Eyes Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Eyes Dream

Dreaming about eyes may be a curious and spiritual experience. If you would like to know more about the symbolism of seeing eyes in your dream and how this part of the body is connected with your daily life, then this text is right for you.

In the following article, you will learn more about the symbolism of dreams involving eyes.

Eyes Dream Summary

Symbolism of Eyes

Understanding the symbolism of eyes is very important for deciphering the meaning of a dream that includes these organs of the visual system. The metaphoric meanings attributed to eyes provide clues about the meaning of your dream.

From a spiritual perspective, eyes are connected with our intuition, psychic abilities, and inner power. If you are undergoing some type of awakening or holistic change, then it will be common for you to dream about eyes.

General Eyes Dream Interpretation

There are some dreams involving eyes that are more frequent than others. In the following sections, you will find out specific information about common dreams people have about eyes, along with their interpretations. Recurring dreams featuring eyes that are mentioned in this article include:

  1. Dreams About Your Own Eyes
  2. Dreams About Losing an Eye
  3. Dreams About Having One Eye

Eyes Dream Interpretations

Dreams About Your Own Eyes

Your Own Eyes

As the main organs in the human visual system, the eyes offer us the sense of sight. Metaphorically, they are connected with our ability to “see” different situations from different perspectives. Dreaming about your own eyes could mean that you are able to analyze a variety of situations without judgment and with an open attitude.

Seeing your own eyes in a dream can also indicate that you are about to experience an epiphany or realization. In this scenario, the dream could be preparing you for the change of consciousness that will take place soon.  You are now ready to take a leap of faith and to choose a more genuine life path.

Another interpretation of seeing your own eyes in a dream could be that there is something in your life that you are overlooking. The dream is trying to direct your attention to a problem that requires your intervention. You need to “open your eyes” and stop beating around the bush. Do what you got to do because your problems won’t disappear unless you address them.

In its most positive manifestation, to see your own eyes in a dream can signal the fact that you recognize the blessings present in your environment. Since you are very lucky and your basic needs are covered, now it’s time to understand your life purpose. This dream could be an invitation to embark on a spiritual journey and open your heart even more.

Dreams About Losing an Eye

Losing an Eye

Losing an eye in a dream could be very traumatic. This scene could indicate that you are feeling off-track regarding your perspective on life. You are not seeing the bigger picture and are lost in the everyday details of your current situation.

Losing an eye during a dream usually reflects that you are not listening to your own wisdom or intuition. This dream could indicate that you are feeling somewhat disoriented and lonely, but you are too proud to reach out to other people.

This dream is inviting you to access your divine consciousness. This is the perfect moment for understanding your motivations and unveiling your true desires. Even though you may feel sad or rejected, you know it’s time for a change. You will never satisfy everyone’s expectations, but you may start satisfying your own expectations by being honest about what you really want.

Experiencing an eye injury during a dream could illustrate that you need to let go of idealizations and loosen up a bit. If you get poked in the eye during your dream, this could signify that you are feeling ungrounded. Maybe you need to recognize that you are the designer of your life and that you can shift your circumstances. Of course, it won’t be easy, but you need to start somewhere to get where you want to get.

If somebody hurts your eyes in the dream, this could indicate that you are ready to embrace new changes. Seeing bloodshot eyes in the dream may represent you are being too emotional and that you are having a hard time seeing a situation objectively. Logic and common sense will be needed right now in your life.

If you are blind in the dream, this can illustrate that you are not feeling fulfilled. Your life may be boring or dull for you. Joy is missing and you are incapable of seeing all the good stuff that surrounds you. Meditation and journaling could be your allies in order for you to regain perspective.

Hurting your eyes in a dream may imply that you are going to focus on achieving your goals. You may have become tired of your excuses and now you have the necessary motivation to go after what you want. However, this dream could also indicate that you are being too self-centered. While you work towards your goals, remember that you have to share some quality time with your beloved ones.

Dreams About Having One Eye

Having One Eye

Having only one eye in a dream means you are shortsighted, figuratively speaking. You are only observing your life from a narrow perspective. This dream indicates that you need to expose yourself more to new activities and groups of people.

Dreaming about seeing a person who has only one eye denotes that you are going to face a rough patch. The difficulties may bring you sorrow and disappointment. However, you will be resourceful enough to come out the other side feeling powerful and wiser. This period of your life will offer you valuable learning experiences that you will never forget.


Dreams about eyes are mysterious, inquisitive, and puzzling. People who dream about these organs usually wake up with a lot of questions and a desire to know more about their true colors. When analyzed, the dreams involving eyes can help you in your waking life. These dreams are an invitation for you to do some soul searching and connect with spiritual practices.