Money Dream Meanings & Interpretation

Money Dream

If you have been having dreams about money, then you probably want to know what it means. Sadly, dreaming about money is usually symbolic of something else, and it doesn’t usually mean that you will be finding a stack of money in real life! To find out the hidden meanings behind your money dreams, you will need to understand money symbolism and how that relates to the context of your dreams.

Money Dream Summary

Money Symbolism

Money is a symbol of status, wealth, success, and maybe even happiness for many people. Those who have an abundance of money are presumed as having a fulfilled life, and so money, therefore, becomes a symbol of something that is important and something that we want. Therefore, money in dreams most commonly represents these themes relating to power and success.

Common Money Dreams

As money is something that features highly in all of our lives, it’s no surprise that it crops up often in our dreams. Common dreams about money include:

  1. Dreams About Finding Coins
  2. Dreams About Finding Gold Bars
  3. Dreams About Finding Paper Money
  4. Dreams About Finding Foreign Currency
  5. Dreams About Finding Stolen Money
  6. Dreams About Finding Money in Mud
  7. Dreams About Picking Money Up Off the Ground
  8. Dreams About Losing Money
  9. Dreams About Spending Money
  10. Dreams About Seeing Money Exchange Hands
  11. Dreams About Receiving Money
  12. Dreams About Loaning Out Money
  13. Dreams About Stealing Money
  14. Dreams About Counting Money
  15. Dreams About Being Rich
  16. Dreams About Winning Money

What Does the Symbolism of Money Mean?

Symbolism of Money Mean


Having money in a capitalist society is aligned with having power. Therefore, it’s easy to see how money in a dream could easily be used as a symbol of power. Symbolism is about an object being representative of something else, so if you dream of money, your dream may actually not be about power in terms of wealth but about power in a relationship or power over your feelings.


In real life, generally, the more money you have, the more opportunity you have. Money in dreams can, therefore, be symbolic of opportunity. This doesn’t necessarily have to relate to opportunities that represent monetary gain, such as job opportunities, but it could be symbolic of any type of opportunities in your life, or even a lack of opportunity if your dream is about having a lack of money.


Being wealthy can be linked to having a lot of self-worth and self-confidence, and therefore money can be representative of these traits. If you have a lot of money in your dream, it can mean that you feel confident in yourself and your abilities, while trying to find money might mean you’re away from a lack of self-confidence, and you want to find a way to resolve that.


Money can be symbolic of luck because often, people who have a lot of money are perceived as being lucky. If you come into money in your dream, then this might be indicative of how you are feeling lucky in real life, or it might be a premonition that something good is waiting for you around the corner.


Rich people are, for the most part, considered as being successful. They may have worked hard and had success in their specific area in order to achieve great wealth, or they may have successfully operated a family business. If you associate having money with having success, then the money in your dream may be symbolic of success.

Object of Value

Money is obviously, for most people, considered to be something of great value. In fact, money is the reason that most people work, in order to achieve a standard of living they are happy with, and enable them to do the things they want in their life. Therefore, money is considered very valuable. The money in your dream may signify something else in your life that you treasure and put great value on. This might be another object, or it could even be a person or pet who you hold very dearly.

Specific Money Dream Interpretations

Dreams About Finding Coins

Finding Coins

Finding coins in your dream suggests that you are happy and healthy in your life and that good things are coming your way. Unexpectedly finding coins in your dreams can point to something positive unexpectedly happening to you in your waking life. If the coins are gold, then this is especially positive, and it represents satisfaction. This might point to how you currently feel in your life, or it may suggest that something satisfying will soon happen to you. Finding coins in your dreams also indicates that you are making good decisions in your life in order to keep progressing in the right direction.

Dreams About Finding Gold Bars

Finding Gold Bars

If you dream about finding gold bars, this suggests you need to give yourself the credit you deserve. It might be that you have been giving yourself a hard time lately, and this dream indicates that you deserve a pat on the back or that you need to be kinder to yourself.

Dreams About Finding Paper Money

Finding Paper Money

Finding paper money in your dream is symbolic of finding richness in your waking life. It is possible that this points to financial richness, but it could also be representative of being rich with happiness, with love, or with opportunity. The condition of the paper money in your dream is important, as this can lead to different interpretations.

