Panda Symbolism and Meaning

Panda Meaning and Symbolism

A panda bear is distinguished by its black and white fur. Because of its unique feature, most people think that this bear is adorable. Aside from that, this animal is also non-threatening; however, it is a mighty creature, especially for the Chinese people. In fact, it has a lot of symbolic meanings that are based on its characteristics. To give you a better view, here are the meaning and symbolism of a panda.

Panda Animal Meaning

Personal Boundaries

A panda bear is a territorial animal, and it likes its personal space. For this reason, this adorable animal can represent personal boundaries. In fact, as a spirit animal, a panda teaches you the importance of having your territory or personal space where you can relax and enjoy yourself. By having one, your life will have more balance and harmony.

Slow Progress and Gentle Strength

As mentioned, a panda is a large and mighty creature, but it is gentle. As such, this animal can symbolize gentle strength.

Aside from that, a panda is also a slow-moving animal. Even so, it can achieve its goals because it possesses determination. Because of this trait, a panda can remind you that even though your progress is slow, you can achieve your goals as long as you’re moving forward.

Peace and Tranquility

Pandas have a lot of positive meanings. For instance, it can stand for peace, tranquility, and positive outcomes.

Aside from those meanings, this animal can also symbolize diplomacy and friendship. In fact, Chinese diplomats would usually give a panda to friendly countries as a sign of friendship, unity, and peace. Today, they still practice this custom; however, pandas are not given anymore. Instead, the animal is rented for some time.

In some cultures, panda motifs are used to encourage and promote peace and harmony among the people. Some also use this adorable animal to represent one’s hope of a good outcome.

Good Fortune and Prosperity

As mentioned, pandas are associated with good things, such as prosperity and good fortune. Additionally, this creature reminds you to keep positive thoughts even in difficult situations.

A panda is also a symbol of abundance because it patiently waits for bamboo trees to grow. Once the tree has grown, the animal will have abundant food to eat and enjoy. Some cultures also believe that a panda can bring abundance to their lives.

Joy and Positivity

Pandas are playful creatures. They may seem lazy, but they are playful in nature. They also love to hug and cuddle. As such, it is not surprising to see little pandas hug their zookeepers. Because of these traits, a panda can also symbolize warmness, love, devotion, and nurturing.

Panda Animal Symbolism

Panda Animal Symbolism


Pandas are native to China. In this country, this animal is valued, wherein it is considered a symbol of harmony, peace, and friendship. Throughout the history of China, the panda has played a major role, and it is often a gift to royalty.

Aside from those meanings, the black and white color of the panda is also associated with the Yin and Yang energy and other positive things.

Panda as a Totem Animal

Panda as a Totem Animal

People who have a panda as their totem animal are solitary, meaning they prefer their own space where no one can disturb them. Even if you are a sociable person, you still value your personal space where you can relax and recharge your batteries.

Panda people also love nature, and they like spending their time in the wilderness. By being with nature, they are able to relax and unwind. Additionally, they have a strong impact on the environment.

Individuals with a panda as their totem animal are sensitive, especially to their surroundings. Additionally, they can feel the energy of their surroundings and those that are emitted by other people.

Panda people don’t like conflict. In fact, they rarely fight or quarrel. As much as possible, they avoid conflict and turn their backs when provoked.

Unfortunately, panda people are prone to taking on a lot of responsibilities that they can’t handle. As such, your totem animal is asking you to take one task or project at a time. Remember, taking more than you can handle may lead to several mistakes.

Overall, those with a panda as their totem animal are shy, but they are also loving and warmhearted. It is natural for them to love and be loved.

What Does It Mean to Encounter a Panda?

What Does It Mean to Encounter a Panda?

When a panda appears in your life, it usually means that the Universe is reminding you that your life needs balance. Additionally, it could also signify that you need to declutter and clear the negativity in your life. Through this, you can establish balance and order.

Aside from that, an encounter with a panda is also a reminder that you need to devote more time to yourself. It is the Universe’s way of letting you know that you need to take care of or nurture yourself. If you are having some trouble, it could also mean that peace is coming your way.

Another meaning of a panda encounter is that the Universe is calling to start charity work. It could also mean that you need to retreat and develop your spirituality. Aside from that, the appearance of a panda can also mean that you should focus on the positive things in your life and grateful for them. By doing this, you will attract more blessings.

Finally, a panda encounter can also mean that you should confront the issues you’ve been avoiding. You have to deal with them before they get out of control.

Panda Dream Interpretations

Panda Dream Interpretations

Keep in mind that most dreams about pandas have positive meanings; however, some may have negative interpretations, depending on the other factors in your dream. For instance, if you dream about a panda eating leaves, it may mean that your body needs some nourishment. As such, you should ask yourself if you’re eating healthy foods or balanced meals.

A dream about a panda cuddling or hugging another panda is a representation of your gentle and caring personality. It could also signify that you have already found balance in your life. Finally, this dream is also a sign that the communication between you, your family, and your friends will improve.