What Does It Mean to Dream of Skydiving?

Whether you love skydiving or are terrified by the idea of it, having a dream about skydiving can symbolize that you are juggling big questions of risks and rewards.

Skydiving Dream Summary

Skydiving Dream Symbolism

Skydiving takes the dangerous activity of jumping out of an airplane into the air and tries to make it into a risk that is manageable enough to be enjoyed. A dream featuring skydiving could therefore symbolize that you are considering taking a big risk in your life.

You might be excited about the potential for increased freedom, but you could also be aware that there are still dangerous aspects of the situation. You may need to be able to trust your preparation and resources. Especially if your dream features tandem skydiving, you might need to really trust another person you are involved with.

Common Skydiving Dreams

  1. Dream of tandem skydiving
  2. Dream of skydiving and the parachute breaks

Skydiving Dream Symbolism

Skydiving Dream Symbolism


A dream of skydiving could symbolize that you are considering taking a big risk in your life. Such a dream may show that, though what you plan to do is dangerous, its risks can be managed with proper training and equipment.


Taking the risk of skydiving could certainly be scary. A dream of skydiving could symbolize that circumstances are pushing you to confront a fear of yours.


People put up with the risks of skydiving because flying through the air gives a feeling of freedom. A pleasant skydiving dream could therefore symbolize that you have or expect that you will soon get more freedom than usual to pursue your desires.


If your skydiving dream emphasizes the sensation of flying, the symbolism of flying dreams may be relevant. This can include feeling like you have freedom to pursue your goals in your life as it is now, but it might alternately show that you would like to escape at least some aspects of your current life.


A skydiving dream could show that you have enough trust in yourself, as well as in other people or circumstances involved, to feel comfortable taking a risk. Though you may be doing something dangerous, you could be confident enough in your skills and support network to feel like you can do it safely.


Even when everyone does everything correctly, skydiving does have some inherent danger. A skydiving dream could symbolize that a situation in your life has dangerous elements that you may not be able to eliminate completely. You might have to decide whether the danger is worth the benefits you get from the situation.

Common Skydiving Dreams

Dream of tandem skydiving

Dream of tandem skydiving

Tandem skydiving is a common way for people who don’t have a lot of experience with skydiving to give it a try. The student is closely connected to the instructor with a harness, and the instructor wears and controls the parachute.

A dream of tandem skydiving could symbolize that you are working closely with someone else in a risky endeavor, though the responsibility is not shared evenly.

If you are in the student role in your dream, this could symbolize that you are in a situation where you need to trust the other person completely. A tandem skydiving dream of this sort that goes well may be a good omen that you feel safe with the other person.

However, if your tandem skydiving dream is such that you are dependent on the other person to open the parachute, and they fail to do so, this may symbolize that you feel like someone else in your life is dangerous for you.

It could be the type of situation where you care for someone who is troubled in some way, and you are trying very hard to help them, but they seem to be dragging you down with them. Alternately, it might be a situation where you are following an authority figure, like a boss or a religious leader, who is not on a good path.

If you are the one wearing the parachute in your tandem skydiving dream, this might show that you have a leadership role in a situation in your life, whether or not that reflects your title. There could be some surprises here, like in the sort of dynamic where a powerful executive is heavily reliant on an administrative assistant.

Such an assistant might wind up dreaming that they are the one with the parachute if they spend their days being treated as though they are responsible for reminding the sun to rise and set.

Dream of skydiving and the parachute breaks

Dream of skydiving and the parachute breaks

Dreaming of skydiving and discovering as you fall that the parachute is not working could symbolize that you have a lot of anxiety about a risk you are taking. You might feel like your preparations are not good enough to protect you from the dangerous components of the situation.

Once you are in the air and falling with no parachute, there is nothing you can do. This dream could therefore be about a situation where you feel totally powerless to protect yourself. You might also feel resentful about being let down by other people in your life, or even by society itself.

Alternately, in a dream of skydiving with a broken parachute, the parachute could represent something enabling a situation that is not really sustainable on its own. Having such a parachute fail could symbolize that knowing the truth might be a relief to some extent, even if the way the truth comes out is destructive.

While it is usually safe to assume that skydiving without a parachute leads to death, death dreams can have positive symbolism about transformation, as sometimes whatever you are doing now has to end before you can do something else that is better for you. See also driving off a cliff dream symbolism.


Avoiding danger is usually a prudent path, but sometimes taking a carefully planned risk can be worth the trouble. Your skydiving dream may show your effort to work out a dilemma of this sort.