Tiger’s Eye Beads Buyer’s Guide

Looking to buy beautiful Tiger’s eye gemstone beads for jewelry making? This is a brief buyer’s guide to assist you in purchasing these magnificently coated golden and brown colored beads.

Tiger’s eye is a dynamic and powerful stone with immense power and beauty. For decades together, Tiger’s eye stones have been worn for its extraordinary powers, vitality, nobility, and vigor. It is usually found in South Africa, India, China, Mexico, Australia, Namibia, Canada and the United States.

Jewelry made of natural stones, such as Tiger’s eye, are perfect accessories for both men and women. It has the power to boost masculine and feminine qualities. Associated with the Sun and Mars planets, Tiger’s eye crystals have strong uplifting energies.

The most striking factor of a tiger’s eye gemstone is its optical illusionary effect, similar to that of a cat’s eye.

However, when you are trying to buy tiger eye gemstone beads, you have to be sure that they may not have this magnificent eyes in them but instead have the color and appearance of the golden quartz crystal.

Follow our simple guidance to buy genuine, good-quality Tiger’s eye beads in the market.

The Top Three Best Tigers Eye Gemstone Beads

The Tiger’s eye gemstone has a popular effect called “chatoyancy,” which makes it reflect back light to give a shimmery appearance. That’s why soldiers and warriors popularly used these beads as talismans to protect themselves against their enemies.

These beads are biggest boosters of prosperity and luck. Many celebrities and astrologers recommend buying Tiger’s eye gemstone beads and using them in the every day’s life.

Here are the top 3 best tiger’s eye beads that you can choose to buy from our list:

4mm Loose Yellow Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Beads

  • These are genuine yellow tigers’ eyes gemstones with a 4 mm diameter.
  • They are natural stone beads with a unique texture. These high-quality gemstone beads have a matte and frosted surface.
  • Each bead has a wonderful golden yellow color, along with brownish bands all over it.
  • When you shine a light on these beads, you will notice an optimal glowing effect on each of them, proving that they have natural properties and mineral composition.
  • These beads are available as 200 loose beads, which you can use for jewelry making.
  • Each of the beads has a hole in the center, which makes it easy to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, keychains, and decor items using these beads.
  • Tiger’s eye gemstone beads make a great gift for people who love to make holiday presents.
  • You can create one-of-a-kind gifts for Christmas, Halloween, the New Year, your birthday, and the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • These beads are grade-A products that are smooth, round, and beautifully colored, which makes them last for a long time.
  • You can wear jewelry made from these lovely unpolished Tiger’s eye raw beads, which will not irritate your skin.


Natural Yellow 8mm Tiger’s Eye Beads

  • High-quality, smooth, real yellow Tiger’s eye stone beads with white stretch cord
  • These are 8 mm tiger’s eye loose beads in a pack of one hundred pieces.
  • All the natural stones are unique and come with excellent polishing, which gives them a glittery appearance.
  • Most of these gemstones are excellent for beading, jewelry making, and arts and crafts.
  • The golden yellow color and brown and blackish bands give plenty of color and positivity to the wearer.
  • You can make bracelets, earrings, rings, and keychains using these natural Tiger’s eye stones.
  • Tiger’s eye gemstone beads are suitable for both men and women to help improve their concentration, focus, and self-confidence.


Round Natural Yellow 6mm Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Beads

  • These are good-quality natural stone tiger’s eye beads for jewelry-making.
  • It is made of high-quality mineral crystal with a highly polished surface that gives it a unique texture.
  • These semi-precious loose Tiger’s eye beads are great for making bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and other jewelry items.
  • You can buy these natural round spacer beads, which have been checked multiple times to ensure their quality.
  • It comes with a strong elastic string, which is very durable and flexible for making natural stone jewelry.
  • Each of the beads may have little cracks or other flaws because of their natural quality.
  • The beautiful, rich golden color makes them look gorgeous on any jewelry.
  • You can check the optimal effect of these beads in natural light.
  • Gift these beautiful natural round tiger’s eye gemstone beads to your friends or family members who love to make jewelry or use precious gemstones for their spiritual benefits.


