Eagle Dream Interpretation and Symbolism

Eagle Dream

Dreaming about an eagle is rare, so there’s a great chance that your vision has a significant meaning. However, this type of dream can have several interpretations, which can be positive or negative.

Plus, their meanings may also vary, depending on the other symbols in your dream. Even so, dreaming about this courageous creature is often a good sign. To give you a better view, here are some of the most common eagle dream interpretations.

Eagle Symbolism

Eagle Symbolism


Dreams about eagles may symbolize courage, and it expresses your yearning to go beyond your limits. Remember, an eagle is a predator, and it always grabs opportunities, especially when looking for food. As such, if you dream about this mighty bird, it is reminding you to have the courage to stretch your limits. At the same time, it is also telling you to be smart and to seize opportunities. Through this, you’ll be able to fly and reach your dreams.

Freedom and Independence

Dreaming about an eagle may represent your desire for freedom and independence, especially if you’re feeling restricted or under pressure. Sometimes, you may also feel lost, confused, and stuck in your life. If this is the case, this magnificent creature is inspiring you to break your chains, try new things, and go outside of your comfort zone. Plus, it is telling you to open your mind, unleash your thoughts, and seek new possibilities that will make you feel happy and accomplished.

Keep in mind that an eagle is an independent creature. It spreads its wing and flies high, going to places beyond its territory. Likewise, you can be an eagle by opening your mind and experiencing new things.

Wisdom and Clarity

Aside from those eagle dream interpretations, dreaming of an eagle may also signify clarity and wisdom. In the Native American culture, an eagle is a sacred animal, and it symbolizes wisdom. For them, this creature can send their prayers to the Great Spirit. Plus, it is also associated with visions.

Due to its symbolic meaning, a dream about an eagle is a reminder for you to get the truth. As such, you have to look beyond the surface to get clarity. Additionally, it is also telling you to let your intuition guide you. Instead of listening to others, you need to have faith in what your heart is telling you.

Strength and Confidence

An eagle can also symbolize strength and confidence. In fact, most eagle-related dreams are associated with success and ambition. Plus, they are also reminders of your abilities and strengths.

As you know, eagles are considered the bravest and most royal creatures in the bird kingdom. For this reason, a dream about an eagle is an encouragement for you to be like them, brave and confident.

If you’re feeling weak and depressed, your eagle dream is encouraging you to stand up and have confidence in yourself. Always remember that each person in this world is unique and special. All of us have strengths. So, you have to look within and believe in yourself.

Common Eagle Dreams

Dream about an Eagle Flying

an Eagle Flying

A dream about an eagle flying can mean various things. In general, when this majestic bird is flying, it signifies freedom. Your dream is telling you that you are not someone persuaded by others. Additionally, you are not attached to material things. Instead, you value your friends and family.

Aside from freedom, dreaming about a flying eagle is also a reminder that you need to clear your mind from negative thoughts and emotions. One way to achieve calm and freedom from anxiety is through careful meditation and reflection.

Lastly, a dream about a flying eagle can signify success and positivity. It may also be expressing your deep satisfaction in life. If the bird is circling its prey, your dream is reminding you to be patient. At the same time, you should also wait for the right time to strike.

Dream about an Eagle in a Cage

an Eagle in a Cage

A dream about an eagle in a cage signifies your present situation. Like the bird, you’re feeling trapped, confined, or restricted. The reason could be due to relationship or financial burdens. In some cases, you are probably experiencing some setbacks or problems that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

Another interpretation of this dream is that someone is feeling embarrassed, ashamed, or disgraced. The cause of this embarrassment could be associated with lapses in judgment or criminal acts. Because you’re ashamed of something, you wanted to hide or lock yourself in your room or home.

Dreaming of Killing an Eagle

Killing an Eagle

If you are killing an eagle in your dream, it symbolizes dominance and ruthlessness. The vision is telling you that you will do anything to achieve your ambitions. You may even take down someone that stands in your way. In doing so, you will use force to reach your goals.

A dream about killing an eagle can also be a warning that something bad will occur. The reason is probably due to the unpleasant thing you did to someone. That person is now trying to get back at you unexpectedly. So, you have to evaluate your actions and seek forgiveness before the good things in your life are gone.

Dreaming of Catching an Eagle

Catching an Eagle

A dream about catching an eagle may suggest that someone in your life is restraining or stopping you from doing something that will make you happy. It could be your parents or a loved one. Either way, you are bothered by their restrictions because you are someone capable of taking care of yourself.

Aside from that, this dream may also mean that you’re hindering other people from thinking for themselves. Although you have good intentions for doing this, you are manipulating them.

Either way, this dream signifies that you or someone in your life is feeling trapped or restrained.

Dream about a Sick Eagle

a Sick Eagle

Seeing a sick eagle in your dream suggests that you’re living an unhealthy life. There’s a great possibility that you’re currently stressed out due to your work or daily problems. Because of this, you may neglect your health. Additionally, you may even find comfort with vices like alcohol and cigarettes. Lastly, you need to chew or hold something to feel calm and in control.

Dreaming of an Eagle Standing

an Eagle Standing

Dreaming about a standing eagle is a good sign. Your dream is telling you that you are appreciated and respected by the people surrounding you. Additionally, you are also confident and smart. Plus, everyone is admiring you, and they feel happy whenever you talk to them. Also, you know how to act in various situations, which is admirable. Lastly, you are also the type of person who loves to learn useful things and exchange ideas and experience.

Dreaming of Being an Eagle

Being an Eagle

A dream about becoming an eagle signifies that now is your time to be successful. Everything you imagine can come true, especially if you dedicate your time and effort to manifesting your goals. For this reason, you should invest your time in bigger projects that will give you a higher pay off after some time or in the long run.

Aside from success, this dream can also represent your strong connection with your higher self or spirituality. Currently, you are discovering and awakening your inner self, finding your hidden strengths along the way.

Dreaming of an Eagle’s Nest

an Eagle’s Nest

Dreaming of an eagle’s nest could mean different things, depending on the other symbols. For example, if you see eaglets in the nest, it could mean that you’ll have a newborn baby in your family. On the other hand, if you see the eagle in the nest, it suggests that your family loves and appreciates you.

Aside from those interpretations, an eagle’s nest with baby birds can also signify upcoming opportunities. To be specific, you might meet some important people. These individuals are influential and powerful in their fields, and they may be able to help you achieve your goals.

Dreaming of an Eagle Chasing or Attacking You

Eagle Attacking You

If an eagle is chasing or attacking you in your dream, it could mean that you are currently experiencing some problems in your life. The problem could be related to a financial matter. As such, you are feeling anxious, especially since you don’t know when the disaster will strike.

Aside from that, this dream can also be a warning. You’ve probably made some powerful enemies, and you are being targeted. Another interpretation is that you are facing some difficulties in life, and you need to overcome them to achieve your goals.

Dream about Eagle Feathers

Eagle Feathers

If you see eagle feathers in your dreams, it foretells that you will be receiving fame and financial gain. However, your success will only be short-lived. So, you need to develop your image. That way, your fame will have a longer or long-lasting impact.