What Does It Mean to Dream of Jewelry?

What Does It Mean to Dream of Jewelry?

Picking out jewelry may be a fun part of dressing yourself, but it also can communicate messages to others about your social standing. Your dream of jewelry may similarly have a lot to say!

Jewelry Dream Summary

Jewelry Dream Symbolism

Jewelry is a way that people adorn themselves. It can show personal creativity and sense of style, so a jewelry dream could show that figuring out how to present yourself is a topic on your mind.

Jewelry also communicates social status. People often look for a wedding ring to see whether someone they are interested in is married, and expensive jewelry of any kind can signal to others that you have money. Your jewelry dream might therefore symbolize concerns about how others see you.

Jewelry is especially known for marking commitment in relationships, so your dream of jewelry could symbolize that you are considering an increased level of commitment to someone or something in your life. You may, however, need to look at whether the other party feels the same way about you.

Common Jewelry Dreams

  1. Dream of buying jewelry for someone else
  2. Dream of losing jewelry

Jewelry Dream Symbolism

Jewelry Dream Symbolism


Some jewelry is very expensive, so a dream of jewelry could symbolize that money is on your mind. You may feel like you are or soon will be wealthier than you have been in the past, and this could challenge you to update how you see yourself.

Alternately, a jewelry dream could symbolize that you feel jealous of people who seem to have more money than you do, especially if the jewelry is worn by someone else in the dream. See also money dream symbolism.


Jewelry does not have to be expensive, especially if you make it yourself. Wherever you get your jewelry, how you combine it with the rest of your outfit can be a creative form of self-expression.

A dream of jewelry can therefore symbolize that you feel confident in your ability to express yourself creatively. If the jewelry in your dream emphasizes a particular color, you may want to look up that color in color dream symbolism, as that color’s symbolism might be part of what you are putting out into the world.


Jewelry is associated with going to a new level of commitment in a significant relationship. A proposal of marriage often comes with an engagement ring, and then exchanging wedding rings is a common part of a marriage ceremony. Even in friendships that are not romantic, people sometimes exchange friendship bracelets.

A jewelry dream can therefore symbolize that you are making a commitment to someone else, whether or not the relationship is romantic. See also engagement dream symbolism and wedding dream symbolism.

Gender Issues

Some types of jewelry are associated with a particular gender. Dreaming of wearing a type of jewelry that is not expected for your gender, or that is different from how you feel comfortable living in your gender, could symbolize that a side of your personality you don’t hear from often needs your attention.

This type of jewelry dream may show you can benefit from developing some part of yourself that you have rejected. It could also be provoked by a situation where you feel like someone else in your life is not respectful of how you understand or express yourself. Whether or not you choose to explore unfamiliar parts of your own personality, it has to be your own journey and not something that others force on you.

For example, some women might reject jewelry because they take pride in having skills typically thought of as masculine, and they see jewelry as something for “girly girls.” Such a woman could find her dream of wearing a lot of jewelry to be upsetting because it’s different from how she sees herself. Her dream could have been provoked either by someone giving her a bad time about how she expresses herself or by her own internal conflict about broadening the way in which she expresses herself.

Common Jewelry Dreams

Dream of buying jewelry for someone else

Dream of buying jewelry for someone else

Dreaming of buying jewelry for someone else can symbolize that you want to show you are committed to your relationship with them. This would especially be the case with dreaming of buying a wedding ring for someone else.

A dream of buying jewelry for another person could also symbolize that you are trying hard to impress them. While you may have reasons to genuinely admire and appreciate this person, this dream might also warn you to take an honest look at whether your interest in them is reciprocated, as lavishing an expensive gift on someone who is not that into you could lead to awkwardness.

Your dream of buying jewelry for someone else may therefore push you to clarify the line between what is welcome in the context of your existing relationship with this person and what is or could be perceived as an attempt to buy their love.

Dream of losing jewelry

Dream of losing jewelry

A dream of losing jewelry could symbolize concerns about losing whatever that piece of jewelry represents to you.

For example, if you dream of losing your wedding ring, this might show that you feel like you are drifting apart from your spouse. A dream of losing jewelry that was handed down from a family member, like your grandmother’s necklace, could symbolize that you feel separated from your family or your roots in some way. Dreaming of losing a piece of jewelry with religious significance might mean you are questioning your commitment to your religion.

If the piece of jewelry you lose in your dream was something you were proud to be able to buy yourself, the dream could symbolize that you fear your ability to provide for yourself financially is threatened. You might also feel like you are losing some marker of your social status.


Jewelry is an important part of individual expression, but the language it speaks often tells how the individual fits into their society. Your dream of jewelry can therefore show how you communicate things about yourself to the people around you.