Tiger’s Eye Uses

Tiger’s eye gemstone is popular for its physical and spiritual healing properties. This is a golden-yellow stone that belongs to the Chalcedony mineral family.

For centuries, people have used this wonderful stone for its therapeutic and protective energies. Being a quartz crystal, it has darker brown shades and an optical illusion that resembles that of a cat’s eye.

This gemstone is commonly found in South Africa, India, Brazil, Burma, Namibia, Australia, the USA, and Korea. Many astrologers and spiritual experts recommend this gemstone for its plethora of uses.

Top 8 Uses of the Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

Tiger is a precious stone that has transformative qualities that help in healing and balancing our Kundalini energy. It works with the solar plexus chakra of our body.

The following are the most prominent uses of the tiger’s eye gemstone:

Acts as an Amulet against Curses and Evil Eyes

  • Tiger’s eye is a protective stone that has lovely bands of golden yellow color, and a cat-eye effect helps eliminate negative and ill-wishing people from your life.
  • It helps provide powerful emotional and spiritual healing.
  • You can keep this gemstone in your home, wallet, pocket, or handbag to keep yourself free from curses and negative energies.

Boosts Courage and Self-Confidence

  • The tiger’s eye has amazing powers that can help improve your self-confidence, strength, and courage by balancing your mind and body.
  • It can improve the energy of the solar plexus chakra, which deals with self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Also known as the power chakra, you can vibrate the energy of this center with the tiger’s eye gemstone. It can infuse you with plenty of positivity, optimism, and feelings of luck.

Assists with Kundalini Awakening

  • Tiger’s eye has the properties to stimulate psychic energy in your body.
  • You can use this gemstone while meditating to develop your psychic powers and also activate your third eye chakra to aid in spiritual healing.
  • It can work with sacral, solar plexus, and root chakra to balance the energies and awaken your kundalini properties.

Develops Long-Lasting Romantic Relationships

  • The lovely yellow and brown crystal can anchor you in stable relationships.
  • It can work with the root chakra to balance out your libido and fertility problems.
  • This can also improve your courage and confidence to make commitments to your loved ones.
  • Tiger’s eye has emotional healing properties that helps in clearing out trauma, negative mindset, unworthiness, and isolation.

Protects Your Homes

  • In many ancient cultures, the tiger’s eye was used as a protective talisman to keep their houses free from negative energy and bad influences.
  • You can buy a decorative item made of tiger’s eye gemstone for your home to clear negative energy and protect against evil eyes.
  • The stone has the power to clear out vibrations from your space and help you manifest your goals by keeping you grounded.

Improves Your Mental Clarity

  • The tiger’s eye has transformative powers, which help boost your mental clarity by creating a positive mindset and attitude.
  • It can also change your old habits and improve your logical thinking to keep you active and bright.
  • This stone has “all-seeing, all-knowing” properties, which make it a mysterious and powerful stone to observe everything.
  • When you use this tiger’s eye gemstone every day, you will make better decisions in life due to improved mental clarity.

Attracts Wealth and Luck

  • Tiger’s eye is an effective business stone that helps improve your clients and customers by expanding your business.
  • It also can activate your powers to attract wealth and money by eliminating financial obstacles in your life.
  • The golden yellow stone has earthly properties that keep you grounded and connected to your purpose in life.
  • It is a stone of luck and good fortune that helps in developing your creative talents.
  • You can place this gemstone in your cabinet or in the pooja room of your house to attract permanent wealth by focusing on career-related goals.

Keeps Your Body Healthy

  • Wear or carry a tiger’s eye for improving your willpower, emotional stability, and energy levels.
  • It can help in regulating hormone secretion and suppress cravings for unwanted foods, drugs, or alcohol.
  • You can also overcome fears, anxiety, depression, and other suicidal thoughts when you use this gemstone.
  • A powerful stone for eliminating chronic disorders in your body. It is a strong blood purifier and helps boost your vitality.


Tiger’s eye is one of the purest and most powerful healing crystals in the world and has plenty of benefits for its wearer. People have used this tiger’s eye gemstone for generations to channel their inner beast and achieve their life’s goals.

You can use this powerful gemstone in your daily meditation routine to manifest focus, determination, wealth, vitality, and confidence in your life. Follow a simple and powerful ritual for building inner strength and generating vibrant energy in your body, mind, and soul with the empowering light of this stone.