What Is the Dream Meaning of a Parrot?

What Is the Dream Meaning of a Parrot?

It is amazing that parrots can learn to talk in the way humans do at all, even if they may only be able to manage a few simple phrases. However, the message of seeing a parrot in your dream might be deeper than, “Polly want a cracker?”

Parrot Dream Summary

Parrot Dream Symbolism

A parrot is a type of bird, so general bird dream symbolism such as freedom, information, and cleverness could be relevant to interpreting your parrot dream. Parrots are often especially colorful birds, so the parrot’s color in your dream might be relevant to the interpretation.

One thing many parrots can do that most other birds can’t is to imitate human speech, as described by Mental Floss. The symbolism of a parrot dream might therefore focus on this attribute of parrots.

A dream of a talking parrot might mean that you are too deferential to authority figures as you parrot whatever they have told you. Alternately, it could mean that someone you wouldn’t expect is observing and perhaps also sharing information you thought was private.

Common Parrot Dreams

  1. Dream of a talking parrot
  2. Dream of a parrot of a particular color

Parrot Dream Symbolism

Parrot Dream Symbolism


Parrots are known for their intelligence. They can be taught to speak the language of the humans who keep them – or they might just pick it up on their own!

Dreaming of a parrot could therefore symbolize that someone in your life is smarter than you give them credit for. Your parrot dream might alternately comment on your own intelligence, especially if you are working to learn a new language or skill.


Parrots are often kept as pets, so a dream of a parrot may reference the dynamic of dependence inherent in any situation of pet ownership. Especially if your dream shows a parrot in a cage, it could also symbolize a situation where you feel like your circumstances do not allow you to achieve to your highest potential.


A challenge of keeping a pet parrot is that they can live a long time, perhaps even outliving you. The Spruce Pets reports that the lifespan of pet parrots varies by species, but it can be as high as 75 years for some larger birds. Getting a pet parrot might therefore be a decision you make not only for yourself, but also for your children, who may have to care for your parrot after you die.

A parrot dream could therefore reference either the good or the bad aspects of longevity. On the good side, longevity can be associated with tradition, commitment, and institutional memory. On the bad side, it is easy to get stuck in doing things the way you have always done them, even if a different approach might suit the present moment better.


Parrots just look cool. Dreaming of a parrot with bright, eye-catching colors could symbolize that you are getting noticed for your looks or your achievements. This may be the nudge you need to enjoy the experience more confidently, especially if your parrot dream has a positive emotional atmosphere. However, if your parrot dream feels uncomfortable, it might suggest you are trying too hard to get attention.


Depictions of pirates in popular culture often show them with pet parrots, and Atlas Obscura reports that this actually has some basis in fact. Dreaming of a parrot could therefore symbolize that you are drawn to things that are a bit edgy. You may desire more excitement than you presently have in your life.

Common Parrot Dreams

Dream of a talking parrot

Interpreting a dream of a talking parrot could go in a few different directions. It might simply show that you are impressed with the intelligence of someone in your life. Perhaps you are surprised by how smart your child is, and you are wondering how to guide your child given that.

However, pet parrots mostly say the phrases their owners teach them. The term “parroting” can be used derisively to refer to people who uncritically repeat things that authority figures have told them instead of thinking for themselves. A dream of a talking parrot that has a negative emotional atmosphere could refer to a situation of this sort in your life.

Pet parrots can also repeat sayings of their owners that the owners wish they wouldn’t repeat. The Lineup shares several stories of parrots who witnessed crimes and later repeated dialogue they heard while the crimes were being committed, providing valuable tips to investigators. In this context, dreaming of a talking parrot could symbolize that your secrets aren’t as safe as you think they are.

Dream of a parrot of a particular color

Dreaming of a parrot of a particular color could combine parrot dream symbolism with the dream symbolism of that color.

Blue parrot dream meaning

Blue parrot dream meaning

The color blue is associated with communication and intelligence. Communication and intelligence are also big parts of parrot dream symbolism, so dreaming of a blue parrot could emphasize these aspects of parrot dream symbolism.

Green parrot dream meaning

Green parrot dream meaning

The color green is associated with love and relationships. Dreaming of a green parrot could therefore symbolize that communication is an important part of building a relationship for you now.

Red parrot dream meaning

Red is an attention-getting color that is hard to ignore, like on a red traffic light. A red parrot in your dream could therefore emphasize the part of parrot dream symbolism that has to do with attracting attention to yourself.


Parrots are exciting creatures, both for their looks and for their intelligence. Your parrot dream might explore your feelings about getting noticed for these qualities.

You may be proud of your achievements and enjoy receiving recognition for them. However, you might alternately feel self-conscious, or like people are exploiting you for your skills.

You could also be worried that you will only get the approval of your audience if you parrot what you think they want to hear. Remember, though, that parrots are appealing because they are a bit edgy!