Dreams About Car – Symbolism, Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams About Car

A car is much more than just a vehicle. It symbolizes freedom and progress, especially in the Western world. It is also a symbol of luxury, prosperity, wealth, and speed.

Our lives are unimaginable without cars. They do not only transport us from one point to the other but they also represent our free spirit.

That’s why it is important to remember and understand our dreams about cars. Their meaning and symbolism might be useful for us in various ways.

I will try to select the most common among them and explain them briefly.

Dreaming of Getting a New Car

Getting a New Car

Dreaming about a new car reflects the new approach to your life. It might be a new job, a new relationship, or simply a fresh start. You may change the approach to some problems or issues in your life. In any case, it symbolizes your initiative and readiness to change things.

Since the car itself is a strong symbol of freedom, dreaming about buying a new one to reflect your wish to improve your self-esteem and to provide yourself with new life opportunities. In a certain way, it is a dream about your future, and your aspirations to get the best out of it.

If you daydream about some wish to come true or a problem that you’re trying to solve, don’t be surprised if you dream about getting a new car. Consider it a favorable sign.

Color of a Car Appearing in the Dream

When dreaming about the car, try to remember its color. Colors have strong meanings in our dreams, bearing important symbolism. I will explain the meaning of the three colors appearing most commonly in dreams about cars – black, white, and red.

Dreaming About a Black Car

a Black Car

The most famous citation by Henry Ford about cars says: “Any customer can have a car painted any color they like, as long as it is black.” It was supposed to put the priority on the car quality and efficiency, rather than its looks.

However, if you see a black car in your dream, it has a specific and more complex meaning, considering the dream symbolism of black color. Black represents the unconsciousness and the unknown. They can be both positive and negative aspects, depending on the context of your dream.

It is believed that dreaming about a black car represents your subconscious mind and some sort of uncertainty. You can expect some challenging moments and decisions in your waking life. You may take control over some important situation and focus on solving it.

Dreaming About a White Car

a White Car

White car appearing in dreams usually stands for a certain movement awaiting you. For this reason, it is considered to be a good sign, especially for those who like changes.

If you drive the white car in your dream, it means you are going in the right direction, that you have chosen the good path. If you dream about the luxurious white car, it suggests you are not a very economical and modest person, but you are rather not that good at managing money. This dream tries to warn you about your spending habits.

Additionally, dreams about a white car may symbolize your wish to hide from others, to remain unnoticed.

Dreaming About a Red Car

a Red Car

Unlike dreaming about the white car, red car dreams signify that you seek attention. Since the red color is associated with passion and desire.

Appeared in a dream, the red car represents your independence, the freedom of your soul. This freedom might also be financial. However, such a dream signifies the time has come to you to show your independence.

The red car in a dream also symbolizes your ambitions. It means you are passionate about your life goals and ideas, and eager to turn them into reality.

Dream About Riding a Car

Riding a Car

This is one of the most common car dreams. It is usually related to our own personal power and taking control over it, whether we are drivers or passengers. After a dream about riding a car, try to remember the context: who was driving, how fast was the ride, did you have an accident, how did you feel in the dream, and so on.

The subject of the ride is always related to the level of control. If you weren’t the rider, then you should check if the person who rode was trying to take control over your life, or simply to be your support.

If you were riding too fast, the dream might signalize you to slow down. On the other hand, if you were driving slowly, you should work more efficiently to get to your destination.

Dream About a Car on fire

a Car on fire

When you dream about a car being on fire, it signalizes some problem you are facing. It refers to some conflict or some unhealthy aspect of your life. The fire is always connected to our spiritual and emotional state, so carefully interpret such a dream.

Dreaming of something burning, be it a car, symbolize the loss of energy. It can also signify the emotional aggression you feel towards something. Try to understand your feeling better.

Additionally, dreaming about a burning car may also have a positive meaning, being the symbol of good luck and fortune. The fire itself might be the symbol of purification and deliverance of some old, bad habits. After a dream including a burning car, you should expect positive change in your life, after overcoming the obstacles.

However, try to remember your actions and feelings in the dream, to understand it better. If you were involved in a car accident with a burning car, it is considered to be the symbol of your hopes’ failure. If you just watch the burning car from the side, you can expect a strong emotional raise. But, if you extinguish the fire, it is a sign of emotional unrest.

Dream About a Car Accident

The dream about a car accident is a very common one. There are many variations of it. Its interpretation depends on your role in it, but also on the whole context – the type of the accident, the place, and the car itself.

If you are hit by a car, or you are the one who caused the accident, the interpretation of the dream depends on those details. In any case, dreams about a car accident are always related to some inner anxiety, lack of control, or even trauma.

If you caused the car accident as a driver in your dream, you might be bearing some guilt from your past, some mistake or error that torments you. If you are seriously injured, being in a hospital signals your reckless behavior affecting your loved ones. You might have done them some damage without even knowing it and now going through painful regrets.

If you crashed into a pedestrian as a driver, this dream tells you something about your guilt. You might have done something wrong to someone in the past, and now your subconscious is trying to deal with it. If you hurt someone’s feelings in the past, dreaming of hurting someone else is usually a logical consequence.

The dream of a car accident in which you are just a passenger may signify your fears and anxieties caused by the fact that you are out of control. You should consider changing the passive role you’re playing in your life.

If you dream about being hit by a car, expect some disturbing news related to your job. If you hit a pedestrian in your dream, you can expect a romantic experience.

