How to Cleanse Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s eye is a well-known gemstone that blesses the bearer with great confidence, strength and spiritual stability. These are known for warding off all the evils you might encounter for any reason. For this particular purpose, it is necessary to cleanse your Tiger’s eye every once in a while. This will help your precious gemstone to get rid of all the negative energy that has been accumulated in the gemstone, and will also boost the initial benefactor effects of the gemstone.

The following is the specified procedure that is meant to be followed to cleanse your Tiger’s eye thoroughly without any issues:

Choose the necessary medium

There is a multitude of mediums that you can use to wash and cleanse your Tiger’s eye. It mainly depends on the time frame for which you use the gemstone or the relative time when it was cleansed the last time.

The following are some of the ways that you can opt for to cleanse your gemstone:

  • Use distilled water to cleanse the gemstone
  • Cleanse using salt or salt water
  • By using incense
  • By using the burying method
  • Use spring water
  • Clean thoroughly with a soft cloth

Let the Gemstone Rinse clean

This step of cleansing the Tiger’s eye will be strongly dependent on the medium in which you choose to cleanse the gemstone and on account of how frequently you use the said gemstone.

Distilled water

Let your gemstone soak in distilled water for several hours right after usage. And, if you use the gemstone rather frequently, you can let the process continue for about 5 to 6 hours.

Salt or salt water

Salt is known to help discharge all the negative energy that has been accumulated within the gemstone. So to cleanse the Tiger’s eye of all kinds of evils, keep the gemstone in a jar full of salt for a couple of hours. Or you can soak the gemstone in salt water for 5 to 6 hours continuously to let it cleanse slowly.


Bathe your gemstone in the smoke of the incense. You can use sandalwood to make this happen. This method of cleansing is used to drain the gemstone of the energy that has been stored within it. This is a quick but surefire way to cleanse the Tiger’s eye of all the negative energies.

Burying method

To practice this method, dig a small hole about 10 to 15 centimetres deep in the ground, and place the gemstone in it. Let the stone rest for 2 to 3 weeks. The natural energy and the earth’s dominant minerals around the gemstone will drain it of all the negative energies, and restore it to the state as if it was never brought into use.

Spring water

Place the Tiger’s eye in spring water or a source of running water, and let the gemstone sit ideally in the water for a few hours. This will help purify the gemstone and will help in the restoration of the positive energy that is contained within the stone.

Rinse the Gemstone clean

Now that the Tiger’s eye has been cleansed internally, you must pay regard towards the outer appearance of the gemstone. It will be rather good if the good effects of the cleansing look on the outside of the gemstone too.

If you want to work o the outer appearance of the Tiger’s eye, it will be good for you to opt for the following means:

Denatured Alcohol

Denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol will help you in removing all the stains or dark spots that have developed over the gemstone. This being non-reactive and highly soluble will help give the Tiger’s eye a thorough cleansing.

Cerium Oxide

This is a compound that is used to polish gemstones. Also, this compound is rich in derivatives that are constituents of air and earth elements, and this compound will help in the recharging of the said gemstone.


If for whatever reason, the gemstone has been damaged to a greater extent, instead of throwing it away, you can ask an expert to polish it thoroughly with polishing machines.

Soft cloth or Sponge

The use of soft cloth will help ensure that there are no watermarks left over on the gemstone after the cleansing of the Tiger’s eye.

Bring the Tiger’s Eye back into use

After cleansing and after-care, you can bring the gemstone back to your daily use. But now that you have started the cycle of cleansing the gemstone, it will be good if you were to keep up with this habit.

If you bring the Tiger’s eye into use daily, then it will be good if you were to cleanse the gemstone every 4 to 5 days for several hours. If your hours are low, you can just leave the gemstone in spring water in spring water under the moonlight. This will help you get the most benefits out of the process.