What Does It Mean to Dream About a Tiger?

Tiger Dream Symbolism, Dreams, Interpretations

If you’ve been having dreams about tigers, you are probably wondering what they mean and if there’s anything you should do about it. Tiger dreams can be interpreted in different ways, usually depending on the circumstance in that the tigers appeared.

Tiger Dream Summary

Tiger Symbolism
Tigers can be depicted as mighty, competitive animals, which are interpreted as a symbol of power. However, to some people, tigers can symbolize danger, and therefore will invoke fear in their tiger dreams. The symbolism of tigers can differ depending on their context. Learning about tiger symbolism will help you to better understand what your dreams could mean.

Common Tiger Dreams

Some common dreams that are based around tigers are listed here, along with their detailed analysis. These include:

  1. Dreams About White Tigers
  2. Dreams About Tigers Hunting
  3. Dreams About Sleeping Tigers
  4. Dreams About a Tiger Chasing You
  5. Dreams About Killing a Tiger
  6. Dreams About Tiger Cubs
  7. Dreams About Owning a Pet Tiger

What Does the Symbolism of Tigers Mean?

Tiger Symbolism

To understand what the tigers in your dreams mean, you need to look carefully at what a tiger represents to you, as this can be different for different people. For example, some people may view a tiger as an animal to be feared, while other people will identify with a tiger’s raw emotion and view this is a positive animal.

Tigers in Popular Culture

Tigers are commonly used as mascots for sports teams, as they represent a strong and powerful animal who typically cannot be beaten. Tigers are renowned for their wild and primal nature, and their inability to be tamed. These aspects of their nature, interestingly, are generally viewed as a positive thing to be admired, unlike, for example, a shark who inhabits similar qualities but is more likely to be feared than respected.

In popular culture, tigers are used along the theme of power and strength. Examples of this include Katy Perry’s song titled ‘Roar,’ and the theme to the Rocky films, ‘The Eye of the Tiger.’ These songs use the image of the tiger as a means to empower the listener, showing that the tiger is considered to be a symbol of strength, might, and something to be reckoned with.


Tigers can be seen as animals to be feared, and therefore associated with danger. These are wild animals that are ferocious and unpredictable, who will think nothing of tearing another animal apart limb from limb. Of course, tigers are not animals we are typically faced with in day-to-day life, so they do not present a realistic fear, but they can symbolize other fears we are experiencing.

Powerful and Brave

Tigers are seen as being both powerful and brave, and so they are often used as symbols of strength. As these animals are well respected in their own animal kingdom, and they are high up on the food chain, they can be used to symbolize those same feelings for us. Dreaming about tigers can, therefore, symbolize your own power and authority over others.

Protective and Ferocious

Tigers, by their very nature, are ferocious and protective. They will stop at nothing to defend and guard their cubs, with a tigress probably being the most fearsome of all tigers. With this in mind, dreams about tigers could be symbolic or your own feelings of protecting or safeguarding something or someone in your own life.

Primal and Unpredictable

Tigers are wild animals who act on primal instincts, which can make their behavior difficult to predict. This element of a tigers nature means they can also symbolize spontaneity, as well as the possibility that unforeseen circumstances are looming.

Tiger Dreams & Interpretations

Dreams About White Tigers

Dreams About White Tigers

White tigers are uncommon in the wild, and therefore they represent something that is rare and special. The way a white tiger is presented in your dream can affect how you should interpret it. For example, if a white tiger is hiding from you and you are unable to get close to it, this could signify that you are chasing something special in your own life or having trouble with commitment. A white tiger befriending you would instead suggest that a rare opportunity or special person is headed your way in your waking life. The presence of a white tiger could also indicate that you have a unique idea that you should follow through on. White tigers are rare and majestic and can symbolize dignity, strength, and purity.

Dreams About Tigers Hunting

Dreams About Tigers Hunting

If you are dreaming about tigers on the hunt, then this is usually a sign that you are ready to launch an attack in your own life. Tigers are predators who are at the top of their food chain and are therefore commonly thought of as hunters who track down their prey and pounce at exactly the right moment to ensure a successful kill. Dreams about tigers hunting can relate to different aspects of your life, and you’ll need to assess what’s going on in your waking life to be able to apply the meaning of this dream correctly. If you are dating someone, then this dream could mean the time is right for you to settle down or become more serious with them. If you have been working towards a job promotion, then a dream about hunting tigers may suggest now is the time to make your move and secure a pay rise or greater responsibility.

