Raw Tiger’s Eye Buyer’s Guide

It is fairly known in itself that gemstones are not extracted from the earth as they are; they are found in the form of ores, just like many metals. And, from these ores, gemstones can be obtained rather profitably. But not everyone shares the same taste. Many individuals are fond of these gemstones when they are in their unfinished state. And there is nothing wrong with that, seeing as these raw gemstones are just as beneficial to a person as the finished and polished ones are.

Top 3 Products

9Dzine Natural Crystals Raw Stones, Rough Stones for Reiki Stones Healing, Vastu

  • This blue tiger’s eye stone is known to be quite a popular one-of-a-kind in Asian countries.
  • This raw tiger’s eye stone is primarily known for its healing capabilities, which can easily be projected over the user of the stone.
  • These are the raw gemstones that can be put directly to use. These are optional to be processed through machines to make these effective.
  • While its appearance might be rougher than what one would expect, these raw gemstones are a great home decoration in themselves.
  • The raw Tiger’s eye is known to bring happiness, prosperity, and prosperity in the place where it is placed.

Aldomin Tiger Eye Healing Crystal Ring in Sterling Silver

  • This is an accessory made up of 100% naturally extracted tiger’s eye gemstone, with only one face polished to make it adaptable for the ring.
  • This ring is suited for the needs of both men and women.
  • The product is promoted with a customization feature, via which one can determine the quality of the Tiger’s eye gemstone that one wants to witness in his crystal ring.
  • This tiger’s eye crystal ring is a product that any person can use at any point in time, and it is good enough to be used at any place, office, parties, and festivities.
  • The band of the crystal ring is designed with 925 sterling silver to make the product non-reactive and non-allergic to the skin of the wearer.

SPS Gemstone Natural Tiger Eye Unpolished Rough Raw Stone for Reiki Healing Vastu Correction

  • This is a golden Tiger’s eye gemstone that is extracted from the gemstone reserved in India.
  • This type of raw gemstone is prominently known for boosting the positive energies that are contained within a specified region.
  • The stones are used for meditation, Vastu correction, evil cleansing, and healing.
  • The raw golden tiger’s eye gemstone is known for correcting the flaws that are instated within the region where the stones are placed by any means.
  • These can be placed at any location, office, home, or car, or be carried around with you, to keep on providing you with benefits.
  • These gemstones are used as they are and do not need to be polished to make them more bearable.

Raw Tiger’s Eye Buyer’s Guide

Raw Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

These are the Tiger’s eye gemstones that can directly be brought into use right after these have been extracted, without going through the intense processes of refining and mechanized cleansing. These gemstones are just similar to precious metallic ores. Just like these ores, the raw gemstones are not needed to be cleaned and treated to a perfect degree. Instead, these can be brought into use just the way these are.

Colour of the Tiger’s Eye Gemstones

The color of the tiger’s eye gemstones ranges greatly between golden and reddish-brown. These gemstones are specifically found in metamorphic rocks.

The time for which the gemstones are being compressed within the said rocks and the nature of the rocks are the fundamental factors that dictate the colour of the tiger’s eye gemstone. And the same stands true for most gemstones.

Availability of the Raw Tiger’s Eye gemstone

Although the tiger’s eye gemstone can not be found just about anywhere, it would be an overstatement to state that it is a rare commodity in itself. However, there are dozens of sites and mines all around the world from which these gemstones can be extracted conveniently and profitably. Many of these sites are found in Eastern Asia, Africa, and South American countries. India, too has mined available from which these gemstones can be extracted.

Price of Raw Tiger’s Eye gemstone

Contrary to what one might be inclined to believe, there is not much difference in the prices of the gemstones in their polished and refined form and their raw form. The main contributing factor to this is the fact that both types of gemstones are fairly popular among individuals. Besides, no particular benefit or effect is received by a user who uses a polished gemstone compared to the person that has a raw one.

What does a Raw Tiger’s Eye gemstone stand for?

The tiger’s eye gemstone, in its entirety, stands for the mental and spiritual strengthening of a being. The gemstone is capable of providing a person with strength and courage that will help push the person forward in his life both physically as well as mentally. The central theme of the tiger’s eye gemstone revolves around the spiritual concept. These gemstones are capable of nourishing the soul of a person, and that too in more ways than just one.

Raw Tiger’s Eye Gemstone and the Zodiac Signs

Raw tiger’s eye gemstones have proven to be extremely helpful to a certain set of individuals. These mainly constitute the individuals that have Gemini and Leo as their Zodiac signs. This correlation between the two is true because both the said zodiac signs have the Sun and Mars as their dominating planets. And the tiger’s eye gemstones are known to be rechargeable by using sunlight as a medium. Therefore, these gemstones are extremely effective for this group of individuals.

Elements and the Raw Tiger’s Eye Gemstones

Tiger’s eye gemstones are extracted from metamorphic rocks. The gemstones are formed after being compressed within the said rocks under high pressure and temperature for extended periods. And that is precisely where the concept of dominating elements of the gemstones comes from. These gemstones mainly symbolize the earth and the fire attributed to a person. The primary reason is that they are extracted from the ground and that they adapt to higher temperatures.

How to use the Raw tiger’s eye gemstones?

Raw tiger’s eye gemstones can be used similarly to polished gemstones used. These can be placed in homes, offices, cars, or the halls of a house. The main idea behind this placement is to nourish the area with the positive energies that are imbued within the tiger’s eye gemstones. In addition, many individuals like to carry raw gemstones around with them. This is done specifically to ward off all the negative energies and evils that might be around them at any instance.

Physical characteristics of Raw Tiger’s Eye Gemstones

In their way, the raw gemstones are even more magnificent when compared to the gemstones when they are given a proper finishing. Raw gemstones have a rough look, but one can never classify them as unsightly or ugly. It will only be reported as something that comes as close to the pretext of classic as something can be. There is no wonder why many people love to place these raw gemstones out in open spaces like house halls and office tables. These things leave quite a lasting impression on others.

Cleansing of Raw Tiger’s Eye Gemstones

To maintain the original characteristics of the gemstone, no intense cleansing practices are performed over the said gemstone. Instead of giving it a good finish to make it seem polished, the raw gemstones are placed in distilled water and then rinsed thoroughly to cleanse those.

Charging the Raw Tiger’s Eye Gemstones

Several ways can be used if you want to charge your raw tiger’s eye gemstones. However, the lot’s most effective will be placing the raw gemstones underground for 7 to 8 hours. Or you can use sunlight or moonlight to charge the positive energy of the raw gemstones. In many cases, individuals just place the gemstones in a jar full of mineral salts. The salts are known to be a rather good recharger for gemstones. There is also the possibility of using the fore element to charge the gemstone, but that does not work for every Keystone, seeing as some might get damaged because of it.

Many people are fond of things with a hint of classic to them. and, the same can be said when the context of gemstones arises. Many people are known to prefer raw gemstones compared to polished ones for this particular reason. But looking past the appearance, there is no difference between a raw gemstone and a finished one. Both of these are known to provide individuals with the same set of benefits. Both can be brought into use by any individual. And neither is known to have any side effects on the wearer in any way possible. What it all comes down to is the physical significance.