What Does It Mean When You Dream About Hair?

Dream About Hair

Dreaming about hair is something we all do every once in a while. Hair is a significant element of our physical identity, whether it is long or short. It is especially important for women. Being so, it is no wonder why hair is an essential cultural symbol.

The variations of dreams about hair are numerous. In this article, I will try to explain the majority of them, classifying them into several categories, and firstly explaining the symbolism of hair.

Hair Symbolism Throughout History and Culture

Hair Symbolism

Sociologists, anthropologists, and other scholars have been extensively researching hair for a long time. They claim it to be among the most potent symbols of our individual and collective identity since it is physical and thus extremely personal. At the same time, however, hair is quite a public thing, because it is always exposed and visible from the outside.

Beauty experts agree with them. After all, who knows the difference between a good and bad hair day better than a hairdresser? When your hair is strong, beautiful, and stylized, you feel great.

In the Western tradition, one of the most famous legends about hair is the Bible story about Samson and Delilah. The tale tells us that the secret of Samson’s strength and courage lied in his long hair. Another myth comes from the classical Greek tradition. Medusa’s hair was beautiful and seductive, until the goddess of Athens punished her, having made her hair scar instead, intertwined with snakes.

There are several most common interpretations of hair significance. Greeks and Romans believed that the hair was the utmost symbol of femininity, wealth, and health. Native Americans believe that the hair is the extension of our soul. In their culture, it has an important spiritual connotation. Therefore, they keep the parts of hair as a good luck charm, use it for medical treatments, and so on.

Another interesting symbol of hair is being the emblem of eternal life since it doesn’t decompose easily. In the past, lovers used to give each other a lock of hair as the sign of ultimate, romantic love. As a matter of fact, it was used as the lock of love.

Maybe such a practice is not that acceptable anymore in modern times, but it’s a good case in point on how extensive the culture and tradition around the hair is. It is not surprising why dreams about hair have a strong influence on us.

Dream About Long Hair

Long Hair

Dreaming about having long hair is considered to be a good sign. Since hair symbolizes health and wealth, having the long and luxurious one means that you are in a good shape and that the conditions of your life are satisfying.

It also means that you are a responsible person with many plans ahead, taking full control over your life. Your decisions are well studied. However, if a man dreams of having long hair, it is considered to be a sign of deceit. Additionally, if you dream of hair so long that it reaches your feet, it might try to tell you that you’re overthinking about something.

Dream About Short Hair

Short Hair

One of the most common interpretations of the short hair dream is related to change. Short hair is considered to be an ultimate sign of change – of your lifestyle or some other aspect of your life.

Dream of short hair may suggest you feel free to express your opinions. To dream of having short hair just like you do in waking life, is a good sign of your ambitions being fulfilled.

Dream About Different Types of Haircut – Good, Bad, and Ugly

If you dreamed about having a nice, unattractive, or old-fashioned haircut, here you can find the explanation for such a dream.

Dream About A Bad Haircut

A Bad Haircut

Dreaming of having or seeing a bad and ugly haircut can be quite stressful. It is usually a sign of carelessness in your life, pointing to some aspect you have been neglecting recently. However, if your motto is to go with the flow, then this dream shouldn’t surprise you.

Dreams about an unattractive haircut can also be a symbol of unwanted attraction. There may be a person feeling something about you, while you are not interested in sharing romantic love with him/her.

Dream About A Nice Haircut

A Nice Haircut

The dream about having an unusual and attractive haircut is the symbol of an outstanding talent you might have. Consider this dream a reminder of it.

You can use your extraordinary skill to improve your advantage. If you dreamed about an extravagant, fashionable hairstyle, you will amaze someone, maybe even you will make a new admirer.

Dream About An Outdated Haircut

An Outdated Haircut

The interpretation of this dream can be quite simple: it is usually a form of prophecy telling you that you can expect your old love to return. Maybe this time it will show you how to light the fire of love again.