Dreams About Sleeping Tigers

Dreams About Sleeping Tigers

Tigers are powerful animals, but when they are sleeping, their power is resting and hidden. Dreaming about sleeping tigers can symbolize that there is a power within you, but you may not know it, or you may be unsure about how to access it or show it to the world. A sleeping tiger can similarly suggest that you have a hidden talent that needs to be shared. This type of dream can be your mind’s way of coming to terms with a secret power you hold and helping you to gain the confidence to use it or let it out.

Dreams About a Tiger Chasing You

Dreams About a Tiger Chasing You

If you are being chased by a tiger in your dream, then this is usually a bad sign. Running from a tiger is typically linked to feelings of fear, and that you are trying to run from a bad situation, or run from your own feelings. If the tiger never actually catches you in your dreams, then this suggests you are running from your own emotions, and in fact, the fear of the emotions is much scarier than the act of actually facing them.

If the tiger manages to catch you, and even attack you, then this usually points to payback or repercussions. If you have done something bad in real life, then you might be fearing what will happen if you are found out, and this dream is telling you to rectify any damage you have caused as the only way to bring an end to the situation. As tigers are powerful animals, being chased by a tiger can also symbolize fear of authority. You might have had a run-in with the police or have a teacher you are particularly scared of. This dream is your brain’s way of processing that fear. By addressing your fear in real life, or learning how to not feel overpowered by other people, your scary dreams about being chased by tigers will stop.

These dreams can make you feel very jumpy, and you may even wake up in a cold sweat with your heart pounding. Dreams like this are common if you feel stressed out in your waking life, and the best way to bring an end to dreams like this is to face your fears head-on.

Dreams About Killing a Tiger

If you dream about killing a tiger, then this is symbolic of how powerful you are feeling in life at the moment. Tigers are fierce animals at the top of their food chain, and your ability to take one down in your dream shows that you are almighty, and maybe even invincible. This dream is likely to make you feel very confident in real life, giving you the belief that you are able to conquer anything. This can be a great angle from that to view your life, as a positive mindset is a wonderful tool that can indeed help you to achieve your goals.

Dreams About Tiger Cubs

Dreams About Tiger Cubs

Tiger cubs are cute and maybe a little unsteady on their feet, but they possess great potential, and we know that in the future, they will be strong and brave. The presence of tiger cubs in our dreams can be representative of our own situations and circumstances. If you are just starting out in your career, then a dream about tiger cubs could indicate to you that right now, you are relatively inexperienced, but if you work hard, you will achieve great things. You might have a new idea or be embarking on a new business that the tiger cubs represent, showing that in their infancy, they might look sweet, but they should not be underestimated because they will be powerful in the future.

If you are a parent, then dreaming about tiger cubs may mean something very different. If you are an adult tiger in your dream and you are protecting tiger cubs, then this suggests that you are worrying about your real-life children. The tigers are symbolic of your love for your children and your willingness to go to any lengths to protect them and provide safety and security, but this dream is also a way in that you are expressing your anxiety. Though worrying about children is an entirely normal and natural part of being a parent, focusing on this worry too much can cause anxiety that is detrimental to both our own health and our children’s.

This is a dream that you might have, whether your children are babies or young adults. A parent who is worried about their child starting kindergarten may have this type of dream just as much as a parent of a child who had recently learned to drive. Dreaming about tiger cubs is a common dream for anyone who is fearful that their children are not ready to face the world alone yet, but in order to stop these dreams from happening, you should address these feelings in your waking life. You may need to put in work to help curb your feelings of anxiety, but remember that you have taught your children well, and you cannot be by their side for their entire lives.

Dreams About Owning a Pet Tiger

Dreams About Owning a Pet Tiger

Dreaming about having a tiger for a pet does not usually mean you actually want to own a dangerous animal, or even have anything to do with having a pet at all. Instead, this act of keeping a wild animal for a pet, and even taming it, is symbolic of you wanting to do something unusual or something outside of your comfort zone. It may be that you are looking for a new challenge to conquer in life, such as completing a marathon or climbing a mountain. The ability to keep a wild animal in your dream is symbolic of you taking the reins in your waking life, and potentially learning how to navigate a new skill or hobby or get to grips with something you would not usually consider. One thing is for sure, do not take this dream literally as keeping tigers as pets is never a good idea!


Tiger dreams can be frightening, empowering, or even both. These types of dreams, though not uncommon,  can be very powerful and stay with you even when you’re awake. Properly interpreting these dreams about tigers will help you to understand how to move forward in your life, and even bring the dreams to an end if they are disturbing you. A repetitive dream is likely to continue happening unless you address what is causing it in your waking life.

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Tiger