What Does It Mean to Dream of Being in Labor?

Dream of Being in Labor

Being in labor is known to be a physically and emotionally intense experience. Whether or not getting pregnant and giving birth is likely for you at this time, a dream of being in labor could symbolize that you are approaching a similarly intense moment of completion in your life.

Labor Dream Summary

Labor Dream Symbolism

A dream of being in labor is one variant of a pregnancy dream. Pregnancy dreams are common and can happen to people of all genders and life situations whether or not they are pregnant or even physically capable of becoming pregnant.

If you actually are pregnant, dreams about pregnancy, including dreams about going into labor, could reflect your experiences and your concerns about the process, as it is common for anyone to dream about whatever they are currently doing in their waking life. If you are not currently pregnant but are trying to become pregnant, a dream of being in labor might similarly show that building your family is on your mind.

If you are not pregnant or trying to become pregnant, though, pregnancy dreams can also symbolize things like creativity, nurturing, and patience. If you have dreams about going into labor but are not pregnant, you might feel the vulnerability or emotional intensity that would be associated with labor about a different issue in your life.

While a dream of a positive pregnancy test is more about how you handle learning new information that may or may not be what you want to hear, it is generally pretty obvious that someone is pregnant by the time labor begins. A dream of labor is therefore more likely to be about completing the final steps of some process that has been ongoing for a while.

Common Labor Dreams

  1. Dream of being pregnant and in labor
  2. Dream of someone giving birth

Labor Dream Symbolism

Being in Labor Dream Symbolism

Being out of Control

Sometimes labor is induced, or a child is born by cesarean section. Aside from those situations, however, it is not usually possible to predict exactly when labor will begin.

A dream of going into labor could therefore refer to another situation in your life where you are not in control. You might feel that you are dependent on someone else to make things move forward. If that is actually true, acknowledging and accepting your lack of control may reduce your anxiety about the situation.

A labor dream could also refer to a situation where you do have a reasonable amount of control over things, but you are struggling to find the right moment to take action. In this case, your labor dream could be an omen that it is time for you to get moving.


If you are pregnant, it might make sense for you to dream about how you think the rest of the pregnancy will go, including the eventual labor and birth. These dreams could understandably include an element of anxiety.

Even if you are not pregnant, though, a dream of being in labor could reflect anxiety that you have about issues related to sexuality and reproduction. You might be afraid of becoming pregnant when you don’t want to be pregnant.


A dream of being in labor could symbolize that you are very close to achieving a goal that you have been working toward for a long time. Of course, the last few details are always the hardest to finish!

Dreaming of labor might also suggest that something you have fantasized about for a long time is finally going to happen in the physical world. You may then be forced to confront a gap between your expectations and reality.


Labor is known to be a physically painful experience. Pain in dreams can be influenced by physical sensations, like sleeping in an uncomfortable position, needing to use the toilet, or having menstrual cramps. If your dream of labor emphasizes the pain of labor, you might need to look at whether you were experiencing physical pain for another reason.

Common Labor Dreams

Dream of being pregnant and in labor

Dream of being pregnant and in labor

Being pregnant can be a vulnerable time in general, but being in labor is an especially vulnerable moment. A dream of being pregnant and in labor could therefore symbolize that you are at a critical juncture in your life.

You may feel emotionally raw as you prepare to bring something new into the world, whether that is a baby or a creative project or a new way of expressing yourself. You might need to seek support from someone you trust as you navigate this transition, in the same way that labor usually requires the help of a doctor or midwife.

Dream of someone giving birth

Dream of someone giving birth

Dreaming of someone giving birth could reflect that you are about to realize a long-held goal in your waking life. Alternately, it might refer to someone else in your life achieving their goal – for example, maybe your child is about to graduate from high school or college.

Either way, achieving a goal can be a complicated experience. While you are working toward the goal, you might often tell yourself that everything will be perfect after you achieve whatever it is. When you finally do achieve it, though, you can no longer hide behind not having achieved it yet as the explanation for all your problems.

Even if you know before you give birth whether you will have a boy, a girl, or twins – see also baby boy dream symbolism, baby girl dream symbolism, and having twins dream symbolism – actually meeting the new baby (or babies) can still be a surprise in one way or another. Dreaming of someone giving birth could therefore symbolize that you need to engage with the reality of what some situation actually is rather than what you have hoped or imagined that it will be.


Your dream of labor can inspire you to reflect on what you are bringing into the world. Whether it is an actual human child or another type of contribution, doing the work to bring something new into physical form may be painful and challenging. Hopefully, however, the resulting feelings of accomplishment might make the struggle worthwhile.