Church Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Church Dream Meaning

A church may be a place where you spend time often, or it might be totally unfamiliar. Either way, a church is a potent cultural symbol that some believe also has otherworldly power, so dreaming of a church can give you a lot to think about.

Church Dream Summary

Church Dream Symbolism

Church communities are often involved in major life transitions like births, deaths, and weddings, so a church dream could symbolize that you are looking for others to validate a big change you are going through. At their best, churches can help you connect these events to a higher power’s plan for the universe, so your church dream might also show that you are trying to find meaning and purpose.

However, at their worst, churches can wield judgment and authority in destructive ways. A difficult church dream could refer to a situation in your life where someone is abusing their power and acting like God is on their side as they do so.

Though the term church is most commonly used to refer to Christian communities, many of the basic meanings of church dreams would also apply to dreams about communities focused on other religions, including Jewish synagogues and Muslim mosques.

Common Church Dreams

  1. Dream of an empty church
  2. Dream of your childhood church
  3. Dream of church members
  4. Dream of standing outside of a church
  5. Dream of praying in church
  6. Dream of a church service
  7. Dream of singing in church
  8. Dream of attending a forbidden church
  9. Dream of Sunday School

Church Dream Symbolism

Church Dream Symbolism


If you have generally had positive experiences with church, dreaming of your church could remind you that you have a solid source of support in your life. Whatever challenges you are dealing with, you have people who have your back, as well as connection to God or a higher power.

However, one thing that can be difficult about church is keeping a good balance between the part that involves cooperating with other humans and the part that involves honestly connecting to God in your own way. Some dreams of church that emphasize the social element of church could suggest that your relationships with other people are getting in the way of your relationship with God. You may be more worried about fitting in than about doing the right thing.


Many churches have ritual elements as part of their regular weekly services, such as Holy Communion. Dreaming of a ritual in church could symbolize that the standard approach of thinking and talking is not enough to handle something that’s going on in your life right now. You might need to take things to a different level that makes room for mystery.

Glass dream symbolism and blood dream symbolism may also be relevant to a dream involving Holy Communion.


Even people who don’t regularly attend church services sometimes choose to get married in a church. If you are in a relationship that’s getting serious, your dream of a church might symbolize that you are looking ahead to the possibility of marriage. See also wedding dream symbolism.


Churches are often involved in the major life transitions of their members. Many, though not all, churches have baptisms for new babies who are born. Funerals or memorial services for members who die are a more universal practice among churches.

Dreaming of a church could therefore symbolize that you are beginning or ending something major in your life. You may want others to recognize the significance of what you are going through. See also death dream symbolism.


Some people who have had bad experiences with church may associate church with being judged harshly or held to unrealistic standards. If this is what comes to mind when you think of church, your church dream might symbolize that you feel similarly judged in some other area of your life at this time.

Alternately, a church dream could be processing whatever traumatic experience soured you on church. You may still need to find a way to meet your needs for meaning and spiritual connection, even if church isn’t it.

Book dream symbolism could be relevant to analyzing a church dream involving judgment, as many situations where people feel judged unfairly at church center around the way the Bible is interpreted. Some churches also tend to focus on Judgment Day, so looking at apocalypse dream symbolism might be necessary if your dream incorporates that.


Dreaming of a church could symbolize that you are looking for something more meaningful than routine everyday life. This type of church dream could motivate you to dig deep and discover your spirituality.


Dreaming of a church could symbolize that you are looking for a powerful authority figure who can provide the answers you need. You may feel inadequate to handle your own life. While accepting direction from others is sometimes necessary in order to move forward, be aware of the risk that you might be trying to offload responsibilities that are legitimately yours.

You may alternately be craving an authority figure’s stamp of approval for something you are doing. In this sense, a church dream could show whether or not you feel you are getting the validation you seek.

If your dream emphasizes the authority aspect of church dream symbolism, you might also look at Santa Muerte dream symbolism, as that is a big example of a conflict between what the official authority structure of the Roman Catholic Church wants and what some of its members do on their own.


Some churches are very involved in various charitable efforts to help people in need. Dreaming of a church in this sense could symbolize that you are open to receiving assistance, or that developing such openness would be good for you.

Common Church Dreams

Dream of an empty church

Dream of an empty church

The dream meaning of an empty church could vary based on the mood of the dream. If the dream felt peaceful and fulfilling, this might symbolize that you have the ability to access the spiritual realm when you need to.

