Tiger’s Eye Ring Buyer’s Guide

Tiger’s eye is a valuable gemstone that forms naturally from the mineral crocidolite, which has a fibrous structure and gets oxidized to form a golden brown color. This is a type of quartz crystal that has a chatoyant property that makes it a favorite stone for jewelry makers.

Because of their beautiful cat-eye resemblance and optical illusion effect, tiger’s eye gemstone rings are widely available in the market. This stone is naturally found in places like China, Namibia, South Africa, the USA, the UK, Australia, and India.

This is a short buyer’s guide for helping you identify pure and natural-quality tiger’s eye gemstone rings. Many people love wearing this ring because it can enhance confidence, positive thinking, and willpower.

The Top 3 Tiger’s Eye Rings to Buy on the Market

Tiger stone rings, with their earthly rich and powerful golden yellow color, are typically worn on the ring finger of the dominant hand. We have listed the top three rings that can help you enhance your attractiveness and confidence.

Gold-plated Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Ring

  • This is a beautiful golden color tiger’s eye gemstone ring, which is made of high-quality material and features fine craftsmanship.
  • The ring has two slots that hold the beautiful golden yellow and brown-shaded tiger’s eye gemstone.
  • It appears to be beautiful, handcrafted marble jewelry, and it is one of the unique pieces to have in your collection.
  • You can give the ring as a gift to your loved ones who love earthy stones and brownish shades.
  • It is a stylish, comfortable, and tarnish-resistant golden ring.
  • This is an elegant 18K gold-plated tiger’s eye gemstone ring that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions.


Silver Oval Men’s Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Ring

  • This is a beautiful natural tiger’s eye gemstone oval-shaped ring for men.
  • The beautiful oval-shaped tiger’s eye gemstone has a beautiful color, depth, and shade.
  • It is available in sizes 9 to 13 for men.
  • This is a sterling silver tiger’s eye ring with a solid back and heavyweight.
  • Handmade with beautiful natural materials and excellent craftsmanship.
  • You can also give this as a gift to the most important man in your life for any special occasion.


Silver Oval Women’s Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Ring

  • This is an attractive piece of solid silver, oval-shaped natural tiger’s eye jewelry.
  • It is handmade using 925 sterling silver to give it an elegant and well-finished look.
  • The beautiful jewelry comes with the 925 stamp, which makes it a perfect gift for your loved one for any special occasion.
  • The unique ring has a high-quality authentic tiger’s eye gemstone in an oval shape in the center.
  • It is available in different sizes, and you can also personalize the ring based on your requirements.
  • You can make this beautiful ring for birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween parties, engagements, Valentine’s Day, or other special occasions.


How Does a Tiger’s Eye Ring Become a Necessary Accessory?

  • The tiger’s eye gemstone is known for its protective qualities, as it stems from ancient knowledge of using the stone as an amulet to stay away from evil eyes, curses, and negative energies.
  • Many warriors, soldiers, kings, and queens in Greek, Roman, and Chinese culture used the tiger’s eye gemstone as a talisman against negativity and to protect themselves against ill-wishing people.
  • Most of the tiger rings are made of gold or silver jewelry, which adds a separate style statement to your wardrobe.
  • It adds a splendid cosmic touch to your outfit while you wear this beautiful golden-brown gemstone ring on your finger.
  • The earthy brown color usually fits many skin tones naturally and makes them appear vibrant and vital.
  • You can also add a touch of royalty and grace to your appearance with this golden-shaded tiger’s eye gemstone ring.
  • There are also customized tiger’s eye rings available at several vendors, which you can handpick based on your desires.
  • This ring gives an elegant and minimalistic look to parties and formal events.
  • The most common and favorite tiger’s eye gemstone rings are made of gold and silver metal, which gives them an exquisite and charming look.
  • Both men and women can wear the finest quality tiger’s eye gemstone rings on their hands.
  • It’s a must-have accessory in your wardrobe.

