Elephant Dream Interpretation and Meanings

Elephant Dream

Dreaming about an elephant could be a fascinating and suggestive experience. If you want to know what the elephant in your dream represents and how the presence of this animal is connected with your daily life, you should keep reading.

In the following article, you will learn more about how to interpret elephant dreams.

Elephant Dream Summary

Symbolism of Elephants

Understanding the symbolism of an elephant is the first step you have to take in order to decode your dream. The reason behind this is that the elephant symbolism provides clues about your dream meaning.

Elephants are big and strong animals. They are powerful and capable of overcoming many different serious hazards. As a symbol, elephants are linked with possessing the necessary strength in order to battle complex situations in life.

General Elephant Dream Interpretation

Some elephant dreams are more frequent than others. Below, you will find the most common dreams people have about elephants, along with their interpretations. Frequent elephant dreams explained in this article include:

  1. Dreams About Different Colored Elephants
  2. Dreams About Riding an Elephant
  3. Dreams About a Herd of Elephants

What Does the Symbolism of Elephants Mean?

Symbolism of Elephants


Elephants often symbolize power and the ability to exert control in order to change unfavorable situations. Some elephant dreams want to bring your attention towards an important issue in your life that has to be sorted out. You have to stop ignoring it and take decisive action.

The problems existing in your waking life may be embarrassing and uncomfortable. But right now they are also unavoidable. Therefore, you have to take care of them. Otherwise, they will get bigger and more difficult to untangle as time passes by.

Dreaming about elephants may want to direct your awareness towards a conflict taking place at work or in your private circle. The message is that you have to deal with this situation as soon as possible. Doing it is the only way of releasing the tension you are experiencing in your life.


Elephants represent good fortune and luck. When they show up in your dreams, they could be a positive omen indicating that good news are coming.

If the elephant in your dream is located around water or swimming in water, good luck will be even more potent. The presence of elephants plus water in dreams represent a flow of abundance pouring into your life. Besides, if the elephant is having fun and playing in the water, the meaning is directly connected with financial abundance.

Dreaming about saving an elephant means that you have a compassionate and empathetic nature. Luck will manifest in your life once you embrace your healing powers to help those who are in need. A career connected with health, caretaking or nutrition may bring prosperity and joy for you.


The spiritual message that elephants carry when they show up in dreams is that you can achieve your lofty goals. Elephants pop up in your sleep to inspire you to follow your dreams in your waking life.

When awake, you may be planning on creating something from scratch or setting up a business. But you could feel that your projects are too ambitious for you to tackle them. Dreaming about elephants at this point informs you that no goal is too big. Impossible is nothing.

Your endeavours will succeed. You will have the stamina and the patience to withstand the obstacles that will try to bring you down. This is especially true if you dream about a mother elephant or a baby elephant.

Dreaming about baby elephants means that a new venture has the potential of offering stunning rewards. You just have to keep up working towards achieving your goals. Dreaming about a mother elephant signals that you have to nurture the project day after day until it can take off.

Elephant Dream Interpretations

Dreams About Different Colored Elephants

Different Colored Elephants

The color of the elephant in your dream could change the way this animal should be interpreted.

White and golden elephants are a symbol of abundance and good luck. Depending on the situation you are experiencing in your waking life, they could also represent that you are feeling spiritually whole. A grey or pale elephant, on the contrary, means that you are going through some challenging difficulties.

A black elephant is a reminder of a memory you have buried in the past. Maybe there are some unresolved issues in your existence and the black elephant is the invitation for you to take a deep look into your wounds in order to heal them.

If you see a green elephant in your dream, this could signify a move or change of location. You will experience a positive relocation in your life, maybe because of a new job position. Meanwhile, orange elephants may signal that you are taking your tasks too lightly. It is time for you to become more productive and responsible.

Purple and yellow elephants are connected with money and expenses. They are showing you that you need to be more careful with your cash and avoid spending it on unnecessary items. Start saving and organizing your finances.

Dreams About Riding an Elephant

Riding an Elephant

Dreaming about riding an elephant represents the fact that right now you are unveiling your inner power and strength. At this moment, you are ready to face any challenges that may emerge and you are standing strong in your values.

Riding an elephant represents the intense aura that you exude. Now it is a good time for developing projects or dedicating yourself towards achieving long-term goals.

This dream could also suggest that you are in control of your most unconscious desires. Certain issues that you once thought were too difficult to handle now seem to be a piece of cake. To be riding an elephant is the manifestation of you being in control and feeling unstoppable.

It is certainly a good omen if you are riding a baby elephant in your dream. If there are some plans that you want to execute, there is no time like the present to start. You will be very lucky and honored once the project becomes more solid. Being seen as an authority both in your family and in business are some possible manifestations.

If riding the elephant in the dream is uncomfortable for you, this means that you need to rest. Fatigue has taken over and you are running on empty. If the elephant you are riding is going to war or a similar conflict, the meaning behind this action is that you will experience some problems in your waking life.

Watching other people riding an elephant in a dream signifies that you could get significant help from an influential person or from your group of friends.

Dreams About a Herd of Elephants

a Herd of Elephants

Dreaming about a herd of elephants is a sign that profits, abundance and general wellbeing are going to be present in your life really soon. Encountering a herd of elephants in your dream also suggests that you are the member of a beautiful community and that you are making good decisions regarding your social life.

If in the dream you are running away from the herd, there may be some enemies in your life that are more powerful than you and very dangerous. Such a dream could indicate that you have the ability to fight them, but you may be afraid or feel powerless. Believe in yourself!

Being chased by a herd of elephants can also represent that you are under a lot of pressure. Maybe your social community or your family have unreal expectations about you. You may feel suffocated.

Watching a herd of elephants running wild could mean that following your instincts could bring chaos in your life. You may need to learn how to listen to and manage your feelings without becoming controlled by them. In a dream, an anxious or directionless herd of elephants could signify that you are making decisions taking into account what others want for you and not your true desires.

A herd of elephants in a dream may also predict an important meeting in your waking life. If someone in a role of power is interested in getting to know you, it will be good for you to accept this proposal.

If you see a baby elephant within a herd, this means that you should think about finding solutions to balance your life. You may have too many things on your plate right now. If the baby elephant is playing with other living creatures, this could urge you to solve issues related with your neighbours. Instead, if a herd of elephants surrounds you in your human form, you should be grateful because you are having a lot of support in your life.


Dreams about elephants are usually very positive. You should not be afraid of dreaming about this magnificent animal. When understood, the dreams involving elephants can be very helpful for your waking life because they will show you that you have the power to overcome all the challenges that may emerge and that abundance awaits you once you unlock your inner power.

Elephant Dream Interpretation and Meanings