Knife or Dagger Dream Interpretation

Knife or Dagger Dream

Dreaming about a knife or dagger could be an upsetting and confusing experience. If you have the desire to understand the meaning of those dreams that include knives or daggers and how the presence of these objects is linked with your waking life, then you should keep reading.

In the following article, you will get some data about the symbolism of knife or dagger dreams.

Knife or Dagger Dream Summary

Symbolism of a Knife or Dagger

Getting information about the symbolism of a knife or dagger is crucial for decoding the symbolism of a dream involving this type of weapon. Metaphoric meanings attributed to knives or daggers offer accurate data about the possible meanings of your dreams.

In a dream, a knife or dagger is usually a sign of division. Seeing this object in your sleep means that you need to review your life, get rid of some things that no longer bring you joy and cut toxic relationships out.

It could also be an indication of the fact that you are feeling anger towards someone or that you are afraid of being deceived by the people you love. If you wound or kill a perceived enemy in the dream using a knife or dagger, this signifies that your unconscious mind wants for you to conquer your fears.

General Knife or Dagger Dream Interpretation

Some knife or dagger dreams are more usual than others. In the following sections, you will get practical information about common dreams people have about these sharp objects, along with their specific interpretations. Frequent dreams involving knives or daggers mentioned in this article include:

  1. Dreams About Seeing a Knife or Dagger
  2. Dreams About Holding a Knife or Dagger
  3. Dreams About Different Types of Knives or Daggers

Knife or Dagger Dream Interpretations

Dreams About Seeing a Knife or Dagger

Seeing a Knife or Dagger

Seeing a knife or dagger in a dream usually represents betrayal and treachery. However, if you don’t get hurt in the dream because you only see the weapon, this is a sign that you have to pay more attention in your waking life.

After having this dream, observe your surroundings. See if someone close to you acts suspiciously or if someone you trust is avoiding you. Besides, watch out for signs of possible backstabbing at your workplace. A boss or coworker may be trying to take credit for some project done by you and not by them.

In its most positive occurrence, a knife or dagger in a dream could symbolize deceit, but for a greater good. Maybe you have to lie to someone in order to save them from getting hurt.

Dreams About Holding a Knife or Dagger

Holding a Knife or Dagger

If you dream about holding a knife or dagger, this may mean that you have a lot of problems in your waking life. You may be under a lot of stress and you don’t know what to do about the issues that are disturbing your peace of mind. This type of dream shows that you would like to “cut” your problems away and be free.

The problems that you are experiencing could be connected with your romantic relationship (or relationships). You know that the person you are committed to is not good for you. Deep inside, you know that you have to break up. But you are not ready to do it just yet.

Even though this dream is not really negative, it could feel uncomfortable. Such a dream makes you reconsider your attachment issues and it makes you think about the reasons that have made you stay in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy.

Dreams About Different Types of Knives or Daggers

Different Types of Knives or Daggers

The knife or dagger that you see in the dream has to be reviewed, because different objects carry different connotations. For example, seeing a Swiss army knife in a dream is more aggressive than seeing a table knife. The Swiss army knife in the dream could suggest that you are undertaking an inner fight with yourself and that you feel lonely.

If the knife or dagger in the dream is a big one, this could imply that someone close to you is being a liar. The bigger the knife or dagger, the more difficult the scenario you will find yourself in. This dream is a sign of an unpleasant situation, which will turn out to be bad for you. Maybe you are the liar and people will discover your true colours rather sooner than later. The truth is about to be unveiled.

Dreams depicting rusty and damaged knives or daggers are usually associated with illnesses and misfortune. If you see a rusty knife or dagger in a dream, or if you cut yourself accidentally with this type of object, this could mean that you will fall ill. The disease could be physical or mental. Now is a good time to take care of your health and make an appointment with a physician if you need to do so.

Dreaming about a bloody knife or dagger symbolizes fighting, disagreements, confrontations and conflicts. You could be feeling very frustrated or angry in your waking life and the dream is a reflection of this turbulence. This type of dream invites you to stay out of heated arguments until you cool down your emotions.

If you are incapable of keeping your temper under control, you could hurt yourself or hurt someone else. You should be careful now.

Dreaming about a pocketknife is a reflection of your direct, open and blunt personality. This dream shows that you will not let others manipulate you and that you will always speak your mind. People can disagree with your opinion and you have no problem with being different.


Dreams about knives or daggers are powerful, eye-opening and a little bit scary. People usually wake up feeling dazed, reflective and bewildered after dreaming about knives or daggers. When analyzed, the dreams involving these objects can give you clues about the emotions you are repressing in your waking life. These dreams are an invitation for you to accept your inner aggression and to start doing something to transform it.