What Does It Mean to Dream of a White Cat?

White Cat Dream Meaning & Symbolism

Many people have pet cats or have neighbors who do, so interacting with cats is common in human life. It would therefore not be too surprising to see a cat in your dream, but cats have also accumulated plenty of symbolic meaning over the course of their association with humans.

If it stood out to you that the cat in your dream was white, you may need to dig even deeper to uncover additional symbolic meaning in your dream.

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White Cat Dream Summary

White Cat Dream Symbolism

Dreaming of a white cat combines the symbolism of cats and the symbolism of the color white. White symbolizes innocence, purity, and simplicity. In some cases, white can also symbolize spirituality and protection.

Of course, the color white does not stay pure long on the coat of a cat that tends to roll around on the ground. Cats are morally complex creatures whose symbolic associations include mystery and independence.

White cats in dreams can therefore symbolize goodness and protection but with a feisty twist.

Common White Cat Dreams

  1. Dream of being attacked by a white cat
  2. Dream of a white cat following you
  3. Dream of a white cat getting dirty
  4. Dream of a white cat dying

White Cat Dream Symbolism

White Cat Dream Symbolism


When a white cat sheds, its little white hairs everywhere might be more visible on your black pants than the hairs of a darker cat. Meanwhile, when a white cat rolls around on the ground, it will look dirtier faster than a darker cat.

Dreaming of a white cat could therefore symbolize a situation where you feel conspicuous. You may not be doing anything objectively worse than what your peers are doing, but somehow you seem to be the only one who gets caught.


If you know cats, you might know that most cats who are deaf are white. International Cat Care explains that the gene that causes a white coat in cats is also associated with blue eyes and deafness, though not all white cats are deaf.

Dreaming of a white cat could therefore symbolize an issue related to deafness, especially if this is something you already associate with white cats. Maybe you feel that someone is not hearing what you are trying to tell them, or maybe you are in a situation where you have to communicate in some way other than speaking.


As white is associated with innocence, a dream featuring a cat that is specifically white could focus on the more innocent side of cat symbolism. That includes playfulness, so a dream of a white cat could symbolize that you need to nurture an innocent, playful side of yourself.

Famous White Cats

Your white cat dream may be influenced by famous white cats you have seen in entertainment or the media. For example, the “Woman Yelling at Cat” meme popular on social media features a white cat making a face at a plate of salad. CTV News reports that this is a real cat named Smudge who lives in Canada.

If your white cat dream has a vibe similar to the “Woman Yelling at Cat” meme, where the cat appears defiant, this could symbolize that a little bit of humor may help you stand up for yourself.

Another famous white cat is Artemis in Sailor Moon. As noted on CBR.com, he helped awaken the Sailor Guardians to their calling. In this context, a white cat dream could symbolize guidance on your life path.

Common White Cat Dreams

Dream of being attacked by a white cat

Dream of being attacked by a white cat

If you dream of being attacked by a white cat, this could symbolize that someone who portrays a pure and holy image is attacking you in a really catty way. As a white cat tends to stand out in a crowd, however, this person may get caught and face consequences.

Dream of a white cat following you

Dream of a white cat following you

If you dream of a white cat following you, this could symbolize that someone is looking out for you in a protective way. White might be associated with angels, but a cat would be a helper willing to veer a bit off the sweet and gentle path to get things done for you. You could therefore have the best of both worlds.

Dream of a white cat getting dirty

Dream of a white cat getting dirty

If you dream of a white cat getting dirty, this could symbolize a situation where you feel like your reputation has been spoiled by some incident. You might also feel like everyone knows about whatever happened, as white cats tend to be conspicuous.

If the cat got dirty while playing happily, though, your dream could show that you need to focus more on having fun in the moment instead of trying to live up to some ideal of perfection.

Dream of a white cat dying

Dream of a white cat dying

If you dream of a white cat dying, this could symbolize the loss or absence of qualities associated with white cats in your life. As white cats can be associated with guidance and protection, you might feel that you lack direction in life or that no one cares how you are doing.

If the white cat in your dream feels more innocent and playful, the death of the cat could symbolize that you feel like life has gotten too serious and perhaps even heartless.


People sometimes avoid getting white cars or white clothes because white gets dirty so easily. Similarly, the symbolism of the color white includes some lofty ideals that are hard to put into practice in real life.

A white cat dream, however, combines those lofty ideals with the independent and playful style of a cat. Everyone knows that cats are not entirely innocent or pure, but cats are so goofy and entertaining that the Internet loves them anyway.

A white cat dream therefore encourages you to try to be your best self, but it also gives you permission to maintain a healthy perspective. Perfection may turn out to include some feistiness and fun.

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