Sometimes, love is sweeter when it comes the second time around. If you had a dream about a very old hairstyle, for example, the Renaissance one, expect a really old love to come back.

Dream About Different Types of Hair Color

Dreaming of Black Hair

Black Hair

Even though the symbol of black color in a dream is considered to be the sign of depression and bad moods, when it comes to the dream of back hair, it doesn’t have to be that decisive.  It may show that you’re trying to suppress your emotions from others.

Another interpretation is related to the issue of organization in your life. You may be worried about some aspects of your life, and this dream is a good reminder for you to improve them.

Dreaming of a person with black hair or your own black haircut is telling you to try to be stronger, to overcome the obstacles around you.

Dreaming of Brown Hair

Brown Hair

Dreaming of dying your hair brown suggests you are wishing to be more stable, to feel grounded in your life. Perhaps it is so because being a brunette is one of the most common hair colors, some would say the most boring one. However, in psychology, this color is associated with honesty, responsibility, perfection, and elegance. It can also be related to organization and materialistic values.

Dreaming a brown-haired person signifies you’re searching for a reliable, protective friendship, that you crave security. If you dreamed of yourself having brown colored hair, although you don’t wear it in your waking life, it usually means you will gain some material goods.

Dreaming of Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

To dream of blonde hair suggests your desire to be more carefree, to have joy and fun. In any case, it is the prediction of something positive, especially if you dyed your hair blonde. It will bring you more confidence in life.

Dreaming of becoming blonde also signifies your wish to be noticed, whether it’s about your looks or your thoughts. It can also reflect the realization of your ideas. Try to enjoy what comes after these dreams, since it will give you the sweet taste of watching your ideas come to life.

Dreaming of Red Hair

Red Hair

In Western culture, the symbolism of red hair has always been specific. It is the sign of sensuality, promiscuity, and otherness. Red haired women have been stigmatized throughout history, due to the connection between the red color and the Devil.

However, in the world of dreams, this symbolism is slightly different. It is usually related to your health, thus dying your hair red suggests your care about good health.

Red hair dreams also indicate the expression of creativity. They try to tell you to be more energetic, spontaneous, passionate, and brave. It is also a style that cannot be unnoticeable.

Dreaming of Grey Hair

Grey Hair

Grey hair is the common representative of maturity and wisdom that come with rich life experience, but it is not necessarily connected with age. The interpretation of such a dream depends on its context – whether you have dreamed yourself of having grey hair or rather someone else.

If you had a dream about another person wearing grey hair, it means you are starting to appreciate wisdom, to have respect for older people. You are becoming to understand and learn from their life values.

However, if you dreamed of yourself having grey hair, especially the very first one, it may suggest you should be careful about your physical health. For many people, grey hair is the first sign of getting older and the symptom of a certain discomfort, stress or low attitude.

On the other hand, if you dreamed of discovering much grey hair, it is considered to be a good omen. You should expect some good news, including some challenging, but still good changes in your life. You are maturing well, bringing wise decisions. Even if some problems occur, you will be absolutely capable of solving them.

Dream About Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Dreams about hair falling out or losing your hair in some other way can be quite disturbing. We all have had this dream sometimes. However, it isn’t always related to some bad predictions, it just tries to tell us more about our inner state.

To dream about losing hair is to tell us something about losing control. You might have issues with self-esteem. This interpretation is confirmed by the psychoanalytical approach to dream decoding. Losing hair is related to the anxieties of getting older, of losing your vitality.

If you dreamed of having your hair being cut, it may signify you lack motivation. Also, it can mean you are afraid of letting someone or something go, to say goodbye. Additionally, if you are overworked and going through a stressful period, your body and mind are trying to cope with that.

Finally, if you are actually losing your hair in waking life, or thinking too much about that possibility, it is no wonder you have even started dreaming about it. Try to relax a bit more and avoid overthinking about the things you cannot change.

