What Does It Mean to Dream of a White Horse?

White Horse Dream Meaning

A white horse could be a striking figure in your dream — and its symbolic interpretation might be just as grand as it looks!

White Horse Dream Summary

White Horse Dream Symbolism

In nature, truly white horses are rare. Many horses that look white are gray horses whose hair has lightened over time, as described by Levo League.

The relative rarity of a genetically white horse with skin that’s pink rather than dark under its hair has given white horses unique roles in the stories of some religions and cultures. Especially if this type of story is part of your religious or cultural background, it could be relevant to interpreting your white horse dream.

Otherwise, a dream of a white horse would share much of the general symbolism of horse dreams, which includes freedom, strength, endurance, fertility, and status. However, it would combine that with the symbolism of the color white, which includes purity, innocence, and spirituality.

Common White Horse Dreams

  1. Dream of riding a white horse
  2. Dream of someone else riding a white horse
  3. Dream of a white horse with horses of other colors
  4. Dream of a unicorn

White Horse Dream Symbolism

White Horse Dream Symbolism

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Any horse is a large and powerful animal. Given the associations of the color white with morality, though, a white horse might be expected to use its power for good. Your white horse dream could therefore show how you integrate the competing concerns of power and ethics.


Seeing a white horse in your dream could symbolize that the idea of heroism is important to you now. You may view yourself as a heroic figure in the life of someone else, though perhaps it’s necessary for you to look at how realistic or welcome this impulse of yours is. Alternately, you might want a hero to rescue you from a problem you are having.


The book of Revelation in the Bible features four horses, each with a rider, appearing on the scene as the seven seals on a great scroll are opened. The first of these horses is white, and that horse and its rider are depicted as conquering. Britannica notes that the white horse and its rider can be interpreted to refer to either Christ or the Antichrist.

The term “apocalypse” literally refers to the unveiling of a hidden truth. In this sense, seeing a white horse in your dream could symbolize that you are hoping for an experience of vindication or having the truth become known. See also apocalypse dream symbolism.


Tor.com points out that white horses have supernatural associations in many cultures. Examples include Sleipnir in Norse mythology, who carries the dead to the afterlife, and the Welsh custom of Mari Lwyd, a celebration involving a horse effigy that represents triumph over death.

In this sense, seeing a white horse in your dream could symbolize that the veil between worlds is thin for you now. You may be concerned about the possibility of your own death or the death of someone else in your life. However, like other death and dying dreams, your white horse dream might simply be about the end of a particular phase of your life rather than a literal death.


Any horse might like to run freely. However, a white horse’s additional associations with spiritual and supernatural activities could take that sense of freedom even further. Your dream of a white horse may therefore suggest that transcending seemingly immovable boundaries is possible for you now.

Common White Horse Dreams

Dream of riding a white horse

Dream of riding a white horse

Riding a white horse in your dream could symbolize that you see yourself as on the side of goodness. While you may need to watch out for the danger of becoming sanctimonious or self-righteous, this dream might also be a positive sign that your efforts to help others are on the right track.

Alternately, a dream of riding a white horse might be more about getting in touch with your own capacity for power and freedom. This could be more likely if the dream is mainly about you, and there aren’t other people around.

Dream of someone else riding a white horse

Discerning the dream meaning of someone else riding a white horse could depend on the emotional atmosphere of your dream. If the dream generally feels good, it might symbolize that you feel like powerful people will come to your aid and help you.

However, an uncomfortable dream of someone else riding a white horse could symbolize that someone in your life gives the impression of being self-righteous and convinced of their own goodness in a way that the facts don’t support.

Dream of a white horse with horses of other colors

Dreaming of a white horse with horses of other colors could symbolize that you feel different from the people around you. If the dream has a difficult emotional atmosphere, you might feel like you are being unfairly singled out for negative attention.

Alternately, the dream meaning of a white horse with horses of other colors could refer to a decision you’re trying to make. One of the options you’re considering might be substantially different from the others, and the characteristics of the white horse in your dream may give you a clue as to which one that is.

Dream of a unicorn

Unicorns are often depicted as white, and some white horses in mythology are actually unicorns. If the white horse in your dream is a unicorn, this could symbolize that you are interested in an experience that is larger than life. You may also feel like the challenges you are dealing with need solutions that are off the beaten path.


A white horse can be a powerful dream symbol, especially if you are used to thinking of white horses in a spiritual or supernatural context. Even if you’re not, the strong imagery of the white horse may inspire you to think of using your power for good.

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