How to Charge Tiger’s Eye?

Under the influence of negative auras and evil energies, a Tiger’s eye can lose its power over a long time of usage. Therefore, it ends up being necessary for us to drain the gemstone of the negative energies and fill it back up with the positive energies that will only do you good. Following a sure step to step guide that you can follow to recharge your Tiger’s eye after it has been in use for quite a while without any issues:

Chose the Medium for Charging

You should pay a considerable amount of attention to the medium that you will be using to recharge your gemstone back to its pristine glory. Taking into consideration the nature of the medium of recharging is necessary to consider a suitable method for recharging, the time of usage of the gemstone, and the respective time from the last charge.

The following are some of the methods that you can opt for to cleanse the Tiger’s eye without bringing any kind of harm to it:

  • Charging crystals using other crystals
  • Use salts
  • Fire
  • Sunlight or Moonlight
  • Earth or soil
  • Incense and herbs
  • Self-Heal
  • Water

Initiate the process

Now that you have finally made peace with the method you will be using to charge your Tiger’s eye, it is time to finally start the charging process. But firstly, you must know that each method bears a different way to recharge the gemstone.

Charging the Tiger’s eye using other crystals

Certain crystals are known for their healing properties that are directed towards other crystals. These charging stones will release replenishable positive energies of their own, and that energy will now reside in the Tiger’s eye. This way, the gemstone will be brought back to the state as if it was never brought into use.


Salt is a medium that can directly be associated with the earth element and carries the restoring properties of the same stature. Salt can actively act as both a cleansing agent as well as a charging agent. To follow through with this procedure, you should put the Tiger’s eye in a jar full of salt.


The fire element is referred to as an intense and effective way to rinse your Tiger’s eye clean of all kinds of evils and fill it back with positive energies. But, certain gemstones are sensitive to the use of fire rituals. Therefore, to make use of the fire, just pass the gemstone through the flame of a candle multiple times. Or you can do the same by putting the Tiger’s eye in the vicinity of the elements or crystals that are related to the fire element.

Sunlight or Moonlight

Direct exposure to sunlight can help greatly in the charging of the Tiger’s eye. Throughout this process, you must ensure that the gemstone is exposed to direct sunlight. Do not leave the crystal outside during inclement weather, and it can deplete the energy that is stored within the gemstone. You can do the same while using moonlight as a medium to charge your Tiger’s eye.


Earth might as well be one of the most abundant sources of positive energy. Once you place the crystals under the soil, the elements present in the earth will contribute to helping reject all the negative energy that has been stored in the crystal, and fill it back up with positive energy. This method’s benefits are similar to placing the Tiger’s eye in the vicinity of other crystals to charge it.

Incense and herbs

These are more of a method of cleansing the gemstones than charging those. But these, too, are known to be effective for the latter half. Sandalwood is known to cleanse as well as charge the Tiger’s eye.


For this method, you just leave the Tiger’s eye idle for an extended period. In that time, the gemstone will start to drive the positive energy from the universe around it to charge itself. Although slow, this is the best way to naturally charge the Tiger’s eye.


Spring water, holy water, and moon water are some of the common terms used for recharging crystals. The crystals suspended in the liquid start to absorb the healing properties of the water, therefore recharging it.

Cleanse the Tiger’s eye

Right after you have charged the Tiger’s eye, it will be good if you were to cleanse the gemstone one more time before bringing it back in use. For this, you can use sage smoke or sandalwood incense. These are known to cleanse the crystals thoroughly of all the evils around them.

If you are someone who uses the Tiger’s eye rather frequently, then you should charge the crystal at least once per month. This help maintains the good effects of the crystal, and this will prove to be much more beneficial for you. To charge the crystals, just follow the process that is mentioned above.