What Does It Mean to See Green in Your Dream?

Green Dream Meaning

Not everyone dreams in color, but, if you do, a color that is prominent in your dream can be another important piece of information for you to consider as you work out the symbolic interpretation of your dream.

The meanings of seeing the color green in your dream may include growth, love, and more.

Green Dream Summary

Green Dream Symbolism

As described in the dream symbolism of colors, dreaming of the color green can symbolize life and growth. However, once things start growing, you may not be able to control what happens next. After all, on a traffic light, green means go.

Seeing the color green in your dream could therefore refer to a situation where things are moving forward, perhaps faster than you are entirely comfortable with. However, green is the color associated with the heart chakra, which is involved with love and relationships, so you may not be alone as you go through this upheaval.

Green is also the color of many plants in nature. A dream of green, especially one featuring plants, could therefore symbolize that you need to get in touch with your wild side.

Common Green Dreams

  1. Dreaming of green grass
  2. Dreaming of green snakes
  3. Dreaming of green vegetables
  4. Dreaming of green plants

Green Dream Symbolism

Green Dream Symbolism


Many growing plants are naturally green. Dreaming of green color could therefore symbolize that something or someone in your life is having a growth spurt. Green is also sometimes associated with money, so it could potentially be your bank balance that’s growing.


After the darkness of winter, a key feature of spring is seeing green start to appear on plants again. Seeing green in your dream could therefore symbolize that you have an opportunity for a fresh start after going through a period of difficulty.


When you look at plants, usually the green parts are alive, and the brown parts are dead. Dreaming of green could therefore symbolize that it is important for you to notice what is living and growing in your life now, in contrast to what is dying that you need to let go of.


Ayurveda and other forms of energy healing recognize energy centers distributed throughout the body known as chakras, as reported by Chopra. There are seven main chakras distributed up and down the spine, and each of these chakras is associated with one of the colors of the rainbow.

Green is associated with the heart chakra, which is located in the chest area. This energy center governs how you love and relate to other people, so a dream featuring green could symbolize that relationships are important for you now.

Moving Forward

On traffic lights, green means go, so a dream of green could symbolize that you are moving forward in your life. The idiom “get the green light” refers to getting permission from an authority figure to move forward, so your dream of green may mean that you can obtain approval from others if that is necessary for you to progress.

Attention or Camouflage

The shade of green in your dream can be relevant to interpreting the meaning of the color green in your dream. A very bright green, like neon green or lime green, could symbolize that you want to attract attention to yourself.

However, darker shades of green are used in camouflage worn by soldiers and hunters who want to blend in with their surroundings. Dreaming of dark green or camouflage could symbolize that you can accomplish your goals best if you do not draw a lot of attention to yourself.


Some paper currency has a greenish color, so green is sometimes associated with money on account of that. Dreaming of green could therefore symbolize that you are concerned with earning money.

Especially if green in your dream comes in the context of something like suitcases of dollar bills, this might symbolize that you suspect you or others in your life are too obsessed with money or earning it in a sketchy way. See also money dream symbolism and finding money dream symbolism.

Common Green Dreams

Dreaming of green grass

Dreaming of green grass

A dream of lush green grass can symbolize growth. How the grass is maintained may show whether you feel comfortable with the way growth is happening in your life now.

As it can feel physically comfortable to sit or walk barefoot on a lawn, dreaming of a lawn could show that the amount of growth in your life is comfortable and manageable. However, if the lawn in your dream is too neatly manicured, this could symbolize that you feel like society is too restrictive and not giving you enough room to explore.

If you dream of grass that has grown out of control, this could symbolize that a situation in your life needs attention. Though you may fear being perceived as interfering with the freedom of others involved, providing guidance might actually lead to a better outcome for everyone.

Some sports and games are also commonly played on grass fields, so dreaming of green grass in that context might be more about the sport or game itself. You could be excited that it is getting to be the time of year that your favorite sport is played, or playing a game in your dream might be a metaphor for competition in some other area of your life.

Dreaming of green snakes

Dreaming of green snakes

Snakes are often thought of as scary because they may attack unpredictably and sometimes have poisonous venom. The symbolism of snake dreams therefore can include deception and poison.

There are some green snakes that do have poisonous venom, according to Snakes for Pets. However, many well-known green snakes, including grass snakes, do not have poisonous venom. If you are familiar with green snakes in this context, a green snake in your dream could represent someone in your life who seems edgy but is really harmless.

Snake dreams in general can also represent sexual activity sometimes. Dreaming of a green snake in this context could symbolize that you are excited about pursuing a new sexual relationship but also nervous and unsettled about it. Even a snake that is not poisonous can still be a little scary.

Dreaming of green vegetables

Dreaming of green vegetables

Dreaming of green vegetables can show that health is on your mind. However, as people are often told by their parents when they are young that they need to eat green vegetables for their own good, a dream of green vegetables could in some cases be more about your attitude toward authority figures.

If green vegetables are a regular part of your diet that you feel good about, a dream of green vegetables can show that you feel confident in your ability to nourish yourself. This confidence might extend beyond the realm of food to other forms of nourishment that can be less physically visible, like taking care of your emotional needs or setting boundaries around your time. You may feel comfortable enough with your own authority that you are not too concerned about the possibility of others trying to boss you around.

If you don’t eat green vegetables very often, but you feel like you should eat them more often, dreaming of green vegetables can symbolize that you feel pressured to meet your obligations to society. While authority is important to you, you may see it as an outside force that you have to submit to rather than something that you have within you.

If you hate green vegetables, dreaming of green vegetables could symbolize that you feel anger toward authority figures. It may be important for you to trust your own desires, even if they lead you down a path different from what others are doing.

Dreaming of green plants

Dreaming of green plants

If you regularly work with green plants for your job or as a hobby, dreaming of green plants could reflect your routine activities. In this context, seeing plants in your dreams may show that you take pride in your work and feel like you are doing something that has value.

If growing plants is something you have less experience with, dreaming of growing plants could show you are making an effort to start something new in your life. Even if you don’t grow plants often, you may be familiar enough with the basic idea that putting in work gets results.

If your dream of green plants while you are out in a forest or jungle surrounded by vegetation, this type of green plants dream could symbolize that you need to get in touch with a wilder part of yourself. Spending time in nature may also help you get perspective on the frustrations of civilized life.


Color can be an important symbol in a dream, but it is only one part of most dreams. When you interpret the meaning of the color green in your dream, make sure that the interpretation of green you pick fits well with the rest of your dream.