Tiger’s Eye Meanings and Properties – The Ultimate Guide

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Below, we will focus on the tiger’s eye’s meanings and properties, showing you where you can learn more about each specific aspect.

What is a Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s eye is a gemstone made from quartz and belongs to the chalcedony mineral family. The yellow gemstone is made from crocidolite, a metamorphic rock that gets oxidized and resembles the eye of a cat with brown and reddish stripes. The stone has an opaque appearance with an optical illusion effect.

This precious gemstone is used for its healing benefits. It symbolizes self-confidence and works to bring out courage and valor in humans. The golden bands on the stone have inspired thousands of humans since ancient times.

Properties of a Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye has fantastic properties that can help you overcome all the risks in life by making you bold and brave. A quartz rock has crocidolite cracks, which harden to form a tiger’s eye with golden brown shades. It is a unique formation that develops with its own physical properties and has striking characteristics because of iron oxides. It is a member of the chalcedony mineral class.

Tiger’s eye has the following associations:

  • Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Planets: Sun & Mars
  • Element: Fire and Earth
  • Numbers: 2 and 7.
  • Color: Golden yellow, and brown.
  • Mineral: Quartz
  • Hardness Scale: 7 on the Mohs Scale
  • Symbolism: Inner strength, courage, and willpower

Spiritual Origins and History of the Tigers’ Eye

This lustrous gemstone has a rich history, as it was considered one of the most powerful stones by the ancient civilizations in Rome, Egypt, and China.

It has many mythological stories associated with it, where it was used by kings, soldiers, and warriors to protect themselves from harm. It has a striking connection with spirituality and the heavens because of its higher powers.

In the past, the tiger’s eye was used as a talisman to protect against evil eyes, spells, and curses. Egyptians loved this charming tiger’s eye because of its shimmering rays. It was considered more precious than gold.

The Romans used a tiger’s eye to symbolize their gallantry and valor in fighting against their enemy. In Africa, people believe that the tiger’s eye has supreme energy.

The Chinese consider this gemstone precious and associate it with the tiger symbol in their zodiac chart. It is believed that this gemstone can bring good fortune to the wearer.

The origins of the tiger’s eye date back to the 17th century. It is prominently found in large deposits in many countries, including Africa, Burma, India, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, and the United States.

Benefits and Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eyes

Tiger’s eye stone has highly inspirational benefits and deals with the sacral and solar plexuses of the body. Nicknamed the “shapeshifter,” this stone has properties that can help transform your perspective by radiating plenty of bravery and power within you in all areas of life.

Courage is a behavior that comes with learning in life. When you face many challenges and feel that you don’t have the courage to fight, this stone helps overcome fear and boost your courage.

It is also one of the favorite stones for attracting wealth. Tiger’s eye can help you attract wealth and success by overcoming any obstacles in your financial life.

Physical Healing Properties of a Tiger’s Eye

A beautiful golden-hued tiger’s eye gemstone has vitality and balancing properties that help keep your physical body and well-being in check.

It is a fantastic blood purifier that keeps your endocrine system clean and healthy. When your hormones are activated properly, you will have higher energy levels.

Tiger’s eye also works wonders for boosting your sexual drive and libido. You can wear this gemstone to avoid anxiety, depression, nightmares, and seasonal disorders.

Emotional Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye

It is essential for humans to balance themselves to have a radiant personality emotionally. When emotions are clustered, we might find it difficult to motivate ourselves to fight against negative energies.

Tiger’s eye can clear negative energy from your life by working with your root chakra. It helps in centering your emotions and shifting your perspective to become positive in life again.

What’s life when you don’t have the confidence to show off your talents and the power to help people? Radiate your remarkable energy to the world by using a tiger’s eye that has fantastic properties to clear mental blockages and boost your confidence to strengthen yourself.

Spiritual Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye has important spiritual healing properties that help connect your body and mind. It is an energizing healing crystal that helps manifest willpower and inner strength. This crystal’s unique, captivating shine acts as a powerful energizer to amplify your confidence and personality traits.

If you want to balance the lower part of the body, such as the root or sacral chakra, this stone will work wonders to raise your spiritual consciousness. The root chakra deals with security and stability in life. When you wear a tiger stone ornament, it can help you attract financial security and also keep you grounded.

