Horse Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Horse Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about a horse can be very interesting and intriguing. If you want to find out what the horse in your dream represents and how this translates to your own personal situation, you can learn more about how to interpret horse dreams here.

Horse Dream Summary

Horse Symbolism

Understanding what a horse symbolizes is the first step in understanding your dream because this directly relates to your dream meaning. Horses are strong yet gentle animals, which have been utilized by humans for their perseverance and tolerant nature for centuries. They can also be a symbol of status or fertility.

Common Horse Dreams

Some horse dreams are more common than others. The most frequent dreams people have about horses, along with their interpretation, can be found below. Common horse dreams discussed in this article include:

  1. Dreams About Different Colored Horses
  2. Dreams About Riding a Horse
  3. Dreams About Wild Horses
  4. Dreams About Falling from a Horse
  5. Dreams About a Dying Horse
  6. Dreams About Workhorses
  7. Dreams About a Talking Horse
  8. Dreams About Horses Biting
  9. Dreams About Horse Manure
  10. Dreams About Catching a Horse
  11. Dreams About You Being a Horse
  12. Dreams About a Horse in a Room

What Does the Symbolism of Horses Mean?
the Symbolism of Horses Mean


Horses often symbolize freedom, in particular wild horses that bring to mind very powerful images of the carefree animals galloping across huge swathes of open land. If the horse in your dreams is not tethered and is not with any humans, then it is likely a wild horse that represents freedom and independence. Wild horses are also a representation of free spirits.


Horses are often used as a symbol of abundance and fertility. This stems from horse manure being used throughout history as a nutrient-rich fertilizer, which improves the condition of the land, making it more fertile and habitable for crops to grow. This, in turn, leads to a life of abundance, wealth, and happiness. Though horse manure in real life is suitable for improving the fertility of the land, it can translate to dreams to have symbolic meaning about a woman’s fertility.


Horses are strong and powerful animals, which have been used for hundreds of years to help humans with strenuous tasks, such as pulling carriages or plowing fields. The muscular body of a horse is a strong image in itself, which can also be used symbolically. The term ‘horsepower’ that refers to the strength of a mechanical engine is one of the ways we can see that horses are deemed to be very strong creatures.


Horses have been used throughout our history to complete tasks that are too intense for humans. They often work tirelessly, and as such, people who have a very good work ethic and put all of their efforts into a job are often referred to as ‘workhorses,’ showing that a horse is renowned for its ability to endure and persevere. This makes them the ideal symbol of endurance and stamina. They can be used to convey messages about tolerance through difficult situations.


Horses are often seen as a symbol of status, as they are expensive to buy and even more expensive to keep. Some people collect horses in the same way that they would collect cars or properties, to show off to their friends or make them feel important. This can lead horses to symbolize prosperity or even pompous traits in people.

Horse Dream Interpretations

Dreams About Different Colored Horses
Colored Horses

The color of the horse in your dream can change the way it should be interpreted. Brown horses are symbolic of change happening in your life, possibly change that you have been struggling with. The brown horse indicates that you should persevere with the change, and all will be well. Brown horses are also linked to our own emotional foundations, and they are a sign that we need to remain grounded and connected to ourselves in order to have success. If the brown horse is a stallion, then this signifies you have strong sexual feelings towards somebody in your life.

A white horse also has sexual implications, but instead, it is a symbol of innocence and purity, and it is a sign of how you feel you sexually connect with others. White horses can also be symbols of peace, and they can indicate that you are content with your life, or they may be a sign that your recent troubles will soon be over. If you are riding the white horse, then this is indicative of you trying to resolve your problems, and the fact that the horse is white tells you that you will be successful in doing so.

A black horse, by contrast, is a symbol of mystery and darkness. The horse could represent somebody in your life who you are suspicious of, or it can also represent secrets. Dreaming about a red-haired horse shows that you are feeling frustrated or nervous. It often relates to sexual desires and is representative of how you want to make a romantic connection with somebody in your waking life.

Dreams About Riding a Horse

Riding a Horse

If you are riding a horse in your dream, then this shows you are confident and capable of handling difficult situations and other people in your life. It illustrates that you are happy to be in control, and you have an authoritative nature. You may be facing a new challenge, and dreaming about riding a horse serves to remind you that you are prepared to rise to the challenge. This dream is a good omen that can signify a positive change in your life and a successful future. If you are riding bareback, then this is usually indicative of sexual desires and means you will have a fulfilling relationship in your future.

Dreams About Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Dreaming about wild horses can mean different things, and the way you interpret them will depend on how you feel in your waking life at the moment. Wild horses are often symbolic of freedom, independence, and a lack of responsibilities. If the wild horses in your dream are roaming free and you feel envious, then take this as a sign that you want to break free from a situation you feel is restrictive in your life. It might be that you need to leave a job that you find unfulfilling, or maybe you are in a relationship where you are being controlled. The wild horses represent your desire to be unleashed and set free.

Alternatively, wild horses can be a signal that you have become out of control in your own life. This dream could be trying to tell you to rein in your behavior before it gets out of hand. Wild horses can also indicate that you have strong sexual urges that are clouding your judgment. Similarly, it might be a sign that you want to be free from your inhibitions in a sexual relationship and might help you gain the confidence to do this.

Dreams About Falling from a Horse

Falling from a Horse

Falling off a horse in your dream could be positive or negative, depending on the context and also your own life circumstances. Falling from a horse can illustrate that you are allowing yourself to stray from the path in life that you should be following. You need to take better care and pay better attention; otherwise, you could find yourself in a situation you are not happy with.

