What Does It Mean to Dream of Having a Baby Girl?

What Does It Mean to Dream of Having a Baby Girl?

When a baby is born, not much is known about the direction the baby’s life will take. One of the few pieces of information available at that point is whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Dreaming of a baby girl can therefore symbolize your understanding of how being female shapes a person’s life.

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Baby Girl Dream Summary

Baby Girl Dream Symbolism

Baby boys and baby girls have a lot in common with each other in terms of needing lots of feeding and cuddling. Sometimes the biggest differences between them seem to be the expectations the adults around them have for what they will be when they grow up.

Novelist Alexandre Dumas, however, noted, “It is rare that one can see in a little boy the promise of a man, but one can almost always see in a little girl the threat of a woman.”

Dreaming of a baby girl can therefore symbolize your attitude toward women. Whether you are protective of women because you feel that the world gives them a hard time, or you are afraid of women because you feel that they give you a hard time, seeing a baby girl in your dream can help you feel compassion for the beginnings of the women in your life.

Common Baby Girl Dreams

  1. Dream of having a baby girl while pregnant
  2. Dream of having a baby girl but not pregnant
  3. Dream of giving birth to a baby girl
  4. Dream of holding a baby girl
  5. Dream of a baby girl who is sick or injured
  6. Dream about someone else having a baby girl

Baby Girl Dream Symbolism


Any dream of a baby probably speaks to some level of vulnerability in your life, as all babies are helpless and vulnerable. If it is strongly emphasized that the baby in your dream is a girl, though, the dream could be about some way that girls and women are uniquely vulnerable.

In some cultures where baby boys are prized for reasons such as their ability to provide for their parents’ old age, baby girls are often treated poorly. NPR reports that this can include sex-selective abortion to prevent baby girls from being born as well as neglecting baby girls after they are born.

Even in cultures that do not have these sorts of problems with baby girls, sexual violence against women is common. Dreaming of a baby girl could therefore symbolize your concerns about the way the world treats girls and women. You may be wondering how you can make the world a good enough place for a baby girl to grow up and have a decent life.

If you are a woman who has been traumatized by gender-based violence, dreaming of a baby girl may symbolize that you are trying to heal yourself by accessing a more innocent part of your own life from before you were hurt.


Baby boy dream symbolism contains many stories, set in patriarchal societies long ago, where male leaders ordered the killing of baby boys to prevent threats to their own power. In most of these stories, however, the baby girls were left alone.

Similarly, George Orwell said in his dystopian novel 1984, “Proles and animals are free.” In other words, people who are not seen as having the potential to become powerful are sometimes not interesting enough for tyrannical leaders to bother picking on.

Especially if you are in a patriarchal culture, dreaming of a baby girl could represent that sort of security, where you know you are powerless enough to be left alone.

Life and Power

A baby girl is born with all of the eggs she will ever have in her ovaries, according to Healthline. As small and helpless she may be as a baby, she is already full of the potential to create life.

Dreaming of a baby girl can therefore symbolize your confidence in the ability of life to renew itself and go on in spite of difficult times.

The power that women have to bring life into the world, however, can be intimidating, and many people remain intimidated by their mothers for their whole lives. In such a dynamic, it can be impossible to imagine that one’s mother was ever anything but an authority figure, but everyone’s mother was once a tiny baby girl.

Dreaming of a baby girl can therefore bring a corrective dose of reality to a situation where your mother or another female authority figure seems to be wielding extraordinary power over you and perhaps also others. She too is human and started life as helpless as any other human.


Dreaming of a baby girl can symbolize a developing version of whatever qualities you see as feminine. Most women are capable of giving birth to children, so the emotional and intuitive skills useful in nurturing young children are often thought of as feminine.

Everyone needs to nurture and be nurtured no matter who they are, though. Dreaming of a baby girl can therefore symbolize that you are making an effort to increase your emotional intelligence, even if your start is so rocky that you might feel like you are far behind what your chronological age should indicate.

Common Baby Girl Dreams

Dream of having a baby girl while pregnant

Dream of having a baby girl while pregnant

If you dream of having a baby girl while you are pregnant, you at least have roughly a 50/50 chance of being right about that. Though dreams about pregnancy can sometimes be about everything but actually being pregnant, a dream you have about pregnancy while you are pregnant can include real things you are experiencing, like the challenge of having to wait to find out the characteristics of your child.