Sacral chakra is essential to feel confident and find the courage to go after the most critical goals in your life. The stone can absorb sunlight, which helps balance your psychic abilities and aura.

Zodiac Birthstone of Tiger’s Eye

Gemstones play a crucial role in astrology because one or two zodiac signs are associated with the one particular gemstone.

Tiger’s Eye is recommended for people with the Gemini zodiac sign in their chart. The golden-colored stone helps improve their creativity and imagination and removes any mental blocks.

Gemini rules the mind, making them happy, fun-loving, and joyful people. But when they are spiritually unevolved, they have many problems communicating or expressing their feelings confidently. Wearing tiger-eye jewelry will help them speak their mind.

This yellow gemstone has a lot of association with the planet of vitality, the sun. The sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo, so these people can use this gemstone to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.

How to Use a Tiger’s Eye Stone?

If you are wondering how to use tiger’s eye stone in your everyday life, you can follow these ways to utilize its benefits:

You can use a tiger’s eye stone to protect yourself from negative energy and evil eyes. Put this rock in your wallet or on the table to allow its powers to keep you safe and sound magical. It also helps manifest financial wealth in your life.

If you are overwhelmed with nightmares or recurring fears, you can quickly put this stone on your bedside table or in your environment to get the most of its benefits. You can also buy decor items made with tiger’s eye gemstones for your home or workspace.

You can also carry it to a job interview or any other important event to keep yourself energetic and confident. It also brings clarity and foresight to the most chaotic paths of life. It will keep you relaxed by reducing your anxiety levels.

A simple technique to use a tiger stone and a simple meditation technique is placing it on your hand, relaxing your shoulders, and taking five deep breaths by closing your eyes. This will calm your mind and help you focus on your entire body. You can feel the energy extending into your body.


The best way to use a tiger’s eye gemstone in your life is to place it in any jewelry. Wearing a personal ornament made of a tiger’s eye will help you in different ways in your daily life. Plenty of tiger’s eye jewelry is available, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and chains, both online and in physical stores.

Wearing this jewelry will improve your mental health, prevent personality disorders, and keep your metabolism fully functional. If you suffer from chronic bone disorders, wearing jewelry made of tiger’s eye will be highly beneficial.

It also makes an excellent gemstone for good luck and wealth. Wear this jewelry before starting your own business to make huge profits and attract more opportunities for growth or expansion. The mystical eye of the stone also symbolizes success.

You can also gift tiger-stone jewelry to your special someone to keep your relationship in balance and harmony. It also helps make your heart feel light and free to commit.

Furniture for Home and Office Feng Shui

Plenty of furniture and home décor articles combine tiger’s eye with other crystals and stones to make attractive decorative pieces. Place a tiger’s eye decorative piece on the balcony, front door, or bedroom to protect against the evil eye of the whole family. The bright orange and brown colors will also keep darkness and negative energies away from your house. The stone has mystical powers, which also make the household more prosperous.

Feng Shui is a Chinese method of decorating your home to attract positive energy and protect yourself from bad vibes. You can find various wind chimes, carvings, balls, and other FengShui items made with a tiger’s eye. Chinese have used this stone to attract good fortune and luck. It is considered to be equal to the lucky bagua number 9. If you are renovating your house, you can also decorate a specific corner to bring wealth with a tiger’s eye stone, as it has an earth element. You can also decorate your workspaces and offices with FengShui tiger’s eye products for business development.

How to Cleanse a Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone that has excellent optical illusion characteristics. It has a radiating appearance that resembles that of a cat’s eye. It is essential to follow reasonable cleaning procedures to maintain its properties.

You can use mild soap and water to clean a tiger’s eye stone or other products. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the dust and wash and dry it. If you clean any tiger’s eye jewelry, wash first and dry. Never use an ultrasonic clear cleaner, as it can damage the stones.

Cleanse the energies of your tiger stone by leaving it in the moonlight overnight, and then run it over water for a minute to enhance its healing properties.

You can also rub any herb, such as sage, to increase its powers. For a spiritual cleanse, bury it in soil, as this is one of the best ways to clean this earthly stone.

