What Does It Mean to Dream About Gold?

dreaming of gold meaning

Gold is a shiny and eye-catching material, so seeing it in your dream could definitely be memorable. Interpreting your dream of gold can give you insights on your attitude toward wealth and more.

Gold Dream Summary

Gold Dream Symbolism

Dreaming of gold can symbolize that you are concerned with wealth and security. A gold dream that feels good could show that you have enough resources to meet your needs. However, a dream of gold might also indicate that you have become greedy or developed a fear-based approach to money matters.

Depending on what the piece of jewelry is, seeing gold jewelry in your dream can symbolize that you’re proud of your achievements or possessions, especially if the dream has a vibe of showing off your bling. However, a more understated dream of a gold ring could symbolize commitment and permanence.

Common Gold Dreams

  1. Dream of a gold ring
  2. Dream of a gold necklace
  3. Dream of hiding gold
  4. Dream of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
  5. Dream of gold teeth

Gold Dream Symbolism

Gold Dream Symbolism


Gold is an old form of currency, and it’s still a symbol of wealth even though people now usually spend with cash or credit cards instead. In this sense, gold dream symbolism would overlap with money dream symbolism, which includes power, opportunity, self-worth, and success.


Dreaming of a big hoard of gold could symbolize that you have become greedy. Perhaps, as far as you know, you’re just stockpiling for a time of need in the future. However, it may now be important for you to define what having enough would actually look like.

Alternately, a dream of a big hoard of gold could symbolize that you think someone else in your life is greedy and overly materialistic. Even if this is an accurate assessment of the other person, you might need to look at why you care what they are doing in that regard.

As described in dragon dream symbolism, dragons have a reputation for hoarding gold in a greedy way, so this could be relevant to your gold dream.


While gold is not routinely used for financial transactions these days, some people acquire gold as an investment because they are afraid that the financial system will collapse. Dreaming of gold in this context could symbolize that you feel out of control in your life and are trying to do things that will make you feel more in control. See also apocalypse dream symbolism.


Gold is very durable, and a gold wedding ring often represents a commitment that is supposed to last until death does the couple part. A positive dream of gold could therefore symbolize that something in your life is permanent and solid.


In sporting events like the Olympic Games, the winner gets a gold medal. Dreaming of gold could therefore symbolize that you are proud of an achievement of yours, or that you are currently working hard in hopes that you will achieve something significant. See also dream symbolism of colors.


Gold’s shiny nature tends to make it eye-catching. A dream of gold, especially something like wearing gold jewelry in your dream, could therefore symbolize that you want to get noticed. Alternately, it might show that you think someone else in your life is too demanding of attention.

Common Gold Dreams

Dream of a gold ring

Dreaming of a gold ring can symbolize commitment and permanence. It may refer to a romantic relationship, but it could also refer to other types of relationships where it is important for you to be able to rely on the other person, like a business partnership or a close friendship. See also ring dream symbolism and wedding dream symbolism.

Dream of a gold necklace

The dream meaning of wearing a gold necklace or other gold jewelry could be that you’re flaunting what you’ve got. Whether you’re showing off your financial status or another type of achievement, you may feel like what you have gives you self-worth. However, you might need to look at whether you’re alienating others with your focus on your accomplishments or possessions. Remember that true security can only come from within. See also jewelry dream symbolism.

Dream of hiding gold

Hiding gold in your dream could symbolize that you want to protect something important in your life from others. This may be an indication that the people around you aren’t entirely trustworthy, if you feel like you can’t trust them not to steal or mistreat your stuff.

Alternately, a dream of hiding gold could be more about you than about other people. It might show that you’re confident you have something amazing inside you, even if the rest of the world hasn’t quite caught on yet. It can also mean that you’re making a thoughtful effort to prepare yourself for whatever challenges the future may hold.

Dream of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Dreaming of hunting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow could symbolize that you are focused on achieving a goal that is extremely idealistic. You may be stuck in an all-or-nothing mindset that provokes you to pass up other possibilities that are probably more achievable along the way.

However, actually finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in your dream could be a great omen that things will work out for you, perhaps in a totally improbable way. See also rainbow dream symbolism.

Dream of gold teeth

Teeth in dreams symbolize your ability to take care of yourself and defend yourself. A dream of gold teeth, like other dreams of false teeth, could therefore mean that you’re willing to take action to solve your problems, perhaps transcending your natural limitations in some way. See also teeth dream symbolism.


Most dreams of gold are likely to be at least somewhat positive, as gold is a highly valued resource associated with security. Any challenges in your gold dream could show that there’s room to fine-tune the details of how you approach money matters.