What Does It Mean If You Dream About Kangaroos

Kangaroo Dream

Dreaming about a kangaroo could be an enjoyable and surprising experience. If you want to know about the specific meaning of seeing a kangaroo in your dream and how its presence is linked with your life, then this text will help you.

In the following article, you will learn more about how to understand kangaroo dreams.

Kangaroo Dream Summary

Symbolism of Kangaroos

Knowing more about the symbolism of a kangaroo is vital for understanding the dream meaning accurately. Symbolic meanings attached to kangaroos will give you trustworthy information about the hidden theme of your dream.

Kangaroos live in Australia, Tasmania and some islands located near these countries. They thrive in habitats such as woodlands, forests and savannahs. They are large, fast and potent animals. As a symbol, kangaroos are connected with having the necessary strength to deal with the challenges that you may encounter in your life.

General Kangaroo Dream Interpretation

Some kangaroo dreams happen more frequently than others. In this article, you will read about the most common dreams people have about kangaroos, along with their interpretations. Frequent kangaroo dreams explained in this text include:

  1. Dreams About a Mother Kangaroo and Her Baby
  2. Dreams About a Kangaroo Attack
  3. Dreams About a Kangaroo Hopping Around

What Does the Symbolism of Kangaroos Mean?

the Symbolism of Kangaroos


The animal family in which kangaroos are included is called Macropodidae. This literally means “big foot”. Thanks to their large feet, kangaroos can travel really fast and cover a lot of ground in one single leap.

Besides, kangaroos have powerful hind legs, while their front legs are small. A strong tail helps them maintain balance while they jump everywhere. These amazing animals are the tallest of all the marsupials!

Everyone agrees that one of the most distinguishing characteristic of this animal is the way it jumps when it moves. The symbolic meaning of this movement is that of being in the fast lane of development and growth. Goals will be met easily and smoothly when you are in your power and connecting with the best attributes of this animal.

If you dream about a kangaroo, you are ready to start reaching new heights in your existence. The process will be much pleasurable if confidence is on your side!


Kangaroos are very strong. Their hind legs that allow them to leap are quite powerful. Symbolically, a kangaroo is seen as a power animal because it can help you learn more about developing strength. This skill is needed to go through the difficult situations that life presents on a regular basis.

If you are going through a tough time, the power of the kangaroo in a dream can help you navigate those challenges with stamina, courage and determination.

In nature, it is common to see male kangaroos boxing each other. Sometimes they do it as a form of playing, but they can also do it to establish dominance among peers. In a dream, this scene could suggest that you have to be strong and fight against the antagonistic forces present in your life. This dream may imply that you need to stand up for yourself and those you care about.

You could dream about kangaroos boxing each other when you are recovering yourself from an injury, an illness or an addiction. The kangaroo is a reminder for you that you have to tap into your inner strength to keep fighting and make use of the force that is needed to overcome every obstacle.


Kangaroos live in small groups known as “herds” or “troops”. Australian people also called these groups “mobs”. The groups are led by the most dominant male and they are usually made up of 50 animals. When threatened, kangaroos slam the ground with their large feet in order to make noise and alert the other members of the group. Other species do not want to mess with them, because kangaroos punch, kick and bite when they are in fighting mode.

Being able to stick within a community helps kangaroos with survival in the difficult areas where they live. These animals are very social, but sometimes a herd may break up into smaller groups when a community gets too big for the habitat to support the needs of the kangaroos for water and food. Then, the smaller groups move onto different areas and it could happen that the younger males and females will start their own new herds.

A herd of kangaroos in a dream is a reminder that you cannot survive alone in this world. You need a community. If you have been lonely, this is a sign for you to reach out to likeminded people and find your tribe.


Female kangaroos have a pouch on their belly. This pouch is made by a fold in the skin and is used to cradle baby kangaroos. The newborns are called “joeys”. Joeys are so tiny that they may have the size of a grape when they are born!

After birth, baby kangaroos travel unassisted in their mother’s pouch. This is a safe and comfortable space for them. Joeys are not capable of suckling or swallowing, so the kangaroo mother uses her muscles to pump milk down their throats. When they are 4 months old, baby kangaroos emerge from the pouch for short trips. And when they are 10 months old, they are ready to leave the pouch and start an independent life.

The kangaroo mum in a dream can be a reminder to allow the manifestation of your nurturing instincts. If you are a parent, the kangaroo is a sign that you have to be resilient when raising your own children. It is not an easy journey, but it is definitely a rewarding one.

If you are pregnant, trying to conceive or considering other options in order to become a parent, a kangaroo can appear in a dream as a power animal to help you stay patient and confident through the whole process.

Kangaroo Dream Interpretations

Dreams About a Mother Kangaroo and Her Baby

a Mother Kangaroo and Her Baby

Seeing a mother kangaroo carrying her joey could indicate you are experiencing deep maternal emotions. You may feel protective over someone or something that is very important in your life. It could also mean that you may need to act more softly around your friends, family members or co-workers.

If your dream consists of being near a kangaroo, the symbolic meaning behind this is that you have the huge need to protect and mother someone in your life. You may feel a spiritual hole and you need to satisfy this hunger by taking care of someone else.

Dreams about a mother kangaroo and her baby could also mean that your financial wealth and properties are secure. You have protected your assets and now you can enjoy what you already have.

If your dream features a mother kangaroo with a baby in her pouch jumping around, this means that you will embark in a trip soon. And this trip will be unforgettable. Bon voyage!

Dreams About a Kangaroo Attack

a Kangaroo Attack

Seeing a kangaroo in a dream is usually a sign of good fortune. However, if you dream about a kangaroo attack, this could be a sign of danger.

Dreaming about getting attacked by a kangaroo may indicate that your reputation is at stake. A kangaroo attacking you is a warning sign about the evil plans of your enemies. These people may use slander to damage your reputation in the eyes of the decision makers in your career. Luckily, this type of dream shows that their efforts will be in vain. Now you have the necessary information to protect yourself and your honour.

Killing a kangaroo in a dream is a better omen than being attacked by one. But the slaughtering of the animal could refer to the existence of a tangled and confusing business in your life. Murdering a kangaroo could signal that your enemies will not be able to make you fail and you will actually have success in your plans. To kill a kangaroo in a dream signifies gaining something after a difficult undertaking.

If you dream about the skin of a kangaroo, this signifies that you are moving in the right direction.  There is nothing that will make you go astray. Removing skin from a kangaroo in a dream is a symbol of celebrating a glorious victory over ill-wishers.

Dreams About a Kangaroo Hopping Around

a Kangaroo Hopping Around

In a dream, a kangaroo hopping around may suggest that you start new projects continually, but you do not follow them through completion. You may need to choose one project and finish it before starting another one.

This dream is sending you the message that you should stick to one thing. It is time for you to make a commitment and respect it. Choosing is not losing when you make a decision that is well-thought and deliberate. Hopping around is keeping you away from experiencing true happiness.


Dreams about kangaroos are energetic and dynamic. People usually wake up feeling powerful and optimistic after dreaming about kangaroos. When analyzed, the dreams involving these animals can help you in your waking life. These dreams are a reminder for you that you have to be willing to leap into new opportunities and that you do not have to be afraid of starting a family or connecting with a community.
What Does It Mean If You Dream About Kangaroos