What Does Dreaming of a Girl Mean?

Dream about a girl

Whether you know her or not, seeing a girl in your dream may remind you of your own youth. She could also have other important messages for you if you explore the dream symbolism of dreaming of a girl.

Girl Dream Summary

Girl Dream Symbolism

Dreaming of a girl can include the symbolism of any dream of a child, like potential, vulnerability, and innocence. Girl dream symbolism, however, may also involve developing qualities thought of as feminine or dealing with sexual threats that especially impact girls and women.

The question of when a girl becomes a woman can be relevant to understanding what counts as a dream of a girl. In some cultures, the transition happens at sexual maturity, when menstruation begins. In other cultures, the term “girl” is used through high school or even longer.

If you are at an age where you are unsure whether to call yourself a girl or a woman, dreaming of a girl who is clearly still a girl could symbolize that you are reluctant to make this transition.

Common Girl Dreams

  1. Dream of a little girl
  2. Dream of a girl approaching you
  3. Dream of a girl you used to know
  4. Dream of a girl you never met
  5. Recurring dreams of a girl

Girl Dream Symbolism

Girl Dream Symbolism


Dreaming of any child can often symbolize that you see the future potential of someone or something in your life. If you are female yourself, a dream of a girl specifically could bring up questions about whether you have lived up to the hopes you had for yourself when you were young.

If you are not female yourself, a dream of a girl may symbolize your potential to develop qualities you associate with femininity, such as sensitivity and nurturing. Though you don’t necessarily have to change your basic personality, making this effort to expand your skills could help you become a well-rounded person.


All children are vulnerable and in need of protection. Girls, however, can face unique risks. Some cultures give boys and men preferential treatment over girls and women. As discussed in baby girl dream symbolism, sexual violence against girls and women is also common in many cultures.

Dreams of a young girl could symbolize that there is someone or something in your life who needs to be protected. You might see yourself as a potential protector, and this could be apparent within the narrative of your dream.

Your dream of a girl might alternately symbolize that you feel vulnerable yourself. While a recent incident could have triggered these feelings in you, the situation could remind you of some way that you were wounded when you were younger and helpless to do anything about it.


Dreaming of a girl could symbolize innocence, especially in regards to sexual matters. Your dream of a girl may reflect that you have become weary of the darkness of the world and would like to reconnect with a more innocent part of yourself.

Alternately, dreaming of a girl could suggest that you are annoyed with yourself or someone else in your life for being too innocent, as you might think people are better off acknowledging the harsher realities of the world.


A girl who is not yet tied down with the responsibilities and commitments of adulthood can be carefree. Dreaming of especially a girl on the older end of the range of girl could symbolize that you want to be able to have fun and enjoy your life. You may envy others who seem to have more freedom in this regard than you do.

Common Girl Dreams

Dream of a little girl

Dream of a little girl

Dreaming of a little girl might emphasize the vulnerability part of girl dream symbolism. If the girl in your dream is so young that she can’t do much for herself, you might feel especially responsible for protecting her. She could represent someone else in your life for whom you feel responsible, regardless of that person’s chronological age.

Little girls, not having had many experiences with the restrictions of society, can also be wonderfully uninhibited. Dreaming of a little girl could therefore symbolize that you need to get out of society’s box a bit and let some of your unfiltered reactions come out.

Dream of a girl approaching you

Dream of a girl approaching you

If a girl comes to you in a dream, this could symbolize that you might not need to seek out opportunities to bring the qualities symbolically associated with girls, like innocence and potential, into your life. The opportunities may be coming to you whether you are ready for them or not, so you might need to be open to that experience.

If the girl approaches you because she is in trouble and needs help, this might symbolize that some part of yourself needs care and nurturing. Alternately, this dream could mean that you are concerned with helping others in your life, though there may also be an element of you identifying yourself as a rescuer.

If the girl seems angry at you when she approaches you, this could symbolize that you have been neglecting to care for yourself. You may not be acknowledging your own difficult emotions, so you might tend to see difficult emotions in the other characters in your dreams more broadly.

If the girl seems to be playful or otherwise inviting you to have a good time, this could symbolize that you have been too serious lately and need to have some fun, though you might have trouble giving yourself permission to do this.

Dream of a girl you used to know

Dream of a girl you used to know

Dreaming of a girl you used to know might symbolize that you are interested in rediscovering the earlier time in your own life when you knew her. You may be drawn to reconnect with a particular interest you had in the past, or you might just miss the optimism and energy you had when you were younger.

Alternately, if there is something specific you remember about this girl, you might dream of her when you have an experience similar to that. For example, if the most obvious thing you remember about this girl is that her father died while she was still in high school, you might dream of her when your own father dies many years later.

Dream of a girl you never met

Dream of a girl you never met

Dreaming about a girl you never met is similar to other dreams of strangers. Any stranger dream has the advantage of not being clouded by your associations with a particular person known to you.

Dreams of people you don’t know can symbolize parts of yourself. They may also symbolize personality traits or qualities that you would like to develop in yourself – or that you find repulsive in others.

Especially if you are a woman, an unfamiliar girl in your dream who reminds you of the kind of girl you were when you were young, in terms of having similar interests or appearance, could symbolize a younger version of yourself. Even if you are not a woman, however, dreaming of a girl who reminds you in some way of your younger self may symbolize a feminine part of you that is developing.

Regardless of your own gender, there might have been a kind of girl you didn’t like when you were younger. If you were a nerd, maybe you didn’t like the popular girls – or, if you were one of the popular kids, maybe you didn’t like the nerdy girls.

Dreaming of the kind of girl you didn’t like when you were younger could explain the bad vibes you get around someone currently in your life. You might be triggered by this person because they seem like an older version of someone you had a bad experience with in your childhood.

On the other hand, maybe your judgment of the girls you didn’t like in your childhood was not entirely fair. They could have some qualities that you would actually benefit from developing, and a positive appearance of such a girl in your dream might suggest that.

Recurring dreams of a girl

Recurring dreams of a girl

If you keep dreaming about a girl repeatedly, this might mean your dreams of her are especially significant to understanding yourself. Whether or not this girl is anyone you know in your waking life, you may continue to dream of her until you come to understand her message and figure out how to give her what she wants. The content of the message could be in any of the other categories discussed above, but the persistence of your dream might speak more to the level of its importance to your current life.


Your dream of a girl can bring up all the good and bad aspects of being young. Yes, girls can be carefree, as they are not weighed down with the responsibilities of adulthood, and they may have an innocent and optimistic attitude. They have the potential to pursue a variety of paths in life. They are, however, vulnerable while they learn to make their way in the world.