Final Points on the Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is one of the most cherished historical gemstones. This quartz crystal has powerful healing capabilities. It is best for people with an imbalanced sacral chakra. Being a stone of protection, personal empowerment, willpower, courage, and good luck, a tiger’s eye helps recognize one’s needs. People who belong to the Leo and Gemini zodiac signs can wear tiger’s eye jewelry for healing.

It is a fantastic stone for people who love to show their bold selves to the world. Being one of the most valued gemstones by the ancient Romans and Greek warriors, you can bring your own light to glory with the perfect tiger’s eye ornament.

Common Questions We Get on the Tiger’s Eye

These are the most common questions about the tiger’s eye gemstone. ,

What is the purpose of a tiger’s eye?

Tiger’s eye is a gemstone made of quartz crystal with beautiful yellow and brown shades that helps in protecting against negativity, anxiety, and fear. It promotes healing, concentration, and courage. You can use this gemstone to clear away blockages in your life.

Does a tiger’s eye protect you from evil eyes?

Tiger’s eye has powerful healing and protection properties, which play a crucial role in protecting against evil forces and negative energy. This crystal allows the wearer to protect themselves from harm.

Who should wear a tiger’s eye?

Tiger’s eye is a golden yellow and brown gemstone with an optical illusion effect. Zodiac signs of Gemini and Leo can wear this gemstone to bring spiritual and physical healing. It is also a stone associated with the month of June. People born in June can benefit from wearing a tiger’s eye.

Can I use a tiger’s eye to build courage?

Tiger’s eye is one of the best gemstones to boost bravery, courage, and boldness. You can create a robust environment within yourself by aligning your energy when you wear or use a tiger’s eye crystal. You can carry a tiger’s crystal in your pocket or wallet to overcome fear and amplify your courage to face obstacles in life.

How can I use a tiger’s eye crystal to attract wealth?

If you want to attract wealth and overcome money blockages, a tiger’s eye is one of the most powerful crystals. You can place a crystal in your purse to boost your income. If you are looking for business expansion, you can place a tiger’s eye crystal in your workspace to help you pursue bigger life goals.

What are the spiritual benefits of a tiger’s eye?

Tiger’s eye has powerful energy to raise spiritual consciousness by realigning your sacral and root chakra. This gemstone is crucial in helping you meditate and overcome any fear or anxiety leading to awakening. It helps in releasing blockages and uncertainty to regain your confidence.

Can I use a tiger’s eye crystal for therapeutic purposes?

Tiger’s eye has incredible therapeutic properties as it can help rectify and reinforce bone pain. It can also help clear blockages in the reproductive organs and improve fertility. You can also wear this crystal to have a clear mind and keep your hormones in check. It helps in maintaining proper metabolism.

What are the ways to use a tiger’s eye gemstone?

Tiger’s eye is one of the best healing stones you can place in your pocket to keep your energy balanced. You can hold this stone while meditating to improve your compassion and keep your energy balanced. You can hold this stone while meditating to improve your compassion and empathy. You can wear a bracelet or a lovely pendant made of a tiger’s eye to give yourself courage.

How to charge a tiger’s eye?

Tiger’s eye is an earthly stone that you can bury in the ground or soil to charge. You can also leave it in the moonlight overnight, increasing its powers by cleansing it thoroughly.

How can I know that a tiger’s eye is natural?

When buying a tiger’s eye from a seller, it is essential to check for the cat eye’s optical effect. Most of the tiger’s eye will have a cabochon cut, which can radiate light by showcasing the yellow bands around it. Since it is a quartz crystal, it has a glossy effect. It is usually more complex than glass.

What chakra does a tiger’s eye deal with?

The tiger’s eye deals with the solar plexus chakra, representing self-confidence, self-esteem, and courage. The stone also has healing powers to clear blockages in the root chakra. It also helps keep the hormones in check by balancing the sacral chakra in the body.

Can I keep a tiger’s eye under sunlight?

Tiger’s eye is associated with the Mars and Sun planets, making it an ideal stone to absorb sunlight naturally. But you have to keep it in moderation.