What Is the Dream Meaning of a Rose?

What Is the Dream Meaning of a Rose?

In waking life, roses are known for their beauty, and they are often associated with romance. Roses in dreams can have similar meaning. However, looking at the details of your rose dream can help you come up with an interpretation that is accurate for you.

Rose Dream Summary

Rose Dream Symbolism

Roses can symbolize love, either romantic or platonic. A dream of roses can therefore encourage you to look for all of the ways you experience love, beauty, and pleasure in your life.

As with any other dream, the emotional atmosphere you experience in your rose dream will be key to forming an interpretation that is appropriate for you. A rose dream that feels bad could refer to a situation where love is not reciprocated – either the person you love doesn’t love you back, or someone else has feelings for you that you don’t have for them.

However, in most cases, a rose dream is probably a good one. It may show that you have things to be happy about in your life – or it might be an omen that you are opening up to receive them in the near future.

Common Rose Dreams

  1. Dream of someone giving you roses
  2. Dream of someone giving you roses anonymously
  3. Dream of a wilted rose
  4. Dream of a rose of a particular color

Rose Dream Symbolism


Roses, especially red roses, have been associated with romance for a long time. According to GreekMythology.com, this began with the story of Aphrodite, who was the Greek goddess of love, beauty, sexual pleasure, and fertility. When she was running to the side of her dying lover Adonis, she pricked her foot on a white rose. Her blood stained the flower, and the rose turned red, cementing an association between red roses and passionate love.

Dreaming of a rose or roses could therefore symbolize romantic attraction. This interpretation would be more likely if other factors in the dream also emphasized that theme.


Roses can symbolize many kinds of love, not just romantic love. While red roses are especially associated with romance, other colors of roses are more associated with friendship or other forms of platonic love. A dream of roses could therefore encourage you to look for all of the ways you experience love in your life.

Small Pleasures

The saying “Stop and smell the roses” refers to appreciating the positive things in life that you take for granted. A dream of roses could symbolize that you would benefit from intentionally being grateful for the small pleasures you encounter.


Roses are known for their beautiful appearance. They also smell good. Dreaming of roses could therefore symbolize that having a physical environment that gratifies your senses is important for you now, even if you are worried that it is shallow for you to be concerned about beauty.


Every rose has its thorn, as the saying goes. Though rose flowers are beautiful, they come on stems that have thorns sharp enough to draw blood. A dream of a rose that emphasizes the rose’s thorns could symbolize that a situation that has some positive components also has a more difficult side to it. You may wonder if the pleasure is enough to justify the pain.


People who grow roses often put a lot of effort into carefully cultivating them. A dream of a rose could therefore symbolize that you are not just casually letting things unfold in your life. Instead, you may be consciously working to shape events in the way that will be most advantageous to you.


Flower arrangements are common at funerals or on graves, and roses can be included in those flower arrangements. Interpreting a rose dream in reference to death is more likely to be appropriate if your rose dream included other imagery related to death like a funeral or a cemetery. In that context, dreaming of a rose could symbolize that you are fondly remembering an important person who has left your life.

Common Rose Dreams

Dream of someone giving you roses

A dream of someone giving you roses could symbolize that you suspect they have feelings for you. As your dreaming mind might be more honest than your conscious mind, look at how you react to the gift in the dream.

If you feel pressured by the gift of roses in your dream, this may show that you know the other person is more interested in you than you are in them. You might feel like they want something from you that you can’t provide.

If you are excited to receive the roses in your dream, this could symbolize that you are open to receiving the abundance the world has to offer you. It might also reflect that others see good qualities in you that you have trouble seeing in yourself.

Dream of someone giving you roses anonymously

If your dream involves receiving roses in such a way that you don’t know who gave them to you, like if the roses are left for you or delivered without a note, this could symbolize that you are not aware of everything going on in your relationship life. You might suspect that something is up, and you may be frustrated that people are not communicating openly.

However, not all secrets are bad secrets. A dream of someone giving you roses anonymously could symbolize that you have more people on your side than you think. This may be a really inspiring dream if you are struggling with making a decision that you expect will be unpopular.

Dream of a wilted rose

If you dream of a rose that is wilted or dead, this could symbolize that you feel like the life has drained out of a significant relationship of yours. In some cases, a dream like this might be a warning you receive in time to work to revive the relationship. In other situations, it may mean that you are holding on to a relationship that you need to release.

Dream of a rose of a particular color

Dreaming of a rose of a specific color may combine the dream symbolism of that color with the general dream symbolism of a rose. Some colors of roses have also picked up unique cultural associations over the years.

Dream of red rose

Dream of red rose

Of all the colors of roses, red roses are the most romantic. If you are trying to determine whether your feelings toward someone else – or their feelings toward you – are friendly or romantic, a dream of red roses could show you are aware on some level that there is a romantic vibe going on.

Red also symbolizes passion and nature. If there’s not a specific person you are considering romance with at the moment, a dream of red roses might just symbolize that you are taking a more sensuous approach to life in general than you have in the past.

Dream of white rose

Dream of white rose

The symbolism of the color white includes innocence and purity. Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD) notes that white roses have similar meaning. Dreaming of a white rose could therefore symbolize an innocent kind of love that is perhaps more spiritual than physical.

Dream of pink rose

Dream of pink rose

The purity of white and the raw intensity of red can each be overwhelming in their own way. Fortunately, pink, a red softened by white, combines the best of both worlds. Dreaming of a pink rose could therefore symbolize that you have feelings for someone, but in a manageable way that is not likely to throw your life into upheaval.

FTD also notes that pink roses have a cultural association with gratitude and admiration. Dreaming of pink roses could therefore symbolize that those positive feelings are present in one of your relationships.

Dream of black rose

Dream of black rose

Venus ET Fleur reports that black roses, which are very rare in nature, are really a dark shade of purple or red. However, they have the intense symbolism of the color black. Black roses can refer to love affairs that are doomed or have a tragic component. They have even been used by the Sicilian mafia to signify approaching murders.

Dreaming of a black rose could therefore symbolize that there is something dark going on in one of your relationships. You may still want to continue the relationship if you feel like you are learning something valuable from your experience, but be aware that you might not be able to make this situation into one of sweetness and light.

Dream of yellow rose

Dream of yellow rose

The color yellow is friendly and youthful. A yellow rose therefore symbolizes friendship and caring.

Yellow can also be a warning, as in yellow traffic lights or yellow flags in sports. Perhaps a dream of a yellow rose could mean that trying to turn a friendship romantic would not end well.


Most of the symbolic associations roses have are good ones, so your dream of a rose may be a positive omen. However, as every rose has its thorn, your rose dream could also potentially alert you to a problem you have in a relationship.