Dream About Going Bald

Going Bald

The first obvious interpretation of dreaming of becoming bald is related to the psychoanalytical reading I have mentioned above. Indeed,  this dream can be quite a nightmare, especially for men. Its symbolism is rather negative.

It can indicate not only fear of getting old but also the fear of death. Furthermore, it can suggest a man’s fear of getting ill and impotent in a sexual way.

However, it doesn’t have to be that simple since there are other possible understandings of this dream. Dreaming about losing hair in this way can signify your fear of being embarrassed or ashamed of some awkward situation. Such a dream usually indicated a lack of inner confidence. If you’ve dreamed of going bald, it reveals your insecurity about something.

Dream About Growing Hair

Growing Hair

Contrary to the dream of losing hair and becoming bald, dreaming about growing hair is a sign of your confidence growing as well. However, if it’s growing out of your control, it may be a sign of your arrogance.

Another possibility is that, while your hair gets longer in a dream, your troubles increase in your life. Additionally, if you dreamed of your hair growing, it might indicate you will have to make some decisions in the future.

Dream About Getting a Haircut

Getting a Haircut

There are two possible contexts of a dream about getting a haircut – to dream of having it willingly or unwillingly.

If you dreamed of having a haircut in the first way, it stands for a fresh start in your life, be it the change in your way of thinking or some other shift. However, if you dreamed of getting a haircut that cut off too much of your hair, it represents a change that is undesirable, or simply the fear of losing power or freedom.

Dreaming about getting a haircut at a hair salon is usually interpreted as a sign of betrayal. Consider this dream a warning telling you not to trust strangers. Try to learn how to recognize friends from enemies, especially once you meet a new person. However their appearance may be friendly and innocent, you never know.

Another sign of deception is dreaming about getting a haircut done by someone you actually know. You may become the object of disloyalty by a close person you trust. However, be careful, since the person who cut your hair in the dream doesn’t have to be the same one who will betray you in waking life. In any case, such an event can shake up your emotional life seriously, so try to act accordingly.

Dreaming About Washing Hair

Washing Hair

Dreams about washing hair usually stand for good changes awaiting you – you will get rid of the excessive things and people, having a brand new start in some aspect of your life. You can expect your reputation to be improved in the future.

Freshly washed hair in a dream is a symbol of prosperity, good luck, authority and respect.

If you washed your own hair in a dream, you can expect some problems to be solved. If the washed hair was someone else’s, you can expect a quarrel with that person. It can also be a sign of an unrequited love.

If the hair belonged to a dead man, expect your health to worsen, thus be careful. If you dreamed of washing your children’s hair, you have dreamed of spending pleasant family time with them.

Finally, dreaming about the water becoming crystal clear after you washed the dirty hair, expect good results at the job. The same goes for dreaming of washing a long hair – it stands for the burst of energy that is about to happen in your life.

Dream About Brushing Hair

Brushing Hair

To dream about this daily routine is not unusual. Such a dream usually suggests you are looking for peace.

Some interpretations tell us that dreaming about combing your own hair means you regret some lost opportunities. Others predict you will have fun in the future, to spend great leisure time with your friends.

Also, there is an explanation telling that such a dream indicates you will meet again with some old forgotten enemies.

If you dreamed of brushing someone’s hair, it usually suggests you care about others too much, while neglecting your own needs. Maybe you just wish for someone to care about. Try to think about who that might be (children are the most common scenario).


As you could see, dreams about hair are quite common and can be very disturbing or rather pleasant. It is so given that hair is one of the essential elements of our identity, our self-confidence, and the overall image we create about ourselves, our health and vitality.

When we dream of losing it or something bad about it, those dreams signalize our fears, threats, insecurities. When those dreams are full of happiness and joy, it is a clear sign of our general high spirits.

Have you recently dreamed about hair? What was the dream like? Did you like it or were you afraid? Can you find any of the dream’s elements in the text above?