What Does It Mean to Dream of a Black Cat?

Black cat dream meaning

Seeing a black cat in your dream could be fun, but it might also be a little intimidating. Though black cats have a complicated reputation in some parts of the world, they’re also just cats, with all the feline personality quirks that entails.

Black Cat Dream Summary

Black Cat Dream Symbolism

In waking life, black cats have unique symbolic associations with luck (good or bad, depending on the culture) and witchcraft. These associations could also be relevant to dreams about black cats.

Otherwise, a black cat dream incorporates the general symbolism of cat dreams, which includes independence, femininity, and companionship. It combines that with the symbolism of the color black, which includes transformation, power, and mystery.

Common Black Cat Dreams

  1. Dream of a black cat attacking you
  2. Dream of a black cat jumping on you
  3. Dream of a black cat biting you
  4. Dream of a black cat hunting
  5. Dream of a dead black cat
  6. Dream of a black cat with cats of other colors

Black Cat Dream Symbolism

Black Cat Dream Symbolism


In some cultures, black cats are believed to bring bad luck. In others, they are believed to bring good luck. Your dreams generally try to communicate with you in a language that you understand, so go with your own culture’s beliefs about black cats and luck if this seems relevant to your black cat dream.

Either way, seeing a black cat in your dream could symbolize that you feel like your fortune is affected by factors beyond your control.


Witches are often depicted with black cats in Halloween decorations. HISTORY reports that this association between black cats and witches dates back to medieval Europe, when there actually were witches who were persecuted and killed.

Dreams about black cats could therefore bring up your personal associations with witches. While some people think it is a bad or scary thing to be a witch, others are reclaiming the term as something positive, taking pride in witches’ independent attitudes and knowledge of the natural world.


The color black is associated with mystery, so seeing a black cat in your dream could symbolize that something mysterious in your life has grabbed your attention. Sometimes people are afraid of things they don’t understand, which might be relevant if your black cat dream has an emotional atmosphere of fear.

However, another possible way to react to a mystery is to become curious about how to solve it. In that sense, a black cat dream could highlight your capacity for cleverness.


Ultimately, black cats are just cats, and cats in general are often playful. Dreaming of a black cat may therefore symbolize that a playful approach could help you make progress on a problem that seems confusing to you.


Cats in general tend to be independent, and black cats might emphasize this part of cat symbolism due to their association with witches, who often work outside established authority structures. Your black cat dream could therefore symbolize that you need to embrace your own power to act independently.


An independent approach to mystery can ultimately lead you in the direction of spirituality, so a black cat dream could symbolize that that kind of spiritual journey is appealing to you. Going it alone may have its risks at times, but maintaining a cat-like attitude might help you avoid getting entangled with anyone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Common Black Cat Dreams

Dream of a black cat attacking you

A black cat attacking you in your dream could represent your own repressed qualities of independence and intuition demanding attention. If you aren’t able to exercise these qualities in a way that you have control over, they may come out in a way that is disruptive to yourself and others.

Dream of a black cat jumping on you

A dream of a black cat jumping on you playfully could symbolize that you need more fun in your life. Even if you find the experience a little intimidating, loosening up and embracing the unpredictable might be good for you.

Dream of a black cat biting you

Dream of a black cat biting you

Dreaming about a black cat biting you could symbolize that you can no longer avoid a confrontation with something mysterious or intimidating in your life. You may need to push past your fears and deal with what scares you.

Dream of a black cat hunting

HISTORY notes that one contributing factor to the association of black cats with witches was that black cats were better mouse hunters, as they could not be seen at night. The witches were therefore drawn to black cats for that practical reason.

Your dream of a black cat hunting could similarly show that you’re able to use your natural advantages as you work to achieve your goals.

A dream about a black cat hunting birds or mice could also symbolize independence and self-sufficiency. You may be able to take care of yourself when you need to, even if you are not entirely comfortable with everything you must do to make that happen.

Dream of a dead black cat

Seeing a dead black cat in your dream could symbolize that qualities associated with black cats, such as independence and creativity, are not rewarded in your environment. You may need to look at whether being there is working out for you.

Dream of a black cat with cats of other colors

If you dream of a black cat with cats of other colors, this could refer to a situation where you feel singled out from others, perhaps in a negative way. Alternately, the dream might show that you’re singling out someone else unfairly. One person who stands out from the group may be getting scapegoated for things that aren’t entirely their fault.


Black cats combine a powerful history of cultural associations with the playfulness of just being a cat. Your black cat dream might similarly show that you can accomplish surprising things without taking yourself too seriously.