Finally, if you dream to hit someone else while driving a car, it might signify you are worried not to hurt someone’s feelings. Try to use this dream as an opportunity to reconsider your relationships and to make an effort to make them better.

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Dream About a Car Crash

a Car Crash

The dream about a car crash is generally considered to be a bad omen, whether it might be related to your future travels or some sort of destruction. It is an obvious sign of losing control or the fear of losing it.

If you were not related in the crash itself, but was just an observer, it means that people around you are potentially dangerous or simply destructive. If you were the object of the demolition, it suggests you might be self-destructive. Try to rethink whether you are doing something you simply don’t want or that is bad for your health.

Dream About a Car Being Damaged

a Car Being Damaged

Damage in the dream is always about the suppressed anger or annoyance, and hidden emotions. You might be misguided and on the wrong path. Try to rethink your subconscious, especially if you try to hold something important back.

The dream about a car being damaged signalizes your possible lack of belonging or some complications in your life. It tells you to change the perspective, in order to change the outcome of an unfavorable situation.

You can expect bad news or a serious problem in the future.

Dream About the Car Accident in Water

the Car Accident in Water

One of the most frightening dreams about car accidents is the one related to the water. Whether you drive off the bridge into the river or into the sea or lake, such a dream can be very traumatic, making the awakening quite exhausting.

Since water is the symbol of emotions, dreaming about driving into the water means that you’re overwhelmed by your feelings or simply going through a stressful situation. If you dreamed of almost drowning, it is a sign of extreme anxiety. You feel like something serious is choking you, whether it’s a relationship or your job.

If the water you dreamed of was the river, it has something to do with your romantic love life. You may be disappointed because the person you like doesn’t give you back the attention.

Think of all the possible emotional triggers in your life – situations, relationships, etc., in order to understand the cause of your irrational actions in dreams as well as in waking life. You may need to make an effort or simply to ask for help to get out of the water of emotions, to take back control over them, and get back on the dry land.

Dream About the Car Accident in the Snow

the Car Accident in the Snow

Another specific dream of a car accident is the dream of getting stuck in the snow. We all know how difficult it is to drive during a snowstorm or simply in the snow, so it is no wonder why such a dream is quite common.

This dream is the next level of the dream about driving into the body of water – it represents your powerlessness. You might feel rejected and literally left out in the cold.

The lack of sense of belonging is the main leitmotif of this dream. Maybe your circle of friends or colleagues made you feel lonely and not accepted? If you’re not feeling welcome in your community, maybe the time has come to find a new one?

Dream About Losing a Car

Dreams about losing or not finding your vehicle are among the most common ones. We usually dream as if we cannot remember where we parked the car, or as if it is simply stolen. If such a dream keeps repeating, you should pay special attention to it, since it is considered to be related to the manner in which you carry yourself through life.

Car represents one of your treasures and dreaming about losing it suggests that you’re worried about some important things. Your fear of loss is depicted in this dream. It might mean that you are going through a serious loss in your waking life, which your unconscious tries to fight with.

Try to remember how it felt during the dream. If you are scared of losing someone or something, confused and terrified, it is most likely that your soul is trying to bear with a profound loss you are going through.

Dream About a Parking Lot

a Parking Lot

According to most interpretations, dreaming about a parking space is always related to the life pause. You should consider taking a break in your life, to stop to rethink future decisions, instead of making hasty resolutions. Finally, maybe you should take your time from a busy schedule, to go on a break and rejuvenate, having some rest.

If you get lost in the large parking space, it signifies your sense of confusion. If you’re trying to find a parking lot in your dream, it suggests you’re trying to settle down and find your own place in life.

If the car you dreamed of in the parking lot was modern and brand new, you can expect good changes, but if the car was old and rusty, it might be a sign of bad luck. When you dream about your car being stolen in a parking lot, you are worried about something, probably about your future plans and hopes.

Dream About A Car Theft

A Car Theft

Besides the fact that dreaming about a car being taken away represents your concern for your vehicle, it can have some other implications as well. However, this is for sure one of the worst nightmares for every car owner.

This dream is usually related to your fear that someone might steal your control away from you, since the car dreams are always about a sense of power. It is a sign of a lack of confidence and vulnerability.

Try to remember how the thief was dressed. If he was in the uniform, you can expect a conflict with authorities – trouble at work or legal problems.

However, if you dream of someone else’s car being stolen, it means his or her talent and achievement haunting you. Try to use this resentment for self-development rather than jealousy.

Dream About a Vintage Car

a Vintage Car

Whether you are passionate about vintage and classic cars, such a dream is related to the issue of quality, style and excellency. It shows that you are a strong person, who can trust your own judgement. Your past goals were solid, and your future looks bright.

Dreaming about an old-fashioned car is also a sign of strong motivation. It shows your willingness and ambition to work hard to earn money, to get promoted on your job, etc. You can consider it a good omen.


Dreaming about cars is always related to the personal aspects and characteristics of the dreamer, whether it is the representative of his/her motivation, desires, or spiritual direction. Above all, in most cases, dreams about cars signify his concerns about the level of control he has over his life.

Due to all the above, it is of utmost importance to remember the details of such a dream. Not only the context and scenery but your feelings. It may reveal your hidden worries, fears, and desires.

Do you often dream about cars? Can you recall the details of it – the color, the motion, the context? Try to understand it better by using the elements of this article.