Dreaming about Sweets – Meanings and Interpretations

Dreaming about Sweets - Meanings and Interpretations

Whether they make you drool or make you feel guilty, sweets are likely to attract your attention one way or another. Seeing sweets in your dream can show that desire is an important force in your life at the moment.

Sweets Dream Summary

Sweets Dream Symbolism

Dreaming of sweets, or desserts, can symbolize the sort of pleasure you might experience from eating a tasty dessert. A pleasant dream of sweets could show that you are comfortable with your desires and able to indulge them in a balanced way that doesn’t upend the rest of your life.

However, if you have a more complicated relationship with your desires for sweets or anything else, a dream of sweets could show your feelings of guilt about not living up to your ideals. At the other unbalanced extreme, dreaming of sweets might indicate that you tend to neglect your responsibilities or long-term prospects in favor of whatever feels good in the moment.

Common Sweets Dreams

  1. Dream of seeing sweets
  2. Dream of eating sweets
  3. Dream of buying sweets
  4. Dream of someone giving you sweets
  5. Dream of stealing sweets
  6. Dream of brightly colored sweets
  7. Dream of chocolate

Sweets Dream Symbolism

Sweets Dream Symbolism


Dreaming of sweets can symbolize that you are interested in pursuing pleasure. Sometimes it is necessary to have fun and do what feels good, and some dreams of sweets could symbolize that you need to do that.


Sweets are a common part of holiday celebrations. A dream of sweets could simply be processing your thoughts regarding an upcoming or recent holiday celebration. You may feel excited about the event, or you might feel overwhelmed and anxious about all the work involved in getting people to come together.


Even though many people of all ages enjoy sweets, sweets are often associated with childhood, perhaps because they are commonly the subject of your early experiences with trying to get what you want. For example, children usually want to eat more cookies than their parents are willing to let them have.

A positive dream of sweets could refer to the fun and carefree parts of childhood, showing that you are able to have a similar experience in your current life. However, a difficult dream of sweets might symbolize a situation similar to the frustrating parts of childhood, where you are dependent on someone else and lack control over whether or not you get what you want.

Dreaming of sweets could therefore provoke you to reflect on how your parents or other caregivers responded to your desires when you were growing up. If they said no in a way that made you feel ashamed for asking, you may need to find a more compassionate approach that involves acknowledging your desires and then deciding what to do about them.


Some people feel guilty about eating sweets because they think they should only eat healthy food or because they think that sweets will make them overweight. In this context, a dream of sweets could symbolize that you have done something you feel bad about. However, you may need to think through whether whatever you did was really that terrible. You might need to stop being so hard on yourself.


A dream of sweets could symbolize that you are tempted to do what feels good in the moment instead of fulfilling your responsibilities. Resisting the lure of the sweets in the dream might be a positive sign that you are able to shut out petty distractions as you work toward a larger goal that you are excited about.

Lack of Nourishment

Sweets can’t be all that you ever eat because they don’t have all the nutrients your body needs. A dream of sweets that has a negative emotional atmosphere could symbolize that you are prioritizing what feels good in the moment over what would really give you long-term stability.

A difficult dream of sweets might also show that you’re in an environment that doesn’t support your personal growth. If everyone around you is in a rut and not doing much with their lives, it could be hard for you to get motivated to pursue goals of your own.

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions require people to stop or limit eating sweets. If you have a medical condition of this sort, especially if you were recently diagnosed, dreaming of sweets could reflect your struggle to come to terms with your physical limitations. You might feel different from others or left out of social situations because of this challenge.


Another possible meaning for a bad dream involving sweets is bribery. Children are often advised not to take candy from strangers, on the grounds the strangers might be trying to lure them into a bad situation. If someone in your dream is giving you sweets, and you feel uncomfortable about it, this could similarly symbolize that you feel like someone is trying to bribe or entice you into doing something that isn’t good for you.

Common Sweets Dreams

Dream of seeing sweets

Dream of seeing sweets

Seeing sweets in your dream may symbolize that you are considering a lot of exciting possibilities for things you could do. As the saying goes, you might feel like a kid in a candy store with regard to some part of your life that seems to be going well. Perhaps you’re even a little overwhelmed with all of the prospects you have.

However, if the sweets you see in your dream are such that you can’t have them, like if they are locked up or out of reach, this could symbolize that you feel blocked from opportunities. It may seem like everyone but you has some important thing you covet, like a house, a partner, or a fulfilling job. You might be jealous of others who have what you lack.

Dream of eating sweets

Dream of eating sweets

Sweets are often part of celebrations, so a dream of eating sweets could symbolize that something has gone well for you recently, and you have reason to celebrate. Alternately, a dream of eating sweets might show that sometimes it’s okay to celebrate for no particular reason at all – that it’s good to just enjoy life.

However, if your dream of eating sweets feels uncomfortable, it might symbolize that you have been overindulging in pleasure and neglecting your valid responsibilities. You may need to work to find balance.

Dream of buying sweets

When children first get their own spending money, one thing they often buy is sweets. Buying sweets in your dream could refer to this common early experience of being excited to choose exactly what you want and having the power to get it. Such a dream may therefore symbolize that you feel empowered and see many promising possibilities ahead of you.

Dream of someone giving you sweets

Dream of someone giving you sweets

The meaning of someone giving you sweets in your dream could depend on how you feel about it in the dream. If the exchange feels good, and you are happy to receive the sweets, the dream may symbolize that the people in your life appreciate you.

However, if your dream of someone giving you sweets feels uncomfortable, this could symbolize that you are receiving attention you don’t want. You may feel like someone is trying to bribe you to do something you don’t want to do. Alternately, you might just suspect that someone is attracted to you even though you don’t feel the same way about them.

Dream of stealing sweets

A dream of stealing sweets could symbolize that you don’t feel like you can get the things you want by asking for them honestly. It may show that you feel guilty about your desires, but it might also indicate that you are in an environment that is not really a good fit for you.

Dream of brightly colored sweets

Dream of brightly colored sweets

Some sweets, like candies or frosted cakes, are decorated in eye-catching bright colors. Seeing brightly colored sweets in your dream can symbolize that it is time to go with what appeals to you. Follow your natural child-like enthusiasm where it leads you.

Dream of chocolate

Dream of chocolate

Chocolate is a common romantic gift for adults. Dreaming of chocolate could therefore symbolize that someone is attracted to you romantically, especially if you already have some suspicions that this is the case.

A chocolate dream could also symbolize your own ability to enjoy the full sensual capacity of your body. Knowing who you are and what you want can help you find a romantic partner who is a good fit for you.


Dreams of sweets can be surprisingly complicated and meaningful because they bring up your relationship with your desires. Angst about wanting dessert is usually not just about the dessert itself.

Whether or not getting all the sweets you want is always healthy for you, one thing that is definitely not healthy is being dishonest about your desires. Your dream of sweets might show that you must admit you want the sweets before you can make a thoughtful decision about what to do next.