Peacock Dream Interpretation & Meaning

Peacock Dream

Dreaming about a peacock may be a happy, fresh and satisfying experience. If you wish to know about the particular meaning of seeing a peacock in your dream and how this animal is connected with your daily life, then this article will help you.

In the following sections, you will learn more about how to decipher peacock dreams.

Peacock Dream Summary

Symbolism of Peacocks

Gathering information about the symbolism of a peacock is essential for understanding the essence of the dream with precision. Symbolic associations attributed to peacocks provide reliable information about the meaning of your dream.

Peacocks are one of the most distinguished and fascinating birds in the world. These animals have caught people’s attention since time immemorial thanks to their colourful feathers and their gracious walk. As a symbol, they are usually connected with the desire of being the centre of attention and with successful endeavours.

General Peacock Dream Interpretation

There are some peacock dreams that happen more frequently than others. In the following sections, you will get to know more about recurring dreams people have about peacocks, along with their interpretations. Common peacock dreams explained in this article include:

  1. Dreams About Different Colored Peacocks
  2. Dreams About a Dead or Injured Peacock
  3. Dreams About a Peacock Spreading His Feathers

What Does the Symbolism of Peacocks Mean?

the Symbolism of Peacocks


Male peacocks blatantly spread their tail feathers for the entire world to notice their presence. They have poise, grace and a regal attitude that is expressed through their sophisticated bodily movements. This majestic bird is among the most exquisite creatures on Earth and this is the reason why peacocks are often associated with royalty and deities.

Peacocks symbolize confidence, pride, dignity and self-assurance. Dreaming about this animal is a sign that you have to be proud of who you are, be yourself unapologetically and be confident about your unique talents. This dream invites you to show off your true personality, but it also reminds you about the importance of being humble and modest.

When you dream about a peacock, you have to acknowledge that to be seen and recognized feels AWESOME. However, arrogance, vanity and narcissism are not the most desirable personality traits.  The peacock you see in your dream may signal that you care a lot about your physical appearance and your social status. You may need to focus your energy into more substantial qualities right now.

The tail feathers of the peacock look like eyes. The hidden symbolism of this characteristic may be that there are many eyes watching you. As a consequence, you should behave respectfully in social settings, but do not become an attention seeker or an entitled person.


In ancient Egypt, the peacock was linked to the worship of Horus, the all-seeing God. When the peacock fans out his feathers, you can see that they are covered by an abundance of eyes. These eyes have been interpreted as God’s vigilant watch over the order of the universe.

The eyes located in the peacocks’ feathers are also connected with the “third eye” or “inner eye”. The third eye is the connection that we have to our higher consciousness and it is placed in our forehead. When our third eye is open, our perception expands. Dreaming about a peacock could mean that you are now perceiving more subtleties than ever.

In Greek and Roman mythology, the peacocks’ tails were considered to be the “eyes” of the stars. Therefore, dreaming with these tails could signify that your intuition is higher thanks to the divine guidance of the planets.


The peacock is one of India’s national symbols. Krishna, the God of love, compassion, and tenderness, wears a peacock feather in his hair because it is a token of good luck. Keeping peacock feathers in the house as decoration is common practice in India for attracting prosperity.

Seeing a peacock in a dream could indicate imminent success. After observing this delightful bird in your dreams, you can buy a lottery ticket or do something that you were afraid of doing. The odds will be in your favor.

Prosperity and abundance are promised when you see a peacock in your dreams. However, if you dream about an injured peacock, or you experience fear when you are close to this bird, the dream may have a negative connotation. Such a dream could suggest that you may have issues with being successful or that you might be scared of embracing your full potential. This type of dream is trying to stop you from going in circles or self-sabotaging yourself.

If you have a peacock tattoo or if you are wearing jewelry featuring a peacock in the dream, this image signals contentment and prestige. At this moment, you are satisfied with your career choices and you are not afraid of displaying your achievements publicly. Recognition does not make you uncomfortable.


In India, the symbolism of peacocks is not only related with good luck, but also with spirituality and immortality. Images of peacocks used to decorate gardens and temples.

There are many works of art that depict Hindu Gods riding peacocks. These animals were seen as a symbol of transfiguration and healing. It was believed that the bird swallowed the poison of a snake and, instead of dying, this event caused the emergence of his colorful feathers. Besides, people believed that using the feathers and flesh of these animals was a medicine to cure different illnesses.

Alchemical traditions saw this bird as a symbol of rebirth very similar to the phoenix. If you dream about a peacock, this could mean that you are ready to undergone a crucial transformation in your life.

Peacock Dream Interpretations

Dreams About Different Colored Peacocks

Different Colored Peacocks

The color of the peacock in your dream changes the way in which the presence of this bird should be interpreted.

White peacocks are a symbol of renewal and realization. They could represent being aware of some personality traits that are not positive. For example, if you dream about a white peacock you may have noticed that you have been very proud and arrogant, and that now it’s time to change your behavior. You may need to do some soul-searching in order to understand how others perceive you.

Dreaming about a black peacock may suggest that you are surrounded by envious people. Someone may be spreading rumors about you. The black peacock indicates that you have to protect yourself and be more reserved about what you are doing and what you have already accomplished.

The appearance of purple peacocks in a dream symbolize wealth and royalty. These animals are a good omen that signals the fact that monetary rewards are going to manifest in your existence.

Pink peacocks are connected with a feeling of confidence and trust. If you dream about these birds, you may feel at ease with your life in general. Everything around you seems to be falling into place and you may have reached an important milestone.

Dreams About a Dead or Injured Peacock

a Dead or Injured Peacock

If you dream about a dead or injured peacock, this is usually not a good omen.

When a harmed or death peacock appears in your dreams, this could be interpreted as a warning sign about your finances. You could experience some financial setbacks, so it is a good idea to start saving and cutting expenses. Get your finances in order and you should be fine.

Another meaning of dreaming about a dead or injured peacock is that there could be misunderstandings in your personal relationships. Someone may have hurt your feelings or you may have been disrespectful without even realizing it. This dream is an invitation for you to have an honest conversation in order to improve the mood in your social circle.

Dreams About a Peacock Spreading His Feathers

a Peacock Spreading His Feathers

The most prominent feature that male peacocks display are their tail feathers. Dreaming that you are a peacock or that you are human with this plumage is an indication that you have to go after what you want. This is the right moment to take a leap of faith in order to accomplish your dreams.

If you see a peacock spreading his feathers in the dream, this action may suggest that somebody will have the intention to betray your trust. This person may be someone from your work environment or your family. It could be someone who wants to undermine your success and who talks behind your back. Be extra careful in your waking life.

Peacocks displaying a loose tail are also a symbol of deceit. Someone close to you may be lying and this situation may affect you directly. Pay attention to the information you share and try thinking before speaking. Remember that even the walls have ears.


Dreams about peacocks are colorful, optimistic, and memorable. People usually wake up feeling determined, renewed, and powerful after dreaming about peacocks. When analyzed, the dreams involving these glorious birds can help you in your waking life. These dreams are a reminder for you that you have to show your talents, believe in yourself, and trust that you have what it takes to achieve your goals.