While coins or gold bars can not be easily damaged or destroyed, paper money is quite vulnerable in that it could be easily ripped, burnt, or harmed in another way. This can mean that finding paper money in your dream, as opposed to coins or gold, can indicate the impermanence of your success or wealth. If the money in your dream was wrinkled or in poor condition, this suggests that you need to tread carefully in your waking life because your success is vulnerable. Finding paper money in a clean and crisp condition suggests the opposite.

Dreams About Finding Foreign Currency

Finding Foreign Currency

If you dream about finding foreign money, this indicates that you are putting in a lot of effort in an area in your life, but your hard work is not paying off, and you feel as though you are receiving nothing in return. This might literally translate to feeling as though you are not being adequately financially compensated in your job and that you may need to ask for a pay rise or consider looking for a different job. However, the money can be representative of something else, and it may point to you feeling as though you are not getting the recognition you deserve. This could be at work, or maybe even at home.

Finding foreign currency is essentially finding money that you cannot spend, and as money can be symbolic of luck, this might suggest that you are feeling unlucky in life. Being in ownership of money you can’t spend is also pointless, and so this dream can be interpreted as meaning that you feel undervalued and underappreciated, in the same way, that foreign currency has no value to you. You could use this dream as motivation to show your worth in real life and make sure it is noticed.

Dreams About Finding Stolen Money

Finding Stolen Money

The circumstances of this dream and how you respond to finding stolen money are important in understanding how to best interpret it. If you keep possession of the stolen money, then this suggests you are taking risks in real life that are making you worried and anxious. You might be involving yourself with people who you know are trouble, or you might be making decisions that you know could come back to haunt you at a later date. The way that you felt in the dream is usually a reflection of how you felt in real life. If you felt frightened of being caught with stolen money, then this suggests you are frightened of being caught in real life. It might be that you have lied and are worried you will be found out, or maybe you have taken some actions you regret and are fearful of those close to you knowing what you did.

Hiding stolen money points to you hiding a part of yourself or hiding your past from your loved ones and being worried about them finding out who you really are. If you felt confident and justified in keeping the stolen money, then this suggests you feel that you are owed something in real life. If you handed in the stolen money, you found then this can be interpreted as you being ready to come clean about a situation in your real life, or it can be a sign that you are ready to turn over a new leaf and break your bad habits. You may also be breaking ties with somebody you know is a bad influence on you, which is shown by your willingness to hand in the stolen money.

Dreams About Finding Money in Mud

Finding Money in Mud

If you find money in the mud or on dirty ground in your dream, this is indicative of you making poor or dangerous choices in your waking life. Finding money that is dirty suggests you are putting yourself in a position where you could get in trouble with the authorities. Finding money in mud can point to other worries you have with people in a position of power. For example, you may be in trouble with your boss or have a meeting with the school principal that you are feeling anxious about. Having to clean dirty money in your dream suggests that you are having to cover up your mistakes or lying in order to protect yourself or others.

Dreams About Picking Money Up Off the Ground

Finding money on the ground in your dream and subsequently picking it up is your dream’s way of telling you to take a step back. The ground is symbolic of the beginning, and the money represents wealth, opportunity, or power. The dream, therefore, is suggesting that in order to have success, you need to go back to where you started. The ground can also suggest that you need to ground yourself. Maybe you have gotten out of touch with reality or become too big for your boots. Use this dream to help get yourself pointed in the right direction for you to achieve success in your life.

Dreams About Losing Money

If you dream about losing money, then this will almost certainly be accompanied by negative feelings such as anxiety, despair, or hopelessness. If you dream about losing your wallet or purse and spend your dream frantically searching for it, then this suggests that you feel your life is spiraling out of control, and you are losing power over your life or over a certain situation. Losing money can symbolize a loss of something important to you in real life, and it is therefore common to dream about losing money when a loved one dies or when a relationship ends. Money often represents somebody or something that is valuable to us, and therefore losing money in a dream reflects the feeling of loss we are feeling in real life.

Losing money in a dream can also point to a lack of control over being able to provide for yourself or your family. Money is how we put food on the table and a roof over our head, so if you lose money in your dream, it might suggest that you are worried about being able to provide a safe and comfortable space in that your family can thrive. Losing money might also point to you having made a bad decision in the past that you are worried about. If you eventually find the lost money in your dream, then this suggests that there is a way for you to turn around your current situation and that all is not lost.

