Lizard Dream Interpretation

Lizard Dream

Dreaming about a lizard could be a powerful and transcendental experience. If you wish to know more about the meaning of dreaming with lizards and how the presence of this animal is linked with your waking life, this article will be helpful.

In the following sections, you will get some information about the symbolism of lizard dreams.

Lizard Dream Summary

Symbolism of Lizards

Getting information about the symbolism of a lizard is necessary for understanding the meaning of a dream involving this type of reptile. Metaphoric meanings attributed to lizards provide accurate data about the nuances of your dream.

Lizards are one of the most common reptiles in the planet. There are different species of this animal and some of them are really scary. Even though the smaller lizards are not harmful, most humans tend to feel frightened when they see them. Observing a lizard crawling on the roof or the walls could make you feel disgusted or fearful. However, they do not carry negative connotations.

As a symbol, lizards are linked with movement, change and strength.

General Lizard Dream Interpretation

Some lizard dreams are more common than others. In the following sections, you will find out practical information about frequent dreams people have about lizards, along with their specific interpretations. Common lizard dreams mentioned in this article include:

  1. Dreams About Different Colored Lizards
  2. Dreams About Seeing a Lizard
  3. Dreams About Being Attacked by a Lizard

What Does the Symbolism of Lizards Mean?

the Symbolism of Lizards


Most lizards have four legs and move alternating their right and left limbs. Several species can run using two legs and some of them can even prop themselves up on their tail while they are motionless. Flying lizards can glide, geckos and chameleons are capable of adhering to vertical surfaces and basilisks run across water.

As you can see, the locomotion of lizards is varied and they are very resourceful. Thanks to these qualities, their symbolic meaning is connected with change and movement.

Seeing a lizard in a dream could suggest that you will move to a new location in the near future. You may want to move to a new city or country in order to find better life conditions and more opportunities. But you may be having a hard time letting go of your current existence.

Even though you may consciously be aware of the fact that you need a change and that moving to a different location is what you need to improve your life, you are still holding onto the past. The lizard in your dream is a sign that it’s time for you to move on and start a new life somewhere else.


Lizards balance the way they use their five senses depending on the habitat where they live. Skinks, for example, are usually covered by loose soil, so they rely heavily on touch and smell. Geckos make use of their acute vision to hunt and analyze the distance to their prey before attacking. Monitor lizards have sharp hearing, vision and smell senses.

Chameleons are capable of steering their eyes in different directions. These animals can see two non-overlapping fields of view at once! Iguanas and tuataras have a photo sensory organ on the top of their heads. This type of eye has a primal retina and its lens cannot form images. However, it is highly sensitive to changes in light and dark and it can also detect nearby movements. This feature helps these animals detect predators stalking them.

Lizards lack external ears. Instead, they possess a circular opening in which the eardrum can be seen. A lot of them rely on hearing for getting warnings about predators and they escape at the slightest sound. All lizards have a specialized smell system that they use to detect pheromones. Some of them can even transfer scents from the tip of their tongue to this smell system. In this situation, the tongue is used only gathering information and is not involved in the manipulation of food.

Since lizards have developed different acute senses, they represent intuition and inner wisdom. When you dream about this animal, your subconscious is trying to tell you to trust your gut, even if you don’t have “rational” evidence of what it is communicating to you.


These animals are very territorial. Male lizards fight off other males all the time! Aggressive behavior occurs between sexually mature male lizards over mates or land. This behavior may include posturing, biting, chasing and grappling.

Male lizards are capable of establishing and maintaining territories that have resources which attract females. Some of these resources are feeding, basking and nesting sites. They may also protect refuges from predators.

Some species may create groups in order to enhance vigilance and lessen the risk of predation for the younger lizards. These animals are protective, strong and know how to take care of themselves and those who belong to their group.

If you see a lizard in your dream, the meaning of this scene is that you can summon up great strength when you need to do so. You are able to discover new ways of protecting what’s yours and of getting what you want for your future. Waves of new opportunities are going to materialize in your life pretty soon.

Lizard Dream Interpretations

Dreams About Different Colored Lizards

Colored Lizards

There are some diverse meanings attributed to seeing different colored lizards in a dream.

A green lizard can illustrate the fact that you may need to work a little harder in your waking life to make ends meet. Luckily, this situation will not last for a long time.

Dreaming about a red lizard indicates that you are very passionate at your work. This is the right time to pitch new projects and start creating them behind the scenes!

A blue lizard in a dream is a sign that peace and calmness will abound in your life shortly. To connect with this energy, you can start practicing yoga or meditation.

An orange lizard represents the notion that you will overcome all the obstacles presented in your way. Instead, a yellow lizard suggests that someone could be jealous of you.

If you see a multicolour lizard in your dream, this image could indicate that you are about to start a new phase in your life. To see outstanding coloured lizards can suggest that you’re going to understand yourself better and you will tap into your creative power. Your personal projects will flourish in the coming months.

Dreams About Seeing a Lizard

Seeing a Lizard

Seeing a lizard in a dream is usually positive because it indicates that, whatever happens, you will be able to challenge yourself to achieve your goals. It may not be easy, but you have what it takes to make your dreams come true.

As a spiritual animal, the lizard is associated with changes and with changing locations in order to build a better life. However, seeing them in a dream could also suggest that someone may be envious of your progress. After experiencing this dream, be more discreet regarding your endeavors.

The lizard can also be connected with the way we communicate with each other. A single lizard in your dream symbolizes your ability to choose your words with grace, poise and gentleness. The dream may suggest that you are grounded and you can express your thoughts in a direct and compelling fashion.

Dreams About Being Attacked by a Lizard

Being Attacked by a Lizard

If the lizard in your dream is attacking you, this may mean that your enemies are on the watch. They may be following all your moves and may be waiting for the perfect time to destroy your reputation. This dream is often a symbol of the fact that someone close is planning an attack on you. Perhaps someone you believe is your friend will try to steal one of your projects or will prevent you from achieving one of your goals.

The lizard attacking you may represent an encounter in the near future with a cold-hearted and dishonest person. The focus of this dream is that somebody will challenge you soon. Besides, this dream can also represent that you may feel oversensitive towards criticism. Your own insecurities are dangerous because they prevent you from reaching your highest potential.

To be bitten by a lizard in a dream also means betrayal. This treason may come from your partner, your friends or a member of your family. It may be a totally unexpected and heart-breaking situation. If the bite in the dream seems painful, this suggests that the betrayal will be devastating. On the contrary, a painless bite could indicate that someone may hurt you, but didn’t mean to cause you harm.

Killing a lizard that has attacked you in the dream is connected with having a lot of bravery. This action could indicate that you have inner strength and that you can protect yourself from external menaces.


Dreams about lizards are deep, eye-opening and revealing. People usually wake up feeling perplexed, reflective but motivated after dreaming about lizards. When analyzed, the dreams involving these animals can help you in your daily life. These dreams are usually positive and they encourage you to go with the flow, to trust in your abilities and to let go of your fears.