As can also be the case for dreaming of having twins, your imagination might run wild given the provocation of not knowing exactly who is growing inside you. In interpreting dreams you have during your pregnancy about your coming baby, it may be hard to tell your true intuition apart from processing your routine curiosities and anxieties about the situation.

Intuition can happen, though. Readers of WeHaveKids submitted their experiences of dreams they had while pregnant, and many, though not all, dreamers had dramatic correct hits on the sex of their baby.

Dream of having a baby girl but not pregnant

Dream of having a baby girl but not pregnant

Dreaming of having a baby girl while you are not pregnant can symbolize that you are considering what you would like your family life to look like in the future. While you usually can’t control whether you get a boy or a girl in reality, reflecting on the details of what your dreaming mind is drawn to can help you see what you hope to get out of starting a family.

If you had a positive experience growing up with sisters, for example, your dream of having a baby girl could show that you want to start a family to repeat that experience. While you can’t guarantee you will have a baby girl, you can work to cultivate specific qualities like warmth and togetherness with whoever you get.

Dream of giving birth to a baby girl

Dream of giving birth to a baby girl

Pregnancy and birth can be powerful symbolic dream images even for people who are not pregnant. Especially if you are going through a time of emotional turmoil, dreaming of giving birth to a baby girl could symbolize that a feminine aspect of your own life is being reborn.

If you are female yourself, you might feel like the new baby is you, and you are getting a chance for a fresh start, possibly after a difficult experience like a breakup.

If you are male, dreaming of a baby girl being born could symbolize that you need to develop some part of yourself that you think of as feminine. She may be young and immature if you have not been open to this before, but stick with the process even if it is difficult for you.

Dream of holding a baby girl

Dream of holding a baby girl

Dreaming of holding a baby girl can show that you have the opportunity to nurture the feminine aspects of yourself and perhaps even society more broadly. If you are female, you may see the baby girl as a more innocent version of yourself and an opportunity for you to start fresh.

If you are male, though, dreaming of holding a baby girl could bring up conflicts for you about emotional expression. You may feel like women have more freedom than you do to express their emotions, and that this has been the case since childhood. You might understandably be jealous of that.

Regardless of your own gender, if you are the parent of a daughter who is no longer a baby, your dream of holding a baby girl could reflect your anxieties about your daughter growing older. You may want to protect her from the challenges she faces, but she might need to face them for her own growth.

Dream of a baby girl who is sick or injured

Dreaming of a baby girl who is sick or injured can symbolize that something about your environment – whether that is the culture of a country or simply the internal dynamics of a family – does not contribute to healthy development.

If it is important that the suffering baby is a girl, the problem might be something about the way gender issues are handled. If the baby’s gender is more incidental to the story of the dream, the culture could be dysfunctional more broadly.

While adults have often adapted to their environment, a child brings a fresh perspective. This perspective is not always well received, as in “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

If you are able to help the baby girl who is suffering in your dream, this could symbolize that you are proud of your ability to solve problems. This pride in your own competence might help you heal wounds you suffered when you were young and helpless.

Dream about someone else having a baby girl

Dream about someone else having a baby girl

If you dream about someone having a baby girl, interpreting the dream could depend on who it was that had a baby girl. If the person who had a baby girl in your dream is someone you know who is trying to start a family in their waking life, you might have an intuitive hit about something, but make sure you know them well enough to have an idea of whether they would be interested in hearing it before you tell them about your dream.

If you are of childbearing age, and the person who had the baby girl in your dream is a peer of yours, the dream could symbolize that you are jealous of others because they seem to have advantages you don’t.

If the person in your dream who had a baby girl is somebody not likely to have children of their own in the near future, your dream could symbolize that you see that that person has a nurturing side expressed in other ways. If the person in the dream who has a baby is very young, though, you could see that person as being saddled with more responsibility than is appropriate for their age – and you might be sensitive to that dynamic if you had a similar experience yourself.


Dreams of babies and children in general are often about potential to grow in any direction. When a dream strongly emphasizes that a baby is a boy or a girl, however, that boundless potential can come into conflict with society’s differing expectations for boys and girls.

Dreaming of a baby girl can therefore push you to look at whether the way you treat girls, women, and what you see as feminine qualities is fair. While you, as someone who has been around for a while, might tend to take things for granted, you may be able to see problems more clearly when an innocent baby points them out to you.

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