Conversely, falling from a horse can signify that you are navigating an unfamiliar territory, whether that be starting out in a new job or allowing yourself to open up emotions you would usually keep closely guarded. Falling off a horse in the dream shows that though your new route may be difficult at first, you can get back on the horse and keep going. Have belief in yourself that it will all work out.

Dreams About a Dying Horse

a Dying Horse

Dreaming about a dead or dying horse is symbolic of something in your life ending. As horses represent strength and freedom, it might be that a relationship that you previously felt was strong is coming to an end. An era of your life might be coming to a close, and though you may feel sad about it, the dying horse is a sign that you need to move on and embrace the next phase of your life. The phrase ‘flogging a dead horse’ is a reference to the fact that a person is doing something that is pointless and fruitless. The dead horse in your dream may illustrate that it is time to give up on this chapter of your life or give up on a particular relationship.

Dreams About Workhorses


Dreams about workhorses can be interpreted in various ways. A dream about a workhorse pulling a wagon can mean that you are working hard to try to make progress in your life or in your job. Alternatively, if the horse seems to be struggling under the weight of the task, it could be that you are feeling run down or taken advantage of. You may be collapsing under the weight of many responsibilities, and this dream should reassure you that just like a workhorse, you are strong enough to carry these problems and get through it.

If the workhorses in your dream are plowing a field, then this could relate to your desire to start a new project or to slow down and enjoy a different pace of life. Horses working in a field can also represent the different choices that face you in your career, and you need to have a long hard look at the path you want to take.

Dreams About Talking to a Horse

Talking to a Horse

Whether you are talking to the horse in your dream, or the horse is talking to you, this dream illustrates your true inner self. The way you treat this horse is indicative of who you really are as a person. If you are stroking and nurturing the horse, then you are a caring person. If you are listening intently to the horse, then this is a sign that you have inner wisdom and great knowledge.

This dream can also show you how you can work on developing yourself by exposing the areas where you are not interacting well with the horse. You should also consider the phrase ‘straight from the horse’s mouth,’ which is a reference that if you want the truth, you should speak directly to the person something happened to. The talking horse in your dream might represent somebody who is opening up to you or being honest about their feelings.

Dreams About Horses Biting

Horses BitingThe interpretation of a biting horse in a dream will depend on who it is biting. A horse biting somebody else, or another horse, is a sign that change is coming, and you will be embarking on a new chapter. However, if the horse is biting you, then this is a reflection of how you feel in your waking life. You may feel that somebody is attacking you or that you are being dragged down by negative comments.

If several horses are attacking you, this shows that you feel uncomfortable among a group of friends or colleagues and that you don’t think you fit in. You may worry that this group of people is gossiping about you behind your back, or maybe they are setting you up to take the blame for something.

Dreams About Horse Manure

Horse Manure


Though you might not expect it, dreaming about horse manure is actually very positive. It is a good omen that wealth and happiness lay in your future. Dream dictionaries dating back to the early 20th century suggest that manure is symbolic of our material fortune in life, so an abundance of manure in your dream implies you will have an abundance of material wealth in life, whether that be in the form of money, property, vehicles, or something else.

Dreams About Catching a Horse

Catching a Horse

If you are trying to track down and catch a runaway horse, then this illustrates the uncertainty you feel about something in the next chapter of your life. You may have been putting every effort into a relationship with somebody who now refuses to commit, or you may have been working hard toward a promotion that has now been taken off the table.

Your inability to catch this horse signifies your internal struggle with the situation, and it should make you think carefully about your next moves. Will you continue pursuing the opportunity, or will you let it go? If it seems that the horse is representing a specific person in your life, remember that horses symbolize freedom, so it could be an indication that the person you are chasing cannot be tamed and that you need to let them run free.

Dreams About You Being a Horse

Being a Horse

If you embody a horse in your dream, you should pay close attention to the horse’s traits and nature in order to figure out what this dream means for you. The horse in this dream is symbolic, and you need to identify your own situation and present it alongside the horse. If the horse was running free and galloping in abandon, then it’s safe to assume you feel liberated, powerful, and strong. Though horses have great strength, they can be taken advantage of, and they typically have a sweet and gentle nature.

If you are a horse in your dream that is timid and shying away from confrontation, then this may reflect something happening in your waking life. Horses are known to back down and run away in a fight, so if you are feeling unsure of yourself, then this might be the reason your dream has represented you as a horse instead of a more fearless animal.

Dreams About a Horse in a Room

A room, whether that be a bedroom, a kitchen, or a hall, is not somewhere you would expect to find a horse. If you are dreaming about a horse inside a room, then this is generally linked to how you feel in your life, or about a certain situation. The horse represents freedom, strength, and wealth, though, inside the room, it is trapped. The room represents the limitations you feel are being placed on you, whether that be in a relationship or a job. You feel confined and are struggling to see a way out.

The horse in this dream is there to remind you that you can achieve great things if you persevere and do not give up. You may have to think outside of the box to see a way out of your current situation, but the presence of the horse is a good omen that success lies in your future if you can find a way to stop yourself from feeling trapped.


Dreams about horses should not be a cause for alarm, and when understood, they can be very helpful for our waking lives, enlightening us to our true feelings or encouraging us to have strength or perseverance.

Horse Dream Meaning and Interpretation