Dreams About Spending Money

Spending Money

If you dream about spending money, this is a sign that you are feeling confident, capable, and powerful in your waking life. Getting to a checkout with a large basket of items to purchase can make you feel important and powerful, and this is reflective of how you feel in real life. The items you are spending your money on can also alter how your dream can be interpreted. For example, if you are shopping for new clothes, it could suggest that you are trying to change your appearance, which you want a new identity, or that you are uncomfortable with how you look. If you go on a big shopping spree in your dream, then this suggests you are on the hunt for new ideas or new opportunities. If you are torn in your dream between spending your money on two different items, then this represents a difficult decision you are facing in your waking life, such as moving to a new area or starting a new relationship.

Dreams About Seeing Money Exchange Hands

Seeing Money Exchange Hands

If you witness other people exchanging money in your dream, then this indicates feelings of jealousy. Watching other people swap a valuable commodity suggests that you feel left out and are not feeling appreciated for your role. It might be that you feel like an outsider in a group of friends, and they don’t consider your feelings as much as you would like, or maybe you have been overlooked for a promotion you feel you deserved. This dream is a reflection of how you are feeling in waking life, and it should urge you to address the problem in order to resolve it. If you are being overlooked, it might be that you need to make some noise so that you can be heard.

Dreams About Receiving Money

Dreaming about receiving money can suggest you need help in your waking life. It may be that you need advice or support, or even a sign of encouragement from the universe. The fact that you accept money in your dream shows that you are open and willing to accept new opportunities into your life and that this will lead to good fortune. The person who gives you money in the dream is important, as this may help you to decode the interpretation of your dream.

A teacher giving you money might indicate that the money represents knowledge or wisdom, while a parent giving you money is more likely to suggest that the money represents love. If you are struggling to make a decision in your waking life, then this dream is telling you that you need to seek out some help in making your decision or take advice from someone you trust.

Dreams About Loaning Out Money

Dreaming about loaning your money to someone can be interpreted in different ways depending on who the recipient was and how it made you feel. If you were lending money to a child or vulnerable person, then this suggests you are worried about somebody in your life and their ability to cope on their own. This dream can be interpreted as meaning you want to offer your help to that person.

If you loaned money to somebody who you knew would not use it wisely, and this made you feel frustrated or angry, then this suggests there is somebody in your life who is using you or abusing their position as your friend. It might be that you are being taken advantage of or that you feel somebody is out to hurt you. Use this dream as a warning to be more cautious in your waking life with who you trust and who you give your time and energy to.

Dreams About Stealing Money

Stealing Money

If you have dreamt about stealing money, this suggests you are making dangerous decisions in your waking life. If the dream left, you feeling anxious and scared, then this is indicative of you having second thoughts about your recent behavior. Maybe you have made a bad decision, and you are worried about the ramifications of it. However, if stealing money made you feel excited and powerful, then this suggests you need to be bolder in your waking life and make some brave moves in order to achieve success. Though stealing money may have worked out well in your dream, this does not suggest you should steal money in your real life, and instead is symbolic of you needing to be more confident in your decision making.

Dreams About Counting Money

Counting Money

Counting money in your dreams usually happens when you are at a crossroads in your life. Counting money is representative of you assessing where you are in life and if it is enough for you. Maybe, if you don’t count as much money as you would like, it means you want to seek out a new challenge or try to find something that offers you more fulfillment. If the pile of money you are counting is small, this might reflect feelings of unfairness.

You may have been turned down for a job you felt you deserved, or maybe you were blamed for a deal going badly that wasn’t your fault. The way that counting the money makes you feel in your dream is usually the best indicator of successfully understanding the meaning of the dream.

Dreams About Winning Money

Winning Money

Winning money in your dream is a good sign, though it doesn’t usually point to a financial windfall in real life. Dreaming about winning money means you are feeling content and confident and that things are running smoothly in your life. These dreams can indicate that good fortune is coming your way, such as landing a new job or meeting a new partner.


Dreams about money can have very different meanings depending on the circumstances within the dream and what money represents to you. Learning to interpret your money dreams can help you to navigate the decisions you make in your life and enable you to feel more secure.

Money Dream Meanings & Interpretation