What Does It Mean to Dream About Singing?

What Does It Mean to Dream About Singing

Bursting into a song like a character in a musical may be rare in waking life. However, anything can happen in a dream, including singing in a wide variety of contexts. Read on to discover what singing in your dream might mean.

Singing Dream Summary

Singing Dream Symbolism

Singing in a dream can symbolize vulnerability and emotional expression. Although singing is often a big part of education for children, many people become less comfortable with the act of singing as they grow older.

While singing a solo in a performance might be intimidating for most people, singing in a group can be a way of experiencing solidarity and community. Looking carefully at your dream of singing could reveal the conditions under which you feel comfortable letting a more spontaneous and intuitive side of yourself surface.

Common Singing Dreams

  1. Dream of singing in a church
  2. Dream of someone singing to you
  3. Dream of hearing a song that doesn’t exist
  4. Dream of lip-syncing
  5. Dream of a bird singing
  6. Dream of singing in harmony
  7. Dream of singing off-key

Singing Dream Symbolism

Singing Dream Symbolism


Singing can be a way to express passionate emotions that don’t easily come through in speech. Your singing dream could therefore be a way of expressing emotions that are too intense for you to display in your waking life.

This interpretation of a singing dream would more likely be appropriate if you were singing an intensely emotional song. Of course, the specific emotion emphasized in the song would be the key message of the dream.


Singing can be a form of performance, so some singing dreams may emphasize performing and drawing the attention of others. You could have this type of singing dream if you have a big presentation coming up at work or school. Your level of confidence in your dream might show how prepared you feel for your presentation.

Some dreams of singing as a performance might indicate that you tend to approach relationships as a performance instead of relating genuinely to others. This interpretation would be more likely if your singing dream had an emotional atmosphere of loneliness.


Many people feel like they don’t sound good when they sing, and they try to avoid singing in the presence of others due to this concern. A dream of singing could therefore symbolize that you’re exposing a part of yourself that is awkward and vulnerable.

This type of singing dream might happen in the context of building trust in a new relationship as you reveal more of your emotional life to the other person. How you’re received in the dream could show whether you feel accepted or judged in your developing relationship.


Sometimes singing is done to comfort others, as a parent might sing to a baby. You may also listen to a favorite song when you’re feeling down.

This type of singing dream might serve to comfort you if you’re going through a rough patch. It could also refer to your role in comforting someone else in your life who is upset.


Sometimes people sing together as a group, like in a church service or at a political rally. This type of singing dream could symbolize that you feel solidarity with a community that is important to you.

However, if you are excluded from the group of singing people in your dream, this could symbolize that you feel socially isolated or even attacked. For example, the solidarity a group of people might feel when singing their sports team’s fight song is great for them but intimidating for the other team.


Singing is an important part of early childhood education, as it helps improve children’s language skills. Many songs for children also convey information, like the letters of the alphabet.

A positive dream of singing could show that you have an optimistic and hopeful attitude about a situation in your life — you might even be approaching it with the enthusiasm of a child! However, an uncomfortable dream of singing might symbolize that you sense an authority figure is talking down to you as though you are a child.

Common Singing Dreams

Dream of singing in a church

Dream of singing in a church

Singing and praying in a dream can symbolize that your religious commitment is important to you. You may be looking to your higher power for guidance in a particular situation in your life.

As described in church dream symbolism, a dream of singing in church must be interpreted according to its emotional tone. If singing in church in your dream feels good, this could be a sign that you have, or soon will have, an important blessing to be grateful for.

However, if your dream of singing in church felt awkward or unpleasant, this could speak to tension between yourself and your spiritual community. While your own inhibitions may potentially contribute to the problem, there’s also a possibility that you’re in a community that’s not a good fit for you.

Dream of someone singing to you

Dream of someone singing to you

A dream of someone singing to you can symbolize that a person in your life is opening up to you in a vulnerable way. Even if you aren’t entirely into whatever they are telling you, you may need to be careful to respect the sacrifice they are making in sharing something personal with you.

The vulnerability of singing can also help you see the other person’s intentions clearly. Pay attention to whether you feel comforted or creeped out by their approach toward you in your dream.

Dream of hearing a song that doesn’t exist

Dream of hearing a song that doesn’t exist

A dream of hearing a song that doesn’t exist has to be at least as frustrating as a dream of reading a book that doesn’t exist. In either case, try to write down as much as you can remember in your diary or dream journal.

If nothing comes to you, though, perhaps the most important part is the emotional experience the song left you with. Whether you were comforted or creeped out by the song in your dream, lean into where you find that feeling in your waking life to discover your dream’s message.

Dream of lip-syncing

Dream of lip syncing

Language in dreams works differently from the language in waking life. Inverse notes that when you talk in a dream, it might be more like telepathy than like moving your mouth and getting words to come out.

Singing in a dream could potentially be a similarly weird experience. If the intention is clearly to sing, though, interpret your dream that way, even if the physical sensation is different.

However, if it’s clear in your dream that someone is intentionally lip-syncing, pretending to sing when they’re really not singing, this could represent a concern that a person in your life is being fake. You may feel like they are leading you to believe they are something they are not. You might also suspect this individual is parroting the opinions of others rather than thinking their own thoughts.

Dream of a bird singing

Dream of a bird singing

A dream of a bird singing could symbolize that you feel free and unencumbered, especially if the bird is flying around. However, if the bird in your dream is stuck in a cage, your dream of a singing bird might mean that you are still capable of experiencing joy despite some oppressive circumstances.

Alternately, a dream of a singing bird could represent the spread of information — perhaps information that you or others wanted to keep private. You might feel either anxious or vindicated in this type of singing bird dream.

Dream of singing in harmony

Dream of singing in harmony

A dream of singing in harmony with other people can symbolize that you’ve found your place in the world. You may be working with collaborators whose capabilities are complementary to your own so that you don’t have to do everything yourself.

That said, singing in harmony requires a different set of skills than belting out a powerful solo. If your dream emphasizes singing in harmony with others, this could mean it’s currently important for you to prioritize what’s best for a group you belong to over getting your own way.

Dream of singing off-key

An uncomfortable dream of singing off-key could symbolize that you come off awkwardly in a social situation. Your own anxiety may be contributing to the problem. Even though you might be intensely focused on others in the sense of constantly mentally dissecting how they’re potentially judging you, perhaps you’re not making much of an effort to actually get to know them as individuals. Truly listening to people when they talk and responding to their concerns with empathy can help you bring yourself into tune.

However, a dream of singing off-key that has a positive emotional atmosphere could symbolize that you’re involved in a situation where the most important thing is to make whatever effort you can, even if you don’t accomplish your task perfectly.


Singing is something that many people feel inhibited about in waking life. However, your dreams can be a place where you escape your inhibitions. Your dream of singing may give you the space you need to express a powerful emotion that you’ve been holding back.