Dreaming About Clouds – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming About Clouds

Being physically unreachable, clouds are inaccessible for humans, who have always aspired to their heights. Therefore, clouds are an ideal setting for both dreaming and daydreaming.

They show up frequently while we sleep or when we indulge ourselves in fantasy, to remind us of our hopes and yearnings. I will try to categorize the most prominent dreams about clouds and to explain them thoroughly. Then, you will be able to understand whether your cloud dream was associative, lucid, symbolic, or prophetic.

Cloud Symbolism and Metaphors

Cloud Symbolism

Weathermen did their best to classify as many types of clouds as they found throughout history. There are 10 major cloud types, but in nature, there can be many more, depending on their shape and heights, that is the place in the troposphere.

However, cloud symbolism is not necessarily related to meteorology. It is related to the way people see them spiritually, which is conditioned by the qualities of these natural phenomenons.

Clouds can take as many shapes as we can imagine, at the same time shaping the meaning we give them. They can be fluffy and beautiful or grandiose and breathtaking, in radiant white color. Sometimes, they can also be dark, ominous, and threatening, announcing the storm coming.

Silver Linings

One of the main characteristics of clouds is that they are transient and ephemeral. Their erratic nature has always made humans feel admiration for them.

Clouds can come and go within a minute. We can now see them, now we don’t, and the fact they can be gone without explanation made them be so admirable.

No matter how much we would like to be in charge of them, making the white clouds stay longer and the dark ones leave soon, we are not the administrators of the atmosphere phenomenons.

In ancient cultures and religions, clouds were believed to be the place where gods live. Moreover, when Jesus first descended from heaven, he was metaphorically standing upon a cloud, as the bearer of truth.

In the same way, clouds are believed to be the announcement of better times and the signs of hope.

Clouds As Illusion and Deception

Clouds are usually what we notice first and most when we take a look at the sky. They stand out so much that sometimes we stop seeing the sky.

Therefore, clouds might trick us into an illusion so that we start believing there is no sky at all. It is why they are believed to obscure the truth, as they hide the sun.

Clouds in Tarot

In Tarot, clouds can have multiple meanings, and you can understand the symbolic meaning of a card based on the clouds in the image.

Here are some of the most prominent cloud meanings important in tarot card reading, in addition to the above-mentioned ones:

  • Clouds affect our moods – they can make us feel dreamy and lazy, or sad and depressed.
  • Clouds stand for the element of air, thus they symbolize abstract thinking and higher thoughts.
  • Clouds symbolize change, something transitory that moves fast.
  • Clouds separate the world above from the world beyond, giving our lives a higher perspective, reminding us that those two worlds are intertwined.
  • Clouds are seen as heralds of the angelic message since they are seen as the medium for angels.

The Most Common Interpretations of Cloud Dreams

Even though each dream about clouds should be examined thoroughly, depending on every detail and context, there are some general meanings about them:

  • Misfortune and bad mood
  • Faith and hope
  • Confusion and seeking clarity
  • Material Wealth
  • Change and new experiences

Clouds Dream – Meaning Analysis

Clouds show up in dreams just like they do in nature: in various forms, colors, and ways.

When you dream about them, it usually is a sign of self-consciousness or something that is supposed to be attained in life. If you feel anxiety or fear, clouds can show up in your dreams, representing your mood.

In most ways, they reflect some form of a higher power.

I will try to classify cloud dreams according to these characteristics and context.

Dreams About Cloudy Weather

Cloudy Weather

If you dream about rainy or stormy clouds, it can be a sign of your bad mood, a wave of anger, or even depression. In any case, these emotions are considered to be strong. Cloudy sky and gloomy day reflect your negative feelings toward something, or yourself being overshadowed by something.

The funnel cloud signifies anger you are trying to hold back, and that is about to turn into a tornado and do serious damage. Cloudburst in dreams symbolizes an eruption of feelings.

If you dream about fog and very low clouds, it stands for confusion. Such a dream signifies there is an obstacle in your life that makes it hard to see everything. You feel uncertain about something and need clarification.

Dreams About Clearing Skies

Clearing Skies

The sun hidden by the clouds in a dream symbolizes some sort of struggle. It tries to show you to make an effort and overcome the obstacle. You should try better and work hard to become a better version of yourself.

On the other hand, when you dream about clouds clearing to reveal sunlight in front of you, it usually symbolizes hope. It is the moment of clarification of some confusion or uncertainty you faced in the past. You can also find the answer you’ve been searching for for a long time or the revelation of the truth.

After this dream, you can expect better insight into your life. The pain, doubt, insecurity, and other negative sensations are about to be gone. At the same time, as this light appearing behind the clouds is usually intensive, it represents spirituality communicating with you.

Those dreams are clear metaphors of the belief that the good can be attained after winning the bad. They provide us with hope, faith, and aspiration.

Dreams About Yourself On The Clouds

Yourself On The Clouds

If you dream about yourself walking on a cloud, try to remember how it felt for you. If you were scared, it means you suffer from a high level of anxiety and a lack of confidence.

If you walked in the clouds easily, it signifies your capability to succeed in the near future.

Dreaming about flying above the clouds is a very common dream scenario. It indicates you aspire to reach beyond the current situation, to look higher and see brighter. Such a dream can even suggest you’re trying to reach the extreme level of the sublime, finding the true meaning of life.

Cloud Shapes and Their Meanings

Cloud Shapes

Just as you see clouds in various shapes in nature, you can do the same while we’re dreaming. There is only one difference: each cloud shape depicts a different meaning of your dreams.

If you see an angel cloud in your dream, you received an omen of your spiritual awakening. It means you have a certain guide protecting you.

A mushroom-shaped cloud indicates your impulsive decision or the overall chaos in your life. You might lack wisdom while trying to cope with a certain situation. Try to pay attention to such a dream as an unambiguous sign.

If the cloud in your dream comes in the shape of an elephant, it might indicate you should avoid acting on your own. Instead, try to make a compromise and agree with others while making an important decision.

Cloud Colors and Their Meanings

Cloud Colors

The white and grey clouds appearing in your dream are probably the most common color. The white one symbolizes peace and harmony, while the grey cloud stands for bad moods.

If you dream about purple clouds, it might signify some profitable business idea you will encounter. Purple clouds predict you will meet some great people that will become a person you will look to as a role model. They might be your guides or just friends, however their positive influence on your life is unavoidable.

Pink clouds signify a possible love relationship in the near future. It means you are longing for love and happiness, and other simple pleasures.

Red color clouds are quite rare in nature, but when appearing in your dreams, they symbolize some high expectations you are going through. You might be forced to make a quick decision or to determine something under the serious stress, so take such a dream as a serious warning.


As you could see, dreaming about clouds is an ultimate human activity. It has existed since the oldest days of our civilization, as people found clouds to be the symbol of faith and the sign of a silver lining. 

If you dream about clouds often, try to memorize each possible detail about it and feel free to use this article to interpret the meaning of the dream accordingly. It might tell you something important about your aspirations, emotions, and desires.

Can you remember what was your last dream about clouds like? Did you find this article useful for its interpretation? Do you have knowledge of some additional explanation of cloud dreams that wasn’t covered above?