Dreaming of Brown Horse – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of Brown Horse - Meaning and Symbolism

Colors and symbols can combine in dreams to create new meanings. Analyzing the symbol and its color can help us pinpoint the exact implications, which is especially helpful if the symbol has multiple meanings and can mean several things.

Such is the case with dreaming of a horse of particular color.

Black horses, as well as the white ones, seem to get all of the publicity when we talk about symbol significance. But what does dreaming of a brown horse mean?

Let’s find out.

Dreaming of a Horse – Meaning and Interpretation

To figure out what dreaming of a horse can mean, we have to look at the real-life traits of this majestic animal.

Horses are beautiful, powerful, and fast animals. Although mostly domesticated these days, their wild counterparts used to run and roam freely through open plains. Despite being herbivores and prey animals, horses will defend themselves when attacked, and their bravery is obvious. The physical strength of horses has been used for millennia by humans, while their intelligence and gentle temperaments make them a great company for children and adults alike.

In human culture, the horse is one of the archetypal animals, meaning that certain values are associated with horses by default in human consciousness. These values are strength, perseverance, intelligence, and perhaps above all, freedom. A few things say “lust for life,” so much as a powerful stallion running across a sunny plain.

However, because horses were often used in battles, they also became a symbol of war. For example, in ancient Rome, horses were the animals related to Mars, the god of war. Red and ginger horses, in particular, remained as a distinct war symbol.

According to these traits, dreaming of a horse can have several interpretations. The precise meaning can be interpreted by considering your personal circumstances, as well as details in the dream – including the color of the horse and how you interact with the animal.

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Symbolism of brown color

Brown is, above all, the color related to Earth and nature. Soil, rocks, trees – all of these come in brown hues. Like other earthly tones, brown is a soothing, nurturing color that stands for simplicity, stability, reliability, warmth, and security.

Surrounding yourself with brown color will offer relaxation and a feeling of groundedness. Indeed, it is extremely rare that dreams in which this color dominates are threatening or scary.

Dreaming of riding a brown horse

Dreaming of riding a brown horse

Horses are often a representation of personal freedom and instinctual nature. If you dream you are riding a horse, it can mean that you wish to escape a situation or your life circumstances in general. You are probably feeling stuck, without the possibility to follow your gut instinct and pursue your desires. Perhaps you’d like to travel somewhere to recharge and taste a bit of freedom, a break from your daily chores.

If the rose you are riding is chestnut brown, in addition to what I said above, you may have a distinct desire and an instinct to reconnect with nature, to feel the Earth beneath your feet. If you can’t go anywhere right now due to your circumstances, you can find relief and escapism in earth-related activities such as gardening and sculpting with clay.

Also, riding a brown horse can symbolize a particularly strong desire for stability you may lack in real life. In these globally insecure times, this is a common theme and a likely interpretation. You feel like running towards a more grounded life.

Dreaming of seeing a brown horse

Dreaming of seeing a brown horse

Seeing a horse – especially if they emerge from vegetation right in front of you – can be a magical experience in real life. That is exactly what happened to me once. As I was walking on a forest path, a white horse emerged behind the bushes right in front of me. She seemed almost angel-like at that moment.

My association wasn’t all wrong because in the dream realm – not unlike angels – a horse appears as a messenger. And the message is to listen to your instincts right away. You may be at the crossroads in your life, and your unconsciousness might be trying to tell you something that is beyond reasoning.

Like in the case of dreaming of horse riding, a brown horse that appears in front of you in a dream may be trying to tell you to follow your instincts related to your needs or strivings as a citizen of Earth. Maybe you’ve been daydreaming about moving to a more natural environment? Countryside, perhaps? The horse might be pulling you to see these plans through.

In a less literal and a more symbolic sense, and again, similar to the last section, the brown horse appearing in your dream might be related to the need for groundedness and stability. Maybe you’ve been living a party, and the Unconscious is trying to tell you to slow down a bit?

Dreaming of somebody you know riding a horse

Dreaming of somebody you know riding a horse

If in your dream of somebody close and dear to you riding a horse, it means that that person is distancing themselves from you, or you feel they have slipped out of your control.

Unlike the black or white horse, the brown horse is somewhat neutral in emotion and is not either a negative or an ecstatically positive sign. In tune with that, if you dream of someone riding away from you on a brown horse specifically, the change doesn’t have to be harmful to the person. Perhaps someone you know is moving away in real life and finding security and stability in their new place of residence – but in a down-to-earth manner, without any divine tones related to white horses.

Also, the brown color might symbolize reality – this dream can face you with the reality of parting ways with the rider.

Dreaming of running horses

Dreaming of running horses

Horse’s run is the ultimate symbol of freedom and unboundedness. If you dream of horses running, it may symbolize your desire for freedom, but not in an urgent way, such as riding a horse. It is more of a distant longing.

Stallions, in particular, are often a symbol associated with male energy and power and can be related to sexual desire. Brown male horses can convey that you are looking for an adventure that still promises stability at the end of the day.


The symbol of a horse and the symbol of brown color combine to create dream images with distinct messages. Brown horses signify freedom and stability at the same time. They have a down-to-earth quality that may translate to your desire for connecting with yourself, your instincts, and the Earth – all in the context of living a more unbound, authentic life.

Did you ever dream of a brown horse? What did that dream mean to you? Let us know in the comments!