What Does It Mean to Dream of Telekinesis?

Telekinesis Dream Meaning

In your dreams, you do not necessarily have the limitations of your human body in waking life. Dramatic dream imagery of telekinesis, like levitating or moving objects with your mind, may be more than just entertaining, though.

While the specific psychic powers you display in your dream may not follow you into your waking life, your telekinesis dream can symbolize the power you do have, whether or not you are aware of it.

Telekinesis Dream Summary

Telekinesis Dream Symbolism

Telekinesis, also known as psychokinesis, refers to abilities such as moving objects without touching them or bending spoons with your mind alone. The existence of these abilities is controversial in waking life.

In dreams, however, telekinesis can symbolize your desire or ability to be powerful or transcend limitations. It may also symbolize a situation where you, as is often the case for claims of telekinesis, are doubted.

Common Telekinesis Dreams

  1. Dream of moving objects
  2. Dream of bending spoons
  3. Dream of levitating
  4. Dream of using telekinesis without meaning to

Telekinesis Dream Symbolism

Telekinesis Dream Symbolism


A telekinesis dream can symbolize that you want to get things done quickly and powerfully. While you may be frustrated in waking life with a bureaucracy or some other slow process that makes it difficult for you to achieve your goals, a telekinesis dream might suggest you can find a way around this roadblock.

Transcending Limitations

Telekinesis transcends the commonly understood limitations of even the healthiest human body. A dream of telekinesis could therefore symbolize that you want to break free from something that is holding you back.

If you have specific concerns about your physical body, like if you have a disability or medical condition that prevents you from doing things that most people are able to do, a telekinesis dream could symbolize that you still have a contribution to make to the world in spite of your challenges.

Boundary Issues

Not all limitations in life are harmful. In some cases, a telekinesis dream could symbolize that you or someone else in your life has overstepped a boundary that needs to be respected.

Being Doubted

People who claim to have powers of telekinesis often have trouble with others doubting or trying to disprove their claims. A telekinesis dream could therefore symbolize a situation where you feel that the people around you do not believe you about something that matters to you. A physical display may help you prove your doubters wrong.

Common Telekinesis Dreams

Dream of moving objects

Dream of moving objects

If you dream of moving objects without touching them, the interpretation depends on the type of movement.

Moving objects peacefully, especially if you are by yourself, could symbolize pride in your ability to put your environment in order and make it suit your needs. If you have an audience while moving objects in this way, it could symbolize that you are interested in impressing people and getting attention, though this is not necessarily a problem.

If you dream of using telekinetic powers to throw objects at others in an aggressive way, however, this could symbolize that you are capable of defending yourself if you need to. It could also symbolize that someone you don’t like is aware of how you feel about them, even if you have tried to conceal your feelings from them.

Dream of bending spoons

Dream of bending spoons

A spoon is not really useful for its intended purpose once it is bent, regardless of whether you bend it with your hands or with your mind. The point of bending a spoon is more to show off how strong you are.

If you dream of bending spoons with the power of your mind, this could symbolize a desire to show strength for the sake of showing strength. This may be part of a larger situation where you feel you need to prove yourself to some specific person. While there may be a reason why impressing or intimidating this person is necessary for you, try to remain aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Dream of levitating

Dream of levitating

If you dream of levitating, where you are hovering in the air without touching the ground, this could symbolize that you are not overly weighed down by practical matters in dreaming the best course of action for some situation. This may be a good thing for getting perspective, because sometimes people who get too caught up in little practical details miss the bigger picture and fail to see possibilities that are not that far from their faces.

The danger of a levitating dream, however, is that it could also symbolize a situation where you have become too ungrounded and have lost touch with reality. What you need is a balance between dreaming and doing.

Dream of using telekinesis without meaning to

Dream of using telekinesis without meaning to

Some stories of telekinesis have an element where the person with telekinetic powers is not always in control of their powers. They can move things with their minds without meaning to, especially when they are under stress.

A dream of using telekinesis without meaning to could symbolize that you are holding back a lot of emotions. As much as you might think that you are doing this for the benefit of others around you, they will eventually find out how you feel, and the way it happens may not be the way you would want it to happen.

A dream of using telekinesis without having control of it could also symbolize a situation where you are going through a time of rapid growth and have not learned how to manage your new abilities yet. This could refer to a physical change like puberty, but it could also refer to learning about dreams or other spiritual topics.


The wild imagery of a telekinesis dream can give you ideas about which unusual powers would be the most exciting to have. When you look at your telekinesis dream symbolically, however, it might show you the more mundane powers that you already do have and take for granted.

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