place, here are some common responses.

Why Trees?

Why Trees?

Trees are always seen as the representation of our lives, while their different parts stand for different elements of our existence. Thus, when you dream about a tree, it means that you dream about your life in some way.

Being the symbol for growth and interconnectedness, as well as ancestry, trees in dreams represent your life growth and relations with your family members.

It is usually considered that dreaming about trees denotes positive associations. Though it might be true, there are also some unpleasant meanings of tree dreams.

Positive Meanings of Tree Dreams

The most common positive reasons for dreaming about trees are related to new opportunities, development, progress, self-improving, positive changes, and new beginnings in life.

It might be a new career, a new relationship or simply moving to another place. If you dream about growing trees or planting the young ones, these reasons are usually the case in point.

If you dream about a tree with flowers or fruit, you should prepare yourself for love, good health, and happiness in the near future. If the tree you dream about has green leaves and thick roots, it might signify great stability in your life.

Negative Meanings of Tree Dreams

Not all tree dreams bring positive vibes. Some of them might stand for the obstacles we are all facing from time to time.

The dream featuring a falling tree signifies chaos happening in your life, while the dream about cutting down a tree could mean you’re wasting your time on unimportant things. Such a dream might be a good reminder for you to refocus your energy on life priorities.

Finally, dreaming about dead trees could be a sign of confusion and loss you’re experiencing currently.

If You Dream About Climbing and Sitting On A Tree

Climbing and Sitting On A Tree

To dream climbing a tree signifies the accomplishment of some goal, success and moving forward. It might be a promotion at work or some other life achievement. However, it is considered to be a good sign, when your ambition is about to succeed.

The degree of difficulty while climbing should indicate the real tempo of achieving the goal. If you climbed too high, feeling scared of the heights, it signifies you will be forced to face the future.

If You Dream About Cutting Down A Tree

Cutting Down A Tree

Cutting down a tree in your dream usually stands for prioritizing things in life. You might be losing your time, patience, and energy on unimportant things. Such a dream might be a sign you need to fix or get rid of something that holds you back.

Also, dreaming about cutting down a tree might signify the fall of some power or the loss of something or someone important to you.

If You Dream Being Under A Tree

Being Under A Tree

To dream sitting or standing under a tree is a message telling you to take some time off, to go for a vacation, or simply to be alone and rethink your life, before making important choices. Take your time, listen to yourself, and concentrate on a decision that waits for you.

If you’re not alone under a tree, but someone else keeps you company, it might be an indication of overall satisfaction with your life conditions. Another possibility is that such a dream indicates your need for reviewing your relationship with someone that is important to you.

If You Dream About A Falling Tree

A Falling Tree

Dreaming about a tree falling down is usually considered to be a bad sign. It might indicate illness in your family.

However, you can interpret such a dream not solely as a foretelling, but rather a warning to avoid potential disasters. Maybe you have lost your balance and safeness, and your subconsciousness is telling you to reconsider your chosen life path.

Dream about leaves falling from a tree also stands for a bad sign, indicating something negative, dangerous that might happen in the future. It also symbolizes the end of something or some loss.

If You Dream A Dead Tree

A Dead Tree

The next level of the bad sign is dreaming about a dead tree. It is believed to be among the worst dream omens, indicating a huge loss you can experience soon.

The loss might be related to your wasted dreams and hopes, and to chaos and disappointment in your life. The worst case scenario is to dream about the tree with dry branches. It might be the announcement of someone’s illness or death.

If the tree has no leaves, such a dream might indicate exhaustion and depression. If the tree is burnt, it symbolizes the scar you’re wearing that still causes you the pain.

It indicates you’re wounded by something from your past that still hurts you. Use this dream to move on, leaving the past behind.

If You Dream A Tree in Blossom or With Fruit

A Tree in Blossom or With Fruit

Unlike dreaming the dead, burnt, and spare tree, a dream featuring a flowering tree announces joy, happiness, fulfillment, and rebirth. The same goes for dreaming green leaves on a tree, which is usually a sign of your personal growth and abundance in your life.

However, the interpretation can be more detailed if you fully understand the context of such a dream. To put it another way, try to remember what type of flowers and in which season you dreamed about.

For example, the linden tree in blossom is the symbol of health. Blossoming cherry tree stands for a passionate romance, while the lemon tree in blossom signals you to take a fresh look at your old friend.

If the tree blossoms in the spring, it signifies joy, while the tree blossoms out of season announcing the successful overcoming of current difficulties.

Dreaming about fruit growing on a tree predicts money income or reward for past efforts. It is always a sign of wealth and prosperity. Specifically, plum trees predict success.

Therefore, when you dream of picking or eating fruits from a tree, prepare yourself for paying off all the efforts and obstacles you have gone through.

If You Dream About Chestnut Tree

Chestnut Tree

The chestnut tree has always played an important role in folklore, from Celtic to Native American, and Japanese. These nuts are considered to be a highly nutritious and caloric snack, able to nurture in a small package.

In general, dreaming about chestnuts symbolizes fertility, abundance, and harvest. If you dream chestnut tree, it means you’re ready to collect your reward for hard work.

If you dream about chestnuts dropping from the tree, it signifies you should prepare yourself for the time to come. When there is a bunch of chestnuts you collect, it indicates prosperous times, especially in your business life.

If you pick chestnuts off the ground in your dream, it symbolizes trust that exists in your love life. Oppositely, if you pick chestnuts off the tree, it is considered to be a sign of infidelity.

To put it in simple, chestnut dreams are all about goals, desires, nutrition, challenges, and thankfulness.

Listening to The Wisdom of Trees

Dreams featuring trees confirm once again the strong connection these plants have always had with mankind throughout history. Our life depends on trees in so many ways that we couldn’t imagine it without them. No wonder our subconsciousness searches for symbols containing trees in all shapes and forms, telling us something important about ourselves.

Therefore, we need to take them seriously. Always try to remember dreams about trees in detail, and don’t forget to rethink them thoroughly. At once, their wisdom will appear in its full splendor.

Do you often dream about trees? Did they help you to understand your life better? Can you remember some specific dream you had?