However, if your dream of an empty church felt sad, this may refer more to concerns about your religious community. You might feel like your church is dying or like you are not getting the spiritual connection you need there.

Dream of your childhood church

Interpreting a dream about your childhood church could require looking at how you left things with your childhood church. If you still attend your childhood church as an adult, dreaming about it might reflect that you have a comfortable sense of continuity in your life. However, you may also feel stuck in your childhood role, like there is not room for you to fully grow up and define yourself as an adult.

If you left your childhood church on amicable terms, dreaming about your childhood church could symbolize that you long for a time in your past that was more innocent and less complicated. You may be wondering how to bring that energy into your current life.

If you left your childhood church on bad terms, dreaming of your childhood church might reflect that another authority figure you are dealing with now reminds you of the authority figures who alienated you from your childhood church.

Dream of church members

Dream of church members

Dreaming of church members could give you a sense of how you feel your spiritual pursuits are perceived by others. If you get along well with the church members in your dream, this might symbolize that you are able to confidently communicate about spiritual matters in a way that is at least not alienating to others, whether or not they entirely agree with everything you have to say.

However, if the church members in your dream are hostile toward you, this may show that you are afraid to share your real spiritual views. It might also symbolize that you are devoting your effort to people who aren’t really worth your time.

If you dream of church members who are overly friendly in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, this could symbolize that someone in your life is aggressively trying to sell you on something. Even if they maintain a nice appearance, you might feel like you are being pushed around.

Dream of standing outside of a church

Dream of standing outside of a church

If you dream of standing outside of a church, instead of going in, this could symbolize that you are curious about something that seems mysterious. If you feel good about this in the dream, this may show that you need to explore at your own pace without rushing. You might even decide that you prefer to keep the mystery.

However, a dream of standing outside a church where the emotional atmosphere is negative could symbolize that you feel shut out or excluded from a group of people. You may need to consider whether you really want to be with them anyway.

Dream of praying in church

Dream of praying in church

A dream of praying in church could symbolize that you feel like you cannot solve your problems on your own. You may be looking for help, and you might get it.

Dream of a church service

Dream of a church service

A dream of being in church for a church service could symbolize that you are going along with the group energy in some area of your life. The emotional atmosphere of your church service dream may show how well this is working out for you.

If you are bored in the church service in your dream, this could show that a community you are part of, whether or not it is religious in nature, is not really meeting your needs at this time. People may be so focused on maintaining the structure of business as usual that they are not looking at what is really going on.

However, if you feel good at the church service in your dream, this might symbolize that connecting with something bigger than yourself is exactly what you need to do. You may be able to accomplish more with others than you can on your own.

Dream of singing in church

Dream of singing in church

If your dream of singing in church felt good, this could be a positive omen that you have reason to celebrate. Even if nothing particularly exceptional has happened lately, such a dream might show that you enjoy and are grateful for your everyday life.

However, if your dream of singing in church felt awkward, this might symbolize that you have trouble expressing yourself in some area of your life. You may need to look at whether the problem is your own inhibitions or being surrounded by people who aren’t supportive of you.

Dream of attending a forbidden church

The umbrella of Christianity is wide enough that some Christian churches have major conflicts with other Christian churches over issues of doctrine. If you have a dream of attending a church that your church has a problem with, this doesn’t necessarily mean you want to join the forbidden church. However, it could mean that you want to see something controversial for yourself instead of taking someone else’s word for it.

Such a dream may symbolize that you need to confront your prejudices, though the issue in question may or may not be about religion. This type of dream is in the genre of dreaming about being sexually intimate with someone who’s a gender you wouldn’t usually pursue, or dreaming about eating meat if you’re a vegetarian – it’s not necessarily so much about that specific shocking thing as it is about questioning boundaries in general.

Dream of Sunday School

Many churches have Sunday School programs for the religious education of children. Dreaming about Sunday School could encourage you to examine the roots of your ethical beliefs.

You may be making a situation in your present life more complicated than it needs to be, and going back to basics might clear things up. Alternately, perhaps the way you understood something when you were a child is not giving you the tools you need to handle more complex problems now.


People often have strong feelings about church, whether they love it or hate it. While churches have many of the same conflicts that challenge other human institutions, they have the added concern of trying to discern God’s will.

Your church dream can show how you’re managing to balance the human and the divine parts of your own life. Although you don’t have to let a bad experience with a church stop you from exploring spirituality in your own way, eventually you will find people wherever you go.