Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Pendant Buyer’s Guide

Tiger’s eye is a chatoyant quartz crystal in a beautiful golden brown and yellow color. It is formed as a result of crocidolite mineral oxidation, which results in brownish color bands on the crystal.

It has an opaque transparency and a glass-like luster. This crystal is primarily found in Australia, South Africa, India, Burma, Namibia, Canada, and the United States.

In ancient cultures, tiger’s eye stones were prominently used for protection and good luck. As a result, people started wearing tiger’s eye gemstones in different jewelry forms, which led to the prominence of wearing a tiger’s eye stone as a pendant.

Nowadays, people love wearing a tiger’s eye pendant on their necks to protect themselves against negative energy and also attract confidence, good luck, abundance, and wealth.

If you are interested in buying tiger’s eye gemstone pendants, we have this short buyer’s guide to help you find genuine products online and offline.

Top 3 Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Pendants in the Market

Tiger’s eye gemstone pendants are beautiful jewelry with optimum benefits astrologically, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Most of the pendants available on the market have a deep yellow and brown color scheme with delicate black stripes all over them. It also has the popular cat-eye effect, making it one of the more durable crystals to purchase for quality and royalty.

Here is a list of the top three tiger’s eye gemstone pendants on the market for you to consider.

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Fox Pendant

  • A beautifully designed pendant with the help of a natural tiger’s eye stone resembling that of a fox with powerful eyes is a wonderful product to buy.
  • It is made of a natural tiger’s eye gemstone, which acts as a great powerhouse for your mind and body.
  • The beautiful, delicate pendant is attached to a necklace with a durable string that makes it easy to wear on your neck.
  • The bright golden yellow tiger’s eye gemstone with brown bands has a highly polished look that makes a fashion statement naturally.
  • This protection stone can help you overcome your fears and ward off evil eyes and negative energies.
  • You can give this tiger’s eye pendant necklace as a gift to your friends and family members for any special occasion.
  • The handmade necklace with a unisex pendant makes it suitable for both men and women.
  • It goes with different styles and outfits, giving a perfect signature look for both casual and formal meetings.
  • You can also give this natural, genuine stone necklace to your friends and family members on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary, or the New Year.
  • The natural yellow tiger eye ball bead necklace with brown cord and the naturally handcrafted yellow tiger eye fox pendant bring good fortune and wealth.


Healing Crystal Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Pendant

  • A lovely crystal necklace with a natural tiger’s eye gemstone pendant makes an excellent gift for yourself, friends, and family members on any special occasion.
  • This pointed crystal tiger’s eye natural gemstone pendant has a golden color with brown and black stripes.
  • The necklace also has a tiger’s eye gemstone bead on the top, which acts as a protective charm for you.
  • It is a handcrafted energy-healing crystal necklace that calms the mind while also balancing emotions and feelings in the body.
  • Wearing this tiger’s eye gemstone will improve your confidence, creativity, and clarity of mind.
  • You can also meditate and increase your psychic powers by wearing this piece of jewelry with this beautiful healing stone.
  • The pointed crystal pendant adds a unique design to the necklace, which attracts both men and women.
  • It is a unisex statement pendant necklace that you can wear every day with any of your outfits.
  • Give the charming tiger’s eye gemstone pendant necklace as a gift for your friends and family members on Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, birthdays, the New Year, or any other festivals.
  • The healing crystal can balance out your sacral chakra, root chakra, and solar plexus chakra to give a balanced energy field or frequency.


