What Does It Mean to Dream About Grapes?

What Does It Mean to Dream About Grapes?

Grapes are a common food. If you eat them often, it may not be surprising to encounter them in your dreams.

Whatever appears in your dreams, however, might ask you to look closely at the common things around you that you take for granted.

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Grape Dream Summary

Grape Dream Symbolism

Grapes have been cultivated by humans for thousands of years for use in wine. Because of that, some of the symbolism of grapes has to do with alcohol, which can be used either in serious religious ceremonies or in wild partying.

Grapes can just be eaten plain, though. In this case, a grape dream could symbolize nourishment, like any other food dream.

However you use grapes, it takes careful work to grow them, so a dream of grapes could symbolize that your hard work will soon be rewarded.

Common Grape Dreams

  1. Dream of picking grapes
  2. Dream of smashing grapes with your feet
  3. Dream of choking on grapes
  4. Dream of spoiled grapes
  5. Dream of grapes of different colors
    1. Dream of red grapes
    2. Dream of green grapes
    3. Dream of purple grapes
    4. Dream of black grapes

Grape Dream Symbolism

Grape Dream Symbolism


A dream about eating grapes, like many other food dreams, can simply be about satisfying your hunger, physical or otherwise. If you have positive associations with eating grapes, your dream of eating grapes can show that you have or soon will get the nourishment you need.


While grapes can be eaten raw, they are also known for being processed into other products such as wine and grape juice. A dream of grapes may therefore symbolize a situation where you are looking at someone else and seeing not what they are at the moment, but what they have the potential to become in the future. Alternately, it could symbolize that you feel like someone is looking at you in that way.

Seeing someone’s potential can be liberating if it helps them see realistic possibilities for action that they have overlooked. Focusing on their potential can be oppressive, however, if it keeps them living in some idealized future instead of appreciating what is actually going well for them in the moment.

This dark side of potential, in the context of grapes, is explored in a satirical piece for The Onion, “Embittered Raisin Won’t Shut Up About How It Could Have Been Wine.” Your grape dream may similarly symbolize a situation where you have trouble enjoying your life as it is because you think you should be doing better somehow.

Hard Work

Cultivation of grapes has been a fixture of human culture for a long time. Treehugger reports that it first took place in approximately 6000 BCE.

From early on, wine-making was a primary goal of grape cultivation. As clean water was hard to find in those days, diluted alcohol was often safer to drink than water.

A dream of seeing grapes growing can therefore symbolize that you are able to think through the challenges your environment presents and work to address them. At best, it could be an omen that your hard work will be rewarded, and you will get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


In Greek mythology, the god Dionysus was believed to have created wine, according to GreekMythology.com. He therefore was associated with grapes. For example, a festival was held in his honor every year when the vines started to bear leaves.

People respond to the consumption of alcohol in different ways. The associations with Dionysus reflect the possibilities of both ecstatic joy and insane rage.

A dream of grapes could therefore symbolize that partying or simply drinking alcohol has a large role in your life. You may need to look at whether it is bringing you more pain than pleasure.


Holy Communion is a rite regularly observed within the Christian religion usually during a church service. Believers consume consecrated bread, as well as wine or grape juice, in commemoration of the Last Supper Jesus Christ shared with the Twelve Apostles.

Some denominations within Christianity see the wine and bread as symbolic of the body and blood of Jesus Christ, while others believe that the wine and bread actually become the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Still others take more nuanced positions. For more information, see Christianity in View.

Grapes therefore sometimes appear in Christian art as a reference to Holy Communion. If this is part of your background, a grape dream could symbolize the redemption found in Holy Communion. See also blood dream symbolism and glass dream symbolism.

Common Grape Dreams

Dream of picking grapes

Dream of picking grapes

If you dream of picking grapes from the vine, this could symbolize that you are willing to work for the things you want, especially if you grew the grapes yourself. If your dream of picking grapes involves trespassing somewhere that you are not supposed to be, though, this could symbolize that you are cutting corners on your path to achievement, and it might come back to bite you.

Dream of smashing grapes with your feet

Tasting Table reports that smashing grapes by stomping on them is a technique that has been used in wine-making for thousands of years, and some wineries still do it.

A dream of smashing grapes with your feet can symbolize that you are engaged with life and willing to jump in feet first. Though you might leap before you look, this may be exactly how you need to handle things. A tactile approach could be more useful than a cerebral one.

Dream of choking on grapes

Dream of choking on grapes

Grapes are a common choking hazard for children, so a dream of choking on grapes could reflect that you are the parent or caregiver of a small child and working hard to stay aware of threats to that child’s safety.

If there is not a significant child in your life, though, dreaming of choking on grapes may symbolize that events are coming at you faster than you can process them. You might feel like you are overwhelmed and losing track of important details in a way that could lead to a bad outcome.

Dream of spoiled grapes

Dream of spoiled grapes

If you dream of grapes that are rotten or spoiled, this could reference the idiom “sour grapes.” Grammarist explains that the saying “sour grapes” comes from one of Aesop’s Fables, where a bunch of grapes hangs just out of reach of a fox. The fox, after repeated attempts to get the grapes, finally gives up and announces that the grapes must be sour anyway.

Dreaming of spoiled grapes could therefore symbolize that you are resentful about not getting something that you wanted. Alternately, a dream of spoiled grapes might symbolize that you did get something that you wanted, but it didn’t turn out to be as satisfying as you expected.

Grapes, like many other foods, spoil when they are not eaten quickly enough, so a dream of spoiled or rotten grapes could also symbolize that you are not making good use of the resources that you have.

Dream of grapes of different colors

Dreaming of grapes of a particular color can bring up the symbolism of that color as given in color dream symbolism.

Dream of red grapes

Dream of red grapes

Red is one of the more common grape colors. Red is associated with the root chakra, so a dream of red grapes can symbolize stability and security.

Dream of green grapes

Dream of green grapes

Green grapes can, like the color green, symbolize growth, as well as a light and happy attitude toward life.

Dream of purple grapes

Dream of purple grapes

Purple food in general is unusual, and purple is one of the less common colors for grapes. Purple is associated with royalty, and royalty is by definition a bit different from most people.

Dreaming of purple grapes can therefore symbolize a situation where you feel set apart from others in a good way. It could also mean that you are being challenged to allow luxury into your life.

Dream of black grapes

Dream of black grapes

Black grapes are sometimes hard to recognize as grapes because they look more like olives. However, WebMD notes that black grapes can be much higher in healthy antioxidants than red and green grapes.

A dream of eating black grapes could therefore symbolize that you are concerned for your health and willing to make extra effort to take care of yourself. Black can also represent transformation and shielding, so a dream of black grapes might show that you are changing in a way that is not yet visible to others.


While grapes can be a nourishing food, they are also significant in their contribution to wine, which has shaped society for better and for worse. The symbolism of a grape dream often extends to include wine.

A dream of grapes can therefore ask you to look at the role of pleasure in the nourishment you pursue. Food is about more than the calories required to keep your body operating, so don’t be afraid to go for what really makes you feel good.

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