Fish Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Fish Dream - Meaning and Interpretation

If you’ve been having dreams about fish, you are probably wondering why it’s happening and what it means. Dreaming about fish can have various indications, ranging from predicting good fortune and wealth, through to warning you about negative people in your life. Know that you’re not alone; dreams about fish are actually quite common, and the context in that they appear can vary greatly. You can learn more about how to interpret different fish dreams here.

Fish Dream Summary

Fish Symbolism

Fish symbolize different things according to your own personal culture, background, and beliefs. Learning about what fish means to different people can help you to understand your own fish dreams.

Common Fish Dreams

Some of the most common fish dreams and their interpretations are listed below. These include:

  1. Dreams About Eating Fish
  2. Dreams About Dead Fish
  3. Dreams About Large Fish
  4. Dreams About Black Fish
  5. Dreams About Fish Swimming in Water
  6. Dreams About Going Fishing
  7. Dreams About Fish in an Aquarium
  8. Dreams About Fish Eggs

What Does the Symbolism of Fish Mean?

Fish Symbolism

Generally, dreaming about fish is considered to be a positive sign. In folklore, fish symbolize good luck, and so dreaming about fish can often be interpreted as a prelude to something pleasant happening in your life, whether that be in regards to your family and friends, your career, your financial state, or your health. There are some exceptions to this, such as dreaming about black fish, but we will discuss this in detail later. The symbolization of fish can vary depending on your background, individual circumstance, and spiritual beliefs. Here are some of the most common ways the fish are interpreted and what they symbolize.


Fish are a common theme in Christianity. A fish is sometimes used as a symbol for Jesus Christ. This takes the shape of two intersecting arches and is known as the ichthys. Fish is also a recurring theme throughout the bible. Most people are familiar with the story about the loaves of bread and the fisherman. From this aspect, fish are considered to be associated with strength, endurance, and abundance. In Chinese culture, fish are associated with wealth and good fortune, while in Paganism, fish were used to represent fertility.

Zodiac Signs

In the zodiac, fish is the symbol for Pisces. Pisces is usually depicted by two fish that are swimming in opposite directions. This can be a sign that you are being pulled in two different directions within your life in that you are struggling to make a decision, for example deciding whether to take a new job or stay in your current one. The two opposing fish can also refer to two different sides of your personality and may infer that you are torn between your true self and the side that you show the world.


According to many old wives’ tales and ancient folklore, women typically dream about fish before they are about to conceive. Some women often dream about fish as a sign that a close friend or relative is about to become pregnant. In women who are already pregnant, dreaming about fish can be an indication of the sex of your baby.


If you suspect that somebody isn’t telling you the truth, you might describe their behavior as ‘fishy.’ Dishonest people are also sometimes referred to as being ‘slippery,’ much like a slippery, wet fish. A dodgy dealing can also be thought of as being ‘fishy,’ which shows us that in colloquial language, fish can symbolize suspicion and dishonesty. If we apply this to dreaming about fish, it might indicate that the dreamer is unsure about a person in their life, or that they suspect something isn’t quite right.


Fish are a popular source of food and nourishment among humans, so the act of eating fish, as well as the act of fishing, can symbolize that we are leading healthy lives and providing well for our families. Fishing is also a relaxing and enjoyable hobby that can symbolize that we are nourishing our mental health.

Specific Dream Interpretation

Though fish can represent various different things through symbolism, the context of the fish in your dreams can determine how to interpret them. Some of the most common fish dreams and their meanings are listed here:

Dreams About Eating Fish

Cooking or eating fish in your dreams indicates that you are nourishing and nurturing your soul. The way that you prepare the fish or the type of fish you eat in your dream can affect the way you should interpret this dream. For example, eating white fish means that you are in excellent health while choking on a fishbone while eating fish in your dream is symbolic of the hurdles you are yet to face in life.

Eating fried fish is a sign that good fortune is coming to you. Carefully cleaning and preparing a fish yourself before eating it is an indication that you have good mental stability, and you are emotionally strong. Meanwhile, watching someone else prepare a fish before they give it to you and you consequently eat it can be an omen that your financial situation is about to improve, for example, through an inheritance. If you eat bad fish, which is rotten or foul-smelling, then this is a sign that you are in an unhealthy or unhappy relationship.

