What Does It Mean to Dream of a Helicopter?

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Helicopter?

Dreaming of a helicopter can be just another flying dream. It might also, however, have symbolic meaning related to the use of helicopters in surveillance and rescue missions.

Helicopter Dream Summary

Helicopter Dream Symbolism

A helicopter dream, like other flying dreams, can symbolize getting above your problems for a bigger perspective on them. It might also symbolize taking a risk or becoming more self-reliant.

Helicopters are also known for their use in surveillance and in providing medical help. Your helicopter dream could therefore shed light on a dynamic in your life where one person is trying to gather information about or provide assistance to another. Whatever side of the dynamic you are on, your dream of a helicopter might challenge you to look at whether everyone’s boundaries are being respected.

Common Helicopter Dreams

  1. Dream of a helicopter crash
  2. Dream of a helicopter landing on a landing pad
  3. Dream of piloting a helicopter

Helicopter Dream Symbolism

Helicopter Dream Symbolism

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Bigger Perspective

Riding in a helicopter can give you an aerial view of the world. If you dream of riding in a helicopter, this could symbolize that you need to see the big picture of some situation that has gotten you stressed out.

The aerial view from the helicopter in your dream may symbolize that details that you are obsessing about are not important in the long run. You might also discover the ability to draw connections between things that seem far apart on the ground.

While seeing things from high up can make you realize how small you are, this could be liberating in the sense that getting caught up in your problems can make you feel like you are the center of the universe, and feeling that big can really be a burden.


Helicopters can be used for surveillance. If you dream of seeing helicopters overhead, this could symbolize that you feel like someone is gathering information about you in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

If you dream that you are riding in a helicopter to surveil others, this could symbolize that you feel like information is power, and you are working to gather information about some situation in your life. You may need to be careful to keep proper boundaries and treat others how you want to be treated.

Whether you are the watcher or the watched, this type of helicopter dream could refer to the saying “helicopter parent.” Healthline explains that helicopter parenting is when a parent is overly involved in the life of their child. This often involves the parent doing things for the child that the child really needs to be learning how to do independently.

Dreaming of a helicopter could therefore symbolize that you feel like your parents are hovering over you too closely. If you are a parent, however, your helicopter dream might symbolize your desire to be aware of your child’s activities.


Helicopters can be used to provide assistance, as in medical evacuations for people trapped in remote areas. Dreaming of a helicopter may therefore symbolize that help is on the way for you, and this could be a good omen if you have been feeling isolated.

American Express notes that the term “helicopter money” refers to a central bank increasing the supply of money in circulation. A dream of a helicopter could similarly symbolize receiving a gift you did not earn.

Going back to the saying “helicopter parent,” though, this type of helicopter dream could also symbolize a situation where someone is too quick to provide assistance in a way that is not really necessary and may not even be helpful.


Sometimes very wealthy people have their own helicopters that they use as a mode of transportation. Dreaming of a helicopter could therefore symbolize that you are fantasizing about getting rich, or that you are jealous of others who are rich. See also money dream symbolism.

Common Helicopter Dreams

Dream of a helicopter crash

Dream of a helicopter crash

If you dream of being in a helicopter that crashes, this could symbolize that you feel like some endeavor you are involved in is not on stable footing. It might be a situation like the myth of Icarus, who lost his wings while flying too close to the sun as reported on GreekMythology.com – your ambition may exceed your abilities.

If you dream of watching a helicopter crash, this might symbolize that someone else in your life is on a difficult path, and you don’t know how to help them. They may have to crash and burn on their own before they will accept your help.

Dream of a helicopter landing on a landing pad

Dream of a helicopter landing on a landing pad

If you dream of a helicopter landing on a landing pad, this could be a good omen that some project you are involved in, even if it seems a little risky, will eventually hit its target. It could, however, be the sort of situation where achieving your goal just leads to something else you have to do. For example, when a helicopter lands on the landing pad at a hospital, the pilot’s job is done, but then the challenge begins for the medical staff at the hospital.

Dream of piloting a helicopter

Dream of piloting a helicopter

If you regularly are the pilot of a helicopter in your waking life, dreaming of flying a helicopter may simply be processing your routine activities. It is, after all, common to dream of whatever you do for a living.

If you don’t have experience piloting a helicopter, however, dreaming of doing so could symbolize that you feel like you are on your own and must rely on your own capabilities. You may resent whoever you feel put you in that situation, but, depending on how the flight goes, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you are able to accomplish.


Helicopters are a unique dream symbol because they combine the general symbolism of flight with the ability to perform specific practical tasks. The details of your dream may show whether the more relevant part for you is flying or achieving a particular goal.

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