Why Wear Tiger’s Eye Beaded Jewelry?

  • These elegant beads’ beautiful color and magnificent shimmery appearance make it one of the most powerful stones to use in jewelry. It automatically draws the attention of the audience.
  • The beads have a yellow color and a glass-like luster, which makes them ideal for making necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, and other glittery jewelry items.
  • You can pair this beautiful Tiger’s eye beaded jewelry with any outfit and accessory. It gives a confident and varied look to the wearer.
  • Tiger’s eye beads are powerhouses of energy, which makes them ideal for boosting your confidence, willpower, and strength.
  • You can also make jewelry with gold and silver using these Tiger’s eye beads, which give it an appealing royal appearance.
  • It has these protective qualities, which help keep evil eyes and negative energies away from you when you wear these Tiger’s eye beads on your body.

Uses of Tiger’s Eye Beads

Tiger’s eye beads have many powerful qualities other than being beautiful and charming on jewelry.

Feng Shui:

  • In ancient Chinese culture, Tiger’s eye beads were prominently used in the Feng Shui system.
  • You can simply place the Tiger’s eye beads in your house based on a bagua energy map for new beginnings, attracting abundance, and growth.
  • You can also boost your motivation and confidence by taking the first steps towards your career and personal goals.
  • It also has the power to improve your awareness and knowledge of your network.
  • You can hang Tiger’s eye beads, wind chimes, and balls in your home to clear out negative energy.


  • Tiger’s eye beads have tremendous powers and energy to improve your solar plexus chakra.
  • It gives courage, confidence, and clarity.
  • The beads help balance out the hormones and energies in your body by clearing stress, anxiety, and fears from your solar plexus chakra.

Good Luck:

  • Tiger’s eye beads have “all-seeing eye power,” which helps in warding off bad spirits, negative energy, curses, and evil eyes.
  • These beads have healing energies and increase understanding while attracting luck to the wearer.
  • They can help keep you away from hurdles and eliminate financial struggles.
  • If you wear this beaded jewelry or keep this beaded decoration in your home or office, you can attract new financial opportunities, business clients, and customers.

Physical Health:

  • Tiger’s eye gemstone beads have great powers to heal the root chakra, which deals with fertility, anxiety, blood pressure, and depression.
  • Wear this beaded jewelry to improve your energy levels by warding off tiredness and lethargy.
  • It can also boost your libido as it provides strength and confidence in your body.
  • If you are suffering from anxiety, nervousness, and sleepless nights, you can simply wear this Tiger’s eye beaded jewelry to relax your mind and soothe your nerves.


  • Tiger’s eye beads have plenty of spiritual significance, which makes them a perfect tool for improving your spiritual knowledge and awareness.
  • You can use this beaded jewelry for meditation.
  • Place these beads in your home or office to promote your healing willpower and self-realization.

Who Can Wear Tiger’s Eye Beaded Jewelry?

  • Wear beaded jewelry if you lack self-confidence and need to boost your courage or clear your mind.
  • It is a great item to protect yourself against negative energy and malefic intentions from other people in your world.
  • You can wear this beaded jewelry to heal yourself emotionally and to clear out suicidal thoughts and a negative mindset.
  • If you belong to the zodiac signs of Gemini and Leo, you can wear this Tiger’s eye beaded gemstone jewelry for improving your vitality, attracting wealth, and spiritually grounding yourself.
  • People who have Sagittarius, Cancer, Aries, or Pisces in their charts can also wear this beaded jewelry to remove negative things, clear blockages, and improve their physical stamina.
  • The best place to wear tiger-themed jewelry is on your right hand. This will help you protect yourself from negative vibrations. You can also wear this jewelry on your left hand to boost your spiritual courage and awareness.


Tiger’s eye gemstone beads are wonderful natural stone items for making jewelry and other household decor items. It has plenty of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits, which make someone confident by clearing out their mind and building the courage to pursue their goals.

You can use Tiger’s eye gemstone beads to make different types of beautiful jewelry, including bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, chains, wind chimes, and keychains. We hope our simple guide will help you buy good-quality Tiger’s eye beads from the market.