Dreams About Dead Fish

Dream about dead fish

A dead fish, as you might expect, is not a good sign. In ancient folklore, the appearance of a dead fish in a dream means there is bad news coming, for example, an illness or other problem in the future. Some other sources believe that dreaming about a dead fish relates to past events, for example, grief, loss, or disappointment. A dead fish showing up on the shore can symbolize feelings of depression, or also refer to past mistakes you have made that you now regret. Dreaming about dead fish should encourage you to make a change in your life to ensure you get yourself on a happier and healthier path in the future.

Dreams About Large Fish

Dreaming about a large fish can have several possible different meanings depending on the context. A large fish in your dream that does not cause you any harm is usually thought to mean that somebody in your real life is untrustworthy and is going behind your back. If the end outcome of the dream is positive, this indicates that in spite of this untrustworthy person, you will experience ultimate victory and come out on top of the situation.

A large fish in your dream can also be a sign that you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or uncomfortable in social situations. If the large fish is menacing and has a threatening presence, then this is a sign that you are, or will soon, be going through some major life changes. This threatening fish is symbolic of your usual life being attacked, or maybe even your viewpoint being attacked, leading to a permanent reversal of opinions you previously held to be true. Dreaming of aggressive fish, like sharks, can also be interpreted that you are worrying or are living in fear.

Dreams About Black Fish

The appearance of black fish in your dreams can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context. If you are in a loving relationship, then a black fish in your dream indicates that your partner has a positive influence on you, and their intentions are pure. If you are single, a black fish is an indication that you will soon meet somebody special.

A black fish can also be a predictor of stormy weather coming, and it can also be a sign that you are feeling stressed or anxious. If the black fish in the dream is you, and you are swimming freely in the water, then this symbolizes that you are embarking on a fresh start and a new chapter in your life. In ancient folklore, black fish are a sign that you are struggling to find something that makes you happy, and you are encouraged to try many things until you find what you are looking for.

Dreams About Fish Swimming in Water

Dreams About Fish Swimming in Water

The symbolism of fish swimming in water will depend on the type of water they were in. Fish swimming in clear water signifies that you are thinking clearly and that you have recently gained clarity about a situation or incident in your life. By comparison, fish swimming in muddy or murky water symbolizes the opposite; that you feel challenged or uncertain. The clearer the water, the more positive the dream will be. Fish swimming in clear water can also be a sign of good fortune to come or an indication that you will be moving to a better job or getting a promotion in the coming months. The type of water, as well as its clarity, can also be relevant. Still, water represents calm, while rough and stormy waters can signify troubles or challenges in the times ahead.

Dreams About Going Fishing

Dreams About Going Fishing

Dreaming about going fishing can be a sign that you are trying to find ways to connect with yourself and with others in your life. However, if your dream fishing trip becomes more competitive and you are dreaming about trying to catch big fish, then this could indicate that you are facing a barrier in real life that you are trying to break through. The dream might be trying to teach you to confront your thoughts about this or approach it from a different angle to have more success. It’s worth remembering that dreams can be a way for your body to process things that are happening in everyday life, and do not necessarily reflect what the outcome will be.

Dreams About Fish in an Aquarium

Dreams About Fish in an Aquarium

This dream has quite obvious negative connotations when you think about how it would feel to be living life from the inside of an aquarium. Dreaming about fish in aquariums can signify that you feel trapped in a situation or in a relationship in your life, or that you are struggling to break free from something. It can also be a reflection of how you think other people see you and can be common among people with low self-esteem. If you are worried that people are laughing at your expense, or that they are watching you for their own enjoyment, then this can also result in having dreams about fish in aquariums.

Dreams About Fish Eggs

Fish eggs in dreams relate to fresh starts and new beginnings. It is said that dreaming about fish eggs can point to signs that you are pregnant or are ready to start a family, as having a baby is obviously the beginning of a new chapter in life. However, the fact that fish eggs are laid by some fish in their thousands also links fish eggs to fertility, which is another reason why dreaming about fish eggs may be linked to indications about pregnancy. Fish eggs are also a symbol of inspiration, so it may be that you are being inspired to embark on a new adventure. If you are already pregnant and are dreaming about fish or fish eggs, then do not worry, as this is a common and usually positive sign for expectant mothers.


Dreaming about fish is most often a positive thing, linked to wealth, prosperity, and fertility. If you are having the same or similar dreams about fish repeatedly, then it might be a sign that you should take action in waking life. Fish dreams may make you feel scared, anxious, sad, or even hungry! Take note of your fish dreams and what they are trying to convey to you, but also remember that dreams do not always translate directly to real life, so don’t become preoccupied with figuring them out if it is not clear at first. You will come to understand what your dreams about fish mean when you are ready and the time is right.

Fish Dream Meaning and Interpretation