Hexagonal Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Pendant

  • A beautiful hexagonal-shaped tiger’s eye gemstone pendant necklace is one of the best products you can buy online.
  • It has a unique shape and appearance, with a golden color and black stripes all over it.
  • The pendant is made of a powerful tiger’s eye healing crystal, which helps add guidance and positive energy.
  • You can wear this necklace to enhance your spiritual growth, mental clarity, and confidence in your life.
  • The hexagonal healing point pendant has powerful amplifying effects, which help in protecting your energy and channel it into the right areas of your life.
  • It acts as a great amulet against evil eyes, negative thoughts, and curses. This handmade necklace amplifies your powers to protect yourself.
  • If you are lacking in confidence or willpower, you can wear this tiger’s eye hexagonal crystal healing necklace to feel positive and empowered.
  • The hexagonal pendant has the ability to observe direct sunlight, which increases its power to balance your solar plexus chakra.
  • Give this beautiful hexagonal tiger’s eye pendant necklace as a thoughtful gift for your friends and family members on any special occasion.
  • The necklace’s lovely golden yellow color suits both men and women, making them feel connected to their higher selves.


Benefits of Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Pendants

Tiger’s eye stone jewelry has powerful physical and emotional healing properties. In addition, the pointed pendants have extreme amplifying energies, making them one of the most useful jewelry pieces to wear daily.

The following are its different healing benefits:

  • The tiger’s eye gemstone pendant increases vitality by purifying the blood and balancing the endocrine system.
  • It increases energy, metabolism, and sex drive by balancing the hormones in your root chakra or reproductive organs.
  • This also helps improve physical elements by benefiting the solar plexus chakra.
  • Wear a tiger’s eye gemstone pendant necklace to reduce heartburn, glucose intolerance, anxiety, and digestive problems.
  • If you are feeling low on self-esteem and confidence, you can wear this powerful gemstone pendant necklace to boost your courage and willpower.
  • The pendant also has the power to make you feel decisive by clearing out your mind and vision.
  • The golden yellow color of the pendant has early qualities that help you feel grounded, centered, and focused.
  • You can wear this necklace for meditation and spiritual practice to boost your psychic gifts and connect with your spiritual guides.

5 Different Ways to Use a Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Pendant


Hold the tiger’s eye gemstone pendant on your hand during meditation to intensify your energy and clear out your mind. You can feel the vibrations passing on from the tiger’s eye gemstone pendant that helps in balancing out your mind, body, and soul.


Wear a tiger’s eye gemstone pendant necklace to boost your passion, focus, and confidence levels. This can also increase your libido, intimacy, and commitment in your closed relationships.


Tiger’s eye gemstone pendants are powerful protectors and purifiers of negative energies. You can place this in your home or office space to clear it of clutter and bring in balance.


There is no better gemstone to attract fortune and abundance than a tiger’s eye crystal pendant. You can simply hang this in your home or keep it in your sacred space to eliminate fear and attract financial opportunities.


Ward off any insomnia, sleeplessness, nightmares, and anxious feelings by keeping a tiger’s eye gemstone pendant near your bed or under your pillow. You can also reduce your depressive feelings and calm your mind with this pendant.

How to Cleanse a Tiger’s Eye Pendant

Tiger’s eye is an earthly stone that works wonders for your health and wealth. You can use both water and mud to clean these tiger’s eye gemstone crystal pendants.

  • You can cleanse the bad energy in the stone pendant by reciting a mantra or affirmations.
  • Drop the pendant in a bowl of clear water and run for 20 minutes to eliminate any negative energy.
  • You can also wash and purify tiger’s eye pendants in a river or lake to enhance their natural powers.
  • The best way to cleanse and purify a tiger’s eye pendant is by using salt. Do this only with the crystal, not the necklace or other metal. Rock salt helps purify and improve the crystal pendant’s energy levels.
  • You can also simply eliminate bad energy and negative vibrations by cleansing the pendant using incense sticks or burning herbs such as sage.


A tiger’s eye gemstone pendant attracts prosperity and good luck. You can buy these products online or offline to improve your confidence, money flow, and business opportunities.

Check the physical properties of the tiger’s eye pendant, and make sure you buy from a reputed brand and dealer to get your hands on genuine products that are worth your money. These pendants have many benefits as they have wonderful healing properties.

Invest in a beautiful tiger’s eye pendant to double your luck and boost your confidence.