Broken Teeth Dream – Meaning & Symbolism

Dreams About Broken Teeth

Dreaming about your teeth crumbling and falling apart is as old as human nature. It is one of the most common nightmares people have, and it has usually been interpreted fatalistically.

However, like every other dream, this one has its wide variety of meanings as well, and not all of them are that disastrous. Its interpretation depends on many factors, but remember that the factors related to your personal life, soul, and context are the key ones.

In this article, I will try to unfold the majority of interpretations, to help you to cope with your nightmare the best you can.

Teeth Symbolism

Teeth Symbolism

Throughout the history of many cultures, teeth were always considered to be the symbol of wealth, strength, and health. In the Bible, teeth are mentioned as the symbol of communication and truth. In one of the Psalms, King David praises to Lord to help him destroy all the enemies, saying “Break their teeth in their mouth”. Thus, teeth were an obvious symbol of power as well. To defeat someone, meant to take his teeth away.

Nowadays, teeth are an important part of our outdoor personality. When someone looks at your smile, he judges you, may this judgment be right or wrong. In Western culture, a smile plays a significant role in the first contact with someone. It is no wonder why esthetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry are such a booming industry today. We tend to pay attention to our looks, and teeth are not an exception.

That being said, teeth are related to the positive characteristics of your personality. Those who have a nice, white smile, are considered to be smart, attractive, and overall nice persons since their beautiful teeth are related to their success and wealth.

Therefore, having dreams about teeth falling out is a real night terror for all of us. This dream mostly denotes fear, and some form of anxiety, but also some general health problems. Above all, it can be a sign of a feeling of doing or losing something that is beyond retrieve. We all know how frustrating this feeling can be in waking life, so the dream about falling teeth is just its representation. Still, there are many nuances these dreams might bring, and this article will try to explain them briefly.

Dream of Broken Teeth Falling Out

Dream of Broken Teeth Falling Out

The dream of your teeth started falling one by one is most commonly related to the fear of loss. The loss is always personal and can the death of a close person, the breakup of a relationship or marriage, or the loss of a job. In any case, this fear is followed by overall anxiety and stress.

If you feel that your fears and anxieties have gone too far, then this dream may try to tell you you are becoming depressed. In case you have been experiencing long-term feelings of hopelessness and loneliness and kept dreaming such nightmares, maybe it’s time for you to ask for professional help. Let your subconsciousness do you a favor.

Another possibility is that your fears and anxieties are coming from the major changes you are going through in your life. Worries about something new going on (moving, changing a job, or partner) may lead to dreams of teeth falling out. Don’t be scared, rather listen to your body and try to have some rest instead.

Dream of Someone Else Missing Teeth

Dream of Someone Else Missing Teeth

Dreaming about teeth falling out doesn’t always have to be attributed to your teeth. It is possible to dream of another person in this very situation.

You may be feeling repressed fear, anger, or frustration regarding this person. One possible interpretation is that the person from your dream needs your help and support. Another possibility is to understand such a dream as a warning, for any reason. It may be the bad luck surrounding this individual, or simply you two are not meant for each other at this moment in life.

This dream may also indicate you’re refusing to show your emotions to others, despite feeling them strongly. You are afraid of being too emotional towards others, followed by the fear to become too vulnerable. 

Dreaming of someone else having teeth falling out may also signify you and your partner are facing difficulties in your relationship. Thus, this dream came like a personification of your fear that you won’t be able to overcome these problems.

Finally, the most interesting interpretation says this person may even represent yourself, especially if the person in the dream looked unrecognizable, yet familiar. In this case, your fear is about losing control over your destiny and feeling oppressed for the same reason.

Such a dream can also signify you’re having an issue with identity. You may have lost your self-esteem and self-consciousness. If it’s so, try to understand this dream as a symptom of your mind trying to reconnect with your feelings again.

Dream About A Chipped Tooth or Teeth

Dream About A Chipped Tooth or Teeth

If you dreamed of having a tooth (or teeth) partially chipped, half-broken, or otherwise damaged, it is connected to your health, may it be physical or mental. Your overall abilities and conditions are under question here.

Chopped teeth in a dream may signalize you are still in a good shape physically, but your health has been endangered and put at a certain risk by some bad habits you adopted recently.

Consider this dream an alarm and stop playing games with your body. Furthermore, it is a warning to be concerned about something, but without serious threat. Your mind is ready to face the emerging issue, it speaks about your ability and strength to face and solve the problems.

However, if your tooth in a dream is only chipped, it can still function. Unlike this scenario, dreaming of a fully broken tooth brings a more dramatic feeling to the dreamer. The difference between these two dreams may not be big, but it can be crucial if you know how to interpret them correctly depending on the context of your life.

Dream of Someone Breaking Your Teeth

Dream of Someone Breaking Your Teeth

It doesn’t have to be the Lord answering King David’s prayers, but dreaming of someone breaking your own teeth may be quite scary and stressful anyway. Dreaming about the act of violence always brings a disturbing feeling of tension. Thus, it is very important to research and understand its meaning in the best possible way.

In any case, such a dream is usually related to something destructive. If the teeth are known to be a significant part of our outer identity,  dreaming about someone trying to ruin them should be considered as the fear of the attack on yourself. Someone is trying to ruin your personal image. Try to remember who this person was and your relationship with them. It may help you explaining this awkward and upsetting dream.

Dream of False Teeth

Dream of False Teeth

Unlike the rest of the dreams about teeth, this one has a positive meaning. Dreaming of false teeth falling out is usually interpreted as the revealing of some truth. You can expect to face the truth soon. A positive transformation is about to happen in your life.

If your false teeth were breaking in the dream, it means you are successfully recovering from a trauma you have gone through recently.

Additionally, this dream signifies the revelation of an aspect of your life you have been hiding from yourself or from others.

Dream of Rotten Teeth

Dream of Rotten Teeth

Having a dream of rot generally signalizes some unpleasant events or some kind of insecurity. Rot itself is the symbol of decomposition, decay, passing time, decline. Thus, rotten teeth are considered to be a bad sign.

Dreaming of rotten teeth points to something old. It may be some old situation that you’ve been going through for a long time now or a feeling you’ve been feeling many times before. Thus, it is something repetitive and redundant, something that keeps making you tired. Consider this dream an opportunity to get rid of it once and for all.


As you can see, dreaming of teeth is quite an upsetting experience. Furthermore, if the teeth are broken, falling apart, or endangered in any way, the bitterness gets even bigger. Teeth are an important, maybe crucial part of our body and personality, which is why dreaming of them can make us disturbed.

However, that doesn’t mean you should consider it a self-fulfilling prophecy, or you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible, but rather an attempt of your sub-consciousness to resolve some issues. It is related to the issues of power, fears, balance, pain, loss, introspection, compromises, etc.

Have you recently had the dream of broken teeth or one tooth? Were they falling out or just half broken? Was someone else involved in it? Can you recall all the details and connect them to your current life situation and feelings?