How to Purchase a Tiger’s Eye Ring?

There are several factors you must consider when buying a tiger’s stone ring from the market, such as,

Reputable Dealer: You can find plenty of reputed online and offline brands selling tiger’s eye stone rings in different colors, types, and prices. Check for the original quality of the gemstone, as only reputed dealers will mention the origin and hardness of the stone to help you buy genuine ones.

Quality: The tiger’s eye stone ring comes in a bright golden-yellow color with a brownish band. It gives a glassy appearance because of the optical illusion effect. Check by shining a light on the gemstone ring to know that you are buying a real, high-quality tiger’s eye gemstone ring.

Shape: There are different types of tiger’s eye rings on the market that comes in different shapes, including oval, square, tubular, round, and flat. You can buy different-shaped tiger’s eye rings based on your preferences.

Size: Make sure you buy rings that fit the right finger size. You can measure the ring finger with the help of a flexible measuring tape or a ruler to buy the perfect size ring you need.

Which Finger Should You Wear a Tiger’s Eye Ring On?

Once you have purchased a good-quality ring from a reputed vendor according to your perfect ring size and shape for your hands, you can clean this finger ring once using salt and tap water.

Neatly dry them, and you can wear this on the dominant hand. It is best to wear this on the fourth finger of your left or right hand. The ring finger always makes it powerful, but you can also choose to wear this gemstone ring on the middle finger too.

How Do You Purify a Tiger’s Eye Ring?

Most of the tiger’s eye gemstone rings are made with solid gold or silver metal. Therefore, the semi-precious stone needs to be cleaned regularly and purified of negative energy to restore its powers.

You can follow these ways to recharge and purify a tiger’s eye stone ring:

  • Take a sponge dipped in water and gently mop the surface of the gemstone ring to clean it.
  • You can simply place the ring in a bed of rock salt and keep it overnight. Then, wipe off the salt from the ring and wear it on your finger.
  • If you wear this stone ring every day, the easiest method to clean it is by running it under tap water.
  • Since the tiger’s eye is an earthly stone, you can also bury the ring in mud for a few days to recharge its power.
  • Gently rub the tiger’s eye stone ring with a soft cloth daily to remove the dirt and other sediments.
  • You can also purify the gemstone ring by keeping it in a container filled with spring water.
  • The most important way to manifest and recharge your tiger’s eye is to keep the ring under moonlight or sunlight to feel the positive effects of wearing the ring.

Benefits of Wearing a Tiger’s Eye Ring

  • A tiger’s eye gemstone ring is a powerful tool to give you courage, strength, and willpower. In addition, the gemstone has the power to manifest your desires and attract wealth and good luck into your life.
  • Investing in a tiger’s eye ring to enhance your vitality and confidence is best.
  • The gemstone ring has the power to balance your energy in the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.
  • This lovely black and yellow-striped tiger eye gemstone ring bring you happiness and success.
  • It acts as a powerful protective stone to keep yourself away from negative energies and evil eyes.
  • If you are into business, you can wear this affordable tiger’s eye gemstone ring on your finger to attract new financial and career opportunities.
  • Many people use this gemstone to propose to their loved ones because of its power to increase libido and also strengthen the couple’s commitment.
  • The tiger’s eye gemstone possesses magical healing powers that help you uplift your Kundalini energy and improve your psychic abilities.
  • You can also wear this ring on your finger to eliminate depressive thoughts, anxiety, and fears from your mind.


Known as “a poor man’s ruby,” the tiger’s eye gemstone is one of the more affordable precious stones to wear to increase your confidence and willpower in life. Most people love to wear this beautiful golden-yellow gemstone as a ring on their finger.

This auspicious stone has earthly properties that help balance your chakras and motivate you to attract abundance, wealth, and luck into your life. These gemstone rings are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and you can buy them from renowned dealers to get good deals on authentic ones.