Mockingbird Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Mockingbird Dream

Mockingbirds are fascinating creatures who can mimic the sounds of hundreds of other birds, insects, critters, and even manmade sounds like car alarms. There are many different species of mockingbird, with the Northern Mockingbird (mimus polyglottos) being claimed as the state bird by five different U.S. states: Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Florida. That should provide some indication just how popular these feathered friends are.

Read on to find out what they mean when they turn up in our dreams.

Mockingbird Dream Summary

Mockingbird Symbolism

The mockingbird as a character is rich in symbolism as both a performer and a listener, an authentic voice and an imposter, and as a symbol of innocence as well as a fierce defender of home and family. It is their natural characteristics combined with symbolism derived from literature that bestows these character traits upon the archetypal mockingbird. It is this archetypal bird which visits your dreams, communes with your unconscious, and has a message meant for you, not any one particular bird. It may be helpful to remember that when dealing with dreams, we are in the world of symbols and therefore of archetypes.

There is nothing concrete when interpreting dreams, but there are sympathetic vibrations that resonate with each other. Watch out for those as you proceed through our examples.

Common Mockingbird Dreams

If you are attempting to find the meaning in a dream that featured a mockingbird in some way, you may gain some insight into your dream by reading the analysis provided here. This article looks at a few common mockingbird dreams and provides one or more options for how they might be interpreted. Depending on your situation and the contextual clues in your dream, the meaning of the bird may vary slightly. However, by studying the way the mockingbird’s message is decoded in the following dreams, you may also be able to begin teasing apart the message in your own mockingbird dream.

  1. Dreams about a mockingbird singing
  2. Dreams about a mockingbird feeding its young
  3. Dreams about being a mockingbird
  4. Dreams about the death of a mockingbird
  5. Dreams about a mockingbird hatching
  6. Dreams about a mockingbird flying

What Do Mockingbirds Symbolize?

Mockingbirds Symbolize


Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word mockingbird is Harper Lee’s bestselling book, To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s an American classic novel that most school children must read sooner or later. In the book, the bird is a symbol of innocence as it is said to have never harmed anyone, but because it sings it provides joy to all. Therefore, Jeb was told, it would be wrong to kill it. Tom Robinson, a black man who was on trial, was also seen as innocent. When someone takes the life of an innocent, they are said to have killed a mockingbird.

Lack of Authenticity

Due to their frequent mimicry of other species, mockingbirds are often thought of as not having any authentic voice of their own. It’s not true, however. Scientists have discovered that mockingbirds to have their own unique songs in addition to the many songs of other birds, sounds of other species, and even non-organic sounds they learn to mimic. Nevertheless, the long-held belief is still deeply embedded in the human psyche and as such, is still fair game for the language of dreams. So, if you come across a mockingbird in your dreams, remember it could be calling you to be more authentic or to sing with your one true voice.

Role Models & Learning Through Imitation

One of the less obvious symbols that mockingbirds can represent is the concept of mimicry as a method of learning. It therefore points to the value of parenting and role modeling good behaviors because it reminds us that we are constantly being watched and mimicked. So, if you see mockingbirds suddenly in your dreams, it could be that your role models are suddenly disappointing you or that you are aware you’re not living up to your best self. On the other hand, maybe the mockingbird in your dream represents someone who imitates you and is looking to you for guidance. In that case, the bird could be saying you’re not being the best role model you could be for those who look up to you.

Defense of Home & Family

One quality about mockingbirds that isn’t well-known is that they are fierce defenders of their nests, eggs, and babies. This quality might not be something our conscious minds recognize, but the unconscious mind knows it very well. Therefore, if you see a mockingbird in your dream behaving aggressively, consider whether it might be defending its home and family. This may help you determine who or what is being represented by the bird in your dream or make sense of its behavior.

Mockingbird Dream Interpretations

Dreams about a mockingbird singing

a mockingbird singing

Mockingbirds are celebrated for their ability to mimic sounds from the world around them. However, they do also have a song to sing that’s all their own, and they sing it when they have a mind to. In fact, mockingbirds are said to be the “song of the soul.” If you’re being visited in your dreams by a singing mockingbird, this is very special. It symbolizes innocence and authenticity because it’s using its own voice to sing rather than copying another creature’s sound. Perhaps it is singing the one true song of your soul, so you should listen in very close.

Dreams about a mockingbird feeding its young

a mockingbird feeding its young

A mockingbird in the midst of providing for its family can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. First, of course we see the strong family bond with this bird being exhibited once again, and that’s worth taking a look at. If there are other elements in your dream that point to this bird being a sign of parenting or role modeling, then you may be right to go with that interpretation. On the other hand, this could also be about nurturing the innocence within or nurturing what’s young (or new) in your life. If you’ve recently started a project, it may be crying out for more attention. On the other hand, with the mockingbird as a symbol of innocence, consider what else comes to mind with that symbol and ask yourself whether you’ve been feeding it properly. This may help you find the meaning in your dream

Dreams about being a mockingbird

being a mockingbird

If you find yourself embodying a mockingbird in your dream, then your own emotions will be your best guide in determining which symbol to apply to the situation. The clearest answer may come from answering the question, “Did you feel authentic as the mockingbird?” If so, then this symbol may be representing the “song of the soul” aspect of the mockingbird archetype. Otherwise, perhaps it’s a reminder that you need to seek out and find your true inner voice.

Dreams about the death of a mockingbird

the death of a mockingbird

As mentioned earlier, to kill a mockingbird is to take the life of the innocent. Therefore, consider carefully whether the mockingbird that died in your dream may be pointing to the death of something innocent. It could be something that has happened, and your mind is trying to process it. Or it could be something that has not yet happened, and your intuition is trying to warn you about it. Take the time to decipher which of these it might be because in this case, the stakes are too high to be wrong.

Dreams about a mockingbird hatching

a mockingbird hatching

The birth of innocence is a marvelous thing to behold, even if it’s only in a dream. Consider that the baby mockingbird is probably just about the most innocent symbol imaginable, and then add the fact you witnessed its birth into this world. Are you giving birth to a similar project, relationship, job, or hobby? How did you feel as you watched the bird hatching? Does it help to clarify how it should feel to start something new and wonderful? If you’re getting a sense that one of these things is not like the other, it may be time to confront the handwriting on the wall.


Mockingbirds are beautiful creatures who make lovely contributions to the bird songs all around us. They are also incredibly intelligent animals who study their environments to replicate hundreds of different noises. Because of their notable and symbolic appearance in a famous American novel, mockingbirds have come to stand for a thing of innocence to many people around the world. Going back to the previous millennia, however, mockingbirds have been symbols of role modeling, good parenting, and finding your one true and authentic voice.

Mockingbird Dream Meaning & Interpretation