Earthquake Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Earth Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Dreaming about an earthquake may be a worrisome and upsetting experience. If you would like to get to know more about the meaning of seeing an earthquake in your dream and how the shaking of the surface of the Earth is connected with your daily life, then you should keep reading.

In the following article, you will get information about the symbolism of earthquake dreams.

Earthquake Dream Summary

Symbolism of Earthquakes

Earthquake Symbolism

Learning about the symbolism of earthquakes is vital for understanding the meaning of a dream involving this seismic tremor. Metaphoric meanings attributed to earthquakes provide data about the nuances of your dream.

Earthquakes manifest themselves at the Earth’s surface by shaking, displacing, and disrupting the ground. While some of them are so weak that no one feels them, others are aggressive enough to propel objects, animals, and people into the air. Major earthquakes can wreak destruction across different cities.

An earthquake is a natural disaster that occurs when geological faults are ruptured. However, they can also be caused by other events such as landslides, volcanic eruptions, nuclear tests, mine blasts, and tsunami. They may cause injuries and loss of life, property damage, road and bridge destruction, and destabilization of buildings. The aftermath of an earthquake could bring diseases, panic attacks, and depression to survivors.

As a symbol, earthquakes are usually linked with loss of stability, unexpected change, uncertainty, lack of clarity, experiencing difficulties, and feeling overwhelmed or fearful.

General Earthquake Dream Interpretation

Some earthquake dreams occur more frequently than others. In the following sections, you will find out information about usual dreams people have about earthquakes, along with their specific interpretations. Common earthquake dream meanings mentioned in this article include:

  1. Dreams About Surviving an Earthquake
  2. Dreams About Seeing Destruction Caused by an Earthquake
  3. Dreams About Running Away from an Earthquake

Earthquake Dream Interpretations

Dreams About Surviving an Earthquake

If you dream of the earthquake and survive it, this may indicate that you are experiencing a chaotic period in your life. Feeling a vibration or the earthquake dynamics while dreaming points towards the fact that you are having a number of conflicting thoughts and emotions at the moment.

Usually, like a tornado dream, the dream about surviving an earthquake emerges when the pressure you are living in your waking life exceeds your perceived ability to cope with difficult situations. The earthquake in the dream symbolizes that you find your current situation unstable and possibly dangerous. You don’t have a secure emotion or capable of solving your pressing issues.

However, this type of dream is not always negative. The pressure you are feeling is a good sign showing that you are leaving your comfort zone. You may just need some more time to adjust to a new and better reality.

Surviving an earthquake in a dream could also signify that you are feeling appropriately challenged and enthused about achieving your most desired goals. The key to managing change is giving yourself a break and being patient about your transformation.

The earthquake in the dream could also be an allusion to the fear and loneliness that sometimes is connected with undergoing a personal transformation. Your confusion is reflected in the symbolism of the seismic event in your dream. A possible solution for dealing with the stress attached to changes would be trying to understanding what you need to do in order to reach inner fulfillment. Journaling about your feelings could be a potent tool for connecting with your true desires.

Dreams About Seeing Destruction Caused by an Earthquake

Dreams About Seeing Destruction Caused by an Earthquake

Earthquakes can destroy buildings, damage roads and kill both people and animals. Watching all the destruction in a dream, but not being affected by it, means that you are trying really hard to protect what is yours. You may also feel insecure about your abilities and talents.

The earthquakes that are high on the Richter scale, for example, of a magnitude of 7 or higher, are considered very severe. The intensity of the earthquake needs to be considered in order to decipher the dream correctly. If the earthquake in your dream is of high intensity and you watch a lot of damage, this indicates that a bad situation you are living in right now can turn for the better soon. Everything will work out well. You just need to be a little bit patient.

Dreaming about seeing the destruction caused by an earthquake could also be an omen of a relocation. This dream could be a sign that you may lose your job or may move to a different city or country to find better opportunities. Experiencing these sudden changes may feel like the end of the world, but you will overcome these difficulties.

If in the dream you are inside a building and you notice the damage caused by an earthquake from a considerable distance, this could mean that you will receive surprising news. A situation in your waking life will cause a significant effect on you as a person. Alternatively, this dream may represent your emotional state. You may be running away from negative emotions you don’t want to deal with, trying to detach from them and looking at them like they are being experienced by someone else.

After dreaming about seeing the destruction caused by an earthquake, you should be brave and start making small changes in your waking life.

Dreams About Running Away from an Earthquake

Dreams About Running Away from an Earthquake

Running away from an earthquake in a dream symbolizes that you feel trapped in your life. You are under a lot of stress and want to escape from your responsibilities. Your life doesn’t look like the type of life you want to create. But you have to remember how powerful you are. The dream is a reminder that you are more than capable of dealing with the different problems in your life. Strength is on your side.

Observing the ground open with cracks while you run way from the earthquake could indicate that you need to be more flexible. If you don’t accept the ebb and flow of life you may experience burnout. Learn how to rest and how to remain open to the different options presented to you by your existence.


Dreams about earthquakes are terrifying and gruesome. People usually wake up feeling upset, scared, and worried after dreaming about earthquakes. When analyzed, the dreams involving this menacing phenomenon can provide insight into your waking life. These dreams are an invitation for you to acknowledge that you have what it takes to overcome the problems that you may be experiencing. Give